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  New Features introduced in Horizon update
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Haarlem, The Netherlands – 19 December 2013 -L3O Interactive and Iceberg Interactive’s upcoming 4x space strategy game Horizon (PC) , is currently in the late Beta stages of its Early Access program on Steam, where its active community has helped the game make giant strides forward over the past months. Today, an important Horizon update is pushed through the Steam platform including some new, community requested features such as race customization and the ability to play other races. 

Horizon stands out from the 4x crowd with its focus on the dawn of space ventures of mankind, exploring a vast galaxy with powerful and some ancient races already out there with their own schemes – and is therefore more story driven and engaging by nature. 

New major Features in the Horizon update:

  • Ability to fully customize your race with race templates and unique special abilities
  • Don't want to only play as Humans? Select and play as one of seven additional races for a different experience (including 84 new ship models and other race specific assets and technologies)
  • You can now design your Starbase just as your ships before building it!
  • New Terraforming mechanic allows you to transform planets to become more hospitable to your race. Added ability to clean and restore toxic planets
  • Improved race starting colony placements on galaxy generation and more distinct colors
  • New displays for Explored Planets, Game Options, Racial Stats and Bonuses
  • Updated help screens with tooltips for new players
Developer L3O CEO Raffi Parsekhian says:  “We had planned to have full race customization in Horizon, but we are now also taking the next step by providing gamers the option to play as one of seven other unique races in the game.  Of course, we appreciate all feedback on the new update and encourage all players to give their opinion and advice on the official forum. Over the next weeks we will also be busy with language integrations, achievements and random events, working hard towards Horizon’s final launch next year.“

To read more about the new changes and for the full Changelog, please visit the official Horizon forum:

This new update comes with a beautiful new wallpaper which can be downloaded here.

Horizon is currently in an advanced beta stage and publisher Iceberg Interactive is eyeing an early Q1-2014 launch. Gamers already interested in playing the game before its official launch can purchase and play the game for an Early Access price of $ 24,99 on Steam:

Horizon Game Features:

  • An immersive galaxy storyline with open-ended missions that enhance standard 4x gameplay. Classic 4x mode is also available
  • Interact with alien races of different levels, including ancient civilizations featuring their own unique storyline, schemes, ships and technology
  • Full tactical ship control in turn-based combat includes managing movement, weapons and more. Board other ships, attack from planetary and orbital defenses
  • A distinct open-world system, where ships can explore without artificial limits and where combat can span many turns before concluding
  • Engage in meaningful diplomacy choices that will impact the game outcome, including coordinated actions with allies against enemies
  • Discover more than 80 technologies each with 10 levels of upgrades. Conduct planetary surveys and dig for artifacts
  • Design and customize ships and stations based on available technology
  • A detailed economy and colony management system with different types and levels of colonies based on building choices
  • Play in different galaxy configurations from a few dozen stars to over 100 star systems containing more than 1,000 planets
  • Multiple victory paths via Military Conquest, Diplomatic Alliances, via the Galactic Council or Storyline missions

L3O Interactive is an independent Canadian video game developer located in Toronto, Ontario. L3O was founded on the principle to make classic hardcore games with innovative and more immersive gameplay elements. The studio is currently focused on completing its first commercial project Horizon, a grand space 4X game which strives to bring a new experience to strategy and sci-fi gamers!


Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of games industry veterans and is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. While keeping its roots in the European retail games market, Iceberg has rapidly increased its focus towards the global digital games market, by building strong direct relationships with dozens of Game Portals. Staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an international assembly of game developers, both midsize and indie. With a distinct focus on the strategy, action, simulation and adventure game genres, the company has garnered attention with acclaimed releases including Killing Floor, Wings of Prey, APB Reloaded and Endless Space among its 70+ game arsenal - with more promising games in the pipeline.

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Mayke Griffioen

PR Manager

Iceberg Interactive