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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

During almost fifteen years, the adventure video game saga “Dracula” has made the players tremble thanks to a faithful adaptation of the myth, with imaginative scenarios and tough puzzles, yet meant for all.

Today, more than a million and a half games of the “Dracula” series have been sold throughout the world and 500,000 versions downloaded on mobiles.

Today, Microids introduces the 4th episode of the saga.

"Dracula : The Resurrection" (1999) :

The first title of the series is based on Bram Stoker’s famous novel. Seven years after destroying the Prince of Darkness, Jonathan Harker has to save again his fiancée from Dracula’s clutches. Indeed, she receives a mysterious call and decides to leave London for the count’s castle in Transylvania. The adventure is about to start… - 80%

 "Dracula Resurrection" is a quick ride, it's well worth the price of admission"

" Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary " (2001) :

Players continue the story where it stopped in "Dracula: The Resurrection". After escaping from the vampire’s castle, Jonathan Harker runs away with his fiancée. But Mina seems to have caught a strange disease. Once again, Harker will have to confront Dracula, who has taken refuge in London.


" The excellent production values and thoughtful gameplay makes this game a worthy sequel for the series."

" Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon " (2008) :

Based on historical facts, the plot of the third episode takes place during the first World War. Players embody Father Arno Moriani, sent by the Vatican to investigate on a woman doctor’s death, who is likely to be canonized. During his adventure, Father Moriani is confronted with the vampire legend and has to lift the veil on supernatural events he comes across. Of course, the Prince of Darkness is never far away…


"Dracula 3 is a solid adventure with an intriguing mix of legend and fact, but there’s more science and history than garlic and stakes.”



Montreuil, November 5, 2013. Microids announces the launch of the fourth title of the adventure video game saga "Dracula" on iOS and soon on Android.

More than ten years after the first episode was released, the Prince of Darkness is back in this first person adventure game, full of puzzles and mysteries.  With more than one and a half million games sold throughout the world, the Dracula saga has conquered the players’ hearts.

"Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon" strives after the same success as the first trilogy and uses the adventure games published by Microïds specific ingredients, i.e. a  catchy plot, quick thinking puzzles, charismatic characters and a supernatural atmosphere.

 In "Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon", players embody Ellen Cross, an art restorer assigned by the New York Metropolitan Museum to identify a masterpiece that has just reappeared in Budapest. A few months earlier, this masterpiece along with its collection had mysteriously disappeared at sea.

The investigation begins and leads Ellen Cross on a journey around the world (Turkey, Hungary, England, USA…) where she will meet enigmatic characters such as Adam B. Stoker, the famous novelist’s great grandson…

At the beginning of the game, players can choose to run a Prologue (to learn the basic commands) or to directly start the investigation in Whitby’s Castle, in England.

Thanks to a 360 degree first person view , players move in 3D environments where they must observe and think quickly to solve the puzzles on their way. 

For this, they can use a quick inventory allowing them to equip an object and use it during the game (for instance, the black light helps studying the masterpieces Ellen is about to discover).
The Full inventory lists all the objects that Ellen will pick up during her adventure and makes it possible to combine some of them together (associate wax with the Metropolitan Museum stamp, to seal an art work for instance).

Also, Ellen’s journal helps the players to register important information during the adventure (press clipping, goals, transcription of discussions…) as the first aid kit contains the heroin’s medication and specific dose.

Players will learn that Ellen Cross is affected by a severe disease that weakens her. Consequently, they will have to regularly combine and use the medication to restore Ellen’s health, or they won’t be able to carry out specific actions. This constraint encourages players to pay close attention to their character and helps embody her.

Finally, players can unlock more than twenty trophies and try to improve their score during the adventure . Players who will finish the game quickly with as little help as possible will be rewarded. Puzzles  

"Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon" is available as of December 05, 2013 on iOS and will be soon on Android in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. 

The trailer of the game :

The official website :

" Dracula 4 : The Shadow of the Dragon " (Universal : iPhone/iPad)

Price: $ 4,99

Size: 580 Mb

Link :

" Dracula 4 : The Shadow of the Dragon " (Android)

Price: $ 4,99

Size: 580 Mb

coming soon

Also available on PC and Mac

" Dracula 4 : The Shadow of the Dragon " (PC - Mac)

Price: $19,99

Size: 1,12 GB

On PC:

On Mac:


During the adventure, the players and Ellen Cross will travel around the world to find answers to their questions, from the streets of New York, to the charm of England, with the mystery of Istanbul…

A real investigation around the globe awaits them!

Ellen CROSS :

Age : 28 years old

Occupation : Art Restorer

Pragmatic, spontaneous and inventive, Ellen Cross embraces the culture of Art! Since she was a child, she fights against a rare blood disease and death every day.

Assigned by the museum to authenticate a painting, following the mysterious disappearance of Vambery Art Collection few weeks ago, Ellen Cross travels to Budapest. She does not suspect that this mission is about to take her throughout Europe, on the steps of Valachi’s famous prince, Vlad Tepes...

Dracula :

Age : Unknown

Profession : Unknown

Enigmatic, cold and merciless, Dracula is the father of all Vampires.

Born in 1431 in Romania, as Vlad Basarab, he was the prince of Wallachia. Nichnamed "The Impaler" (Tepès) or « The Little Dragon" (Draculea), he always had a complicated relationship with his brother Radu, which lead him to his doom…and his rebirth.



Age : 32 years old

Profession : Professor Vambery’s Research Assistant

Great grandson of the famous writer Bram Stoker, Adam

B. Stoker is a young man with an explosive temperament.Further to Professor Vambery disappearance into an accident, Ellen Cross meets Adam at Professor’s manor, at Whitby.

All along the adventure, Adam will support the heroine throughout her investigations. Attractive and charmer, Adam B. Stoker is also an enigmatic character hidding lot of secrets…


Age : 40 years old

Profession : Police inspector

Not particularly known as a major painter, Yanek has still managed, thanks to its relationship, to find his place in the world of art in Istanbul. It is in this Turkish city that he owns his workshop. Ellen's investigation will lead her to the sanctuary of this unfriendly character who doesn’t like to meet newcomers. Perhaps he fears that someone takes a glimpse into his business a little too close...

Bizlos LAZLO

Age : 40 years old

Profession : Police inspector

With a solid reputation of incorruptible, Hungarian inspector Bizlos Lazlo quickly made an impression in cases of all kinds. Recently transferred to Budapest, he has since been specialized in business frauds and stolen artworks.

Less interested in fashion than in his duty, he spends much of his time, even personal, on his investigations. It is in the police station where he works that Ellen is sent to identify the painting supposed to be part of the lost Vambery collection.



Marianne TOSTIVINT – Scriptwriter and Game Designer

Olivier TRAIN – Art Director

Why did you choose to have the plot of Dracula 4 take place in the 1990s?

“At the beginning, we had several possibilities. We could either relocate the plot in Harker’s victorian England, continue Father Moriani’s story or explore a new idea. We chose the third option because it offered more liberty to create a brand new story and introduce new characters, such as  Ellen Cross or Adam B Stocker. But still, several hints from the previous episodes are included and can have an impact on the story.”
How important is Art in "Dracula 4"?

“During our research, we discovered that  Bram Stocker and Oscar Wilde knew each other and dated the same woman. It gave us the idea that Dracula could have inspired both writers in their work. Also, just like the concept of the vampire who keeps his eternal beauty, art is a kind of immortality. Linking both to give birth to the portrait of Dracula seemed interesting and allowed us to avoid the traditional stereotypes of the vampire hunter or the churchman, to create our heroin”.

Pierre ESTEVE – Composer

The atmosphere surrounding Dracula is very particular. How did you manage to recreate it in this fourth episode?

“During the adventure, the players know that Dracula is around, that he is never very far away. Consequently, I chose to compose a theme with saturated electric guitars that create a shady, dark atmosphere that keeps the players in suspense. I use the vampire noxious presence, that players can feel, rather than the character of Dracula as we know it.”
Franck Berrois – Producer and Project Manager

 Is "Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon" meant for a wide audience or only adventure video game fans?

« Unlike previous titles that were sometimes too difficult, we have been willing to create a game where each player can experience the adventure as he wishes. For all the adventure game casual players, a Casual mode allows them to enjoy the story without being stuck for too long, thanks to  markers and the possibility to skip the puzzles. On the contrary, for the fans, an Adventure mode makes it possible to live the adventure without any help. This is why Dracula 4 is a “customizable” game that every player can enjoy.»

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