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October 23, 2017
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Press Releases
  Bit 'n' Ravh on Kickstarter!
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

The Game

Bit'n'Ravh will be a 2D sidescrolling platform game, style well known for the generation of the '80s and '90s. All progress in the game will be made available by the exploration capability of the player, this means that there will be several different ways to achieve the same goal, making choices on how to explore and find valuable and useful rewards can change the gameplay and experience during the course of the game.

In Bit 'n' Ravh, you will help caveman Bit in your journey and live an adventure alongside an alien called Ravh. You will be traveling through completely frozen caves and turbulent lands beneath a volcano, your main objective is to seek 5 keys scattered through various hostile regions of the world. While exploring each region, you will acquire new skills and more knowledge.


Learn and Teach - Your loyal friend Ravh will try to guide you and teach about how to use your ability to adapt and develop in your favor, giving you tips and pointing the way throughout your journey.

While learning about things unknown, teach Ravh about how you need his help, operating commands for him to assist or finding better equipment for him.

Adapt and Invent - Going through the various biomes, with many obstacles and challenges, you probably need some weapons and equipment to help you, as well as tips to avoid falling into traps. Many products can be manufactured, collecting some raw material, or obtained through exchange (barter) with other NPCs in the game. Rare items, that can help you in a really magical way, can always be found in enigmatic places, you have to sift through enough to uncover the mysteries involved, and only then, you can enjoy the treasures.

As you develop your ability to adapt and overcome setbacks, you will gain a natural armor that will become more rigid and strong when you heal after you get hurt and recover your vitality.

Always have new experiences - Each new game will be enhanced with new possibilities, the game will adapt to the player's progress, making each game a totally different experience.

When your life is over, Ravh will try to bring you back so that you can complete the mission together. You will only suffer a penalty.


Player Actions - In the game you will be able to practice many kinds of actions: trigger switches and buttons; pickup, drop and throw; shrink, stretch objects and NPCs. You can also ignite, freeze objects and NPCs; crush, destroy objects and NPCs; build tools, weapons and other items; and pilot vehicles.

Communication system - All communication will be done through simple icons and symbols expressed in balloons.

The"vocabulary" will confine itself your experience lived in the game, the more you discover, the more you can discuss and learn.

Abilities - Within the capability and limitations of his humanoid form, Bit will only Grab and Stomp as skills learned, overall you can get 10 kinds of basic skills for hunting, transportation and aiding in game play.

Evolutions - Bit begins with some standard evolution, from the experience gained to adapt to the game's choices, we develop four major attributes: Kindness, Curiosity, Decision and Vigor.

Combat - You will battle your enemies and challenges with a club at a short distance, as well as items and ranged weapons. You can also count on evasion skills like rolling sideways jump and crouch down. Always using the scenario to take advantage of the situation and of the enemies, you'll gain skills that assist you in the battles.

Procedural environment - Each stage of the game will have independent settings to generate items, interactive objects and NPCs, forming a unique environment every time you play.

Puzzles and challenges - The puzzles and challenges may come in 3 different ways:

  • Via buttons and switches that need to be pressed with weight. The player will have to move objects to trigger these mechanisms.
  • As cave paintings representing a jumbled puzzle to be solved.
  • Through parts of the scene that need to be overcome to avoid damage. The player will receive rare items or bonus weapons.

Once upon a time during a primitive phase of a planet, an alien spaceship crashed on Earth for reasons unknown. Some years later, a caveman, Bit - a humanoid of the times - fleeing an imminent danger eventually found the ship that was frozen inside a cave.

In the ship, Bit finds a strange creature, that he feared at first, but realized that he was indeed fragile and after saving his life Bit discovers a new friend.

The alien is called Ravh, and after winning the friendship of Bit, asks for help to find 5 keys hidden in the most remote places on the planet, thus begins an epic journey with very different challenges.

Through the journey Bit and Ravh develop their friendship, and Bit learns enough to influence the birth of a New Era of Wisdom.


Besides Bit and Ravh as protagonists, the game world has over 60 NPCs. Evil Mammoth, a large animal that sometimes chases Bit as a hobby is a good example.

The Project

The entire Bit'n'Ravh project idea comes from the broad and deep experience of a team whose purpose is to design and develop fun, educational digital games for computers. The team has designed games and apps for clients and now wants to publish their own to test ludic learning techniques.

Great friendship exists within the team... This is from where the Bit'n'Ravh idea was born.

The team expects develop the game in approximately 120 days. Our plan is to have a link available in May 2014 on the Extinto Gamer website and, if possible, also in Greenlight and other popular sites. All pc versions will be $15 to download on the internet.

Apart from offering a great game, our goal is to connect with players interested in learning how to develop their own games and create a place where all can share knowledge and ideas.

All of our team can be accessed in social networks. We would like to create tutorials and even record a web series on youtube about the day to day development and how the team is dealing with the challenge.

We estimate needing $35,000 to build the basic game. The resources will be invested in software licenses as Construct 2 and Adobe CS, updating our hardware platform and survival money for the development team Bit'n'Ravh.

We are counting on your help to bring this project to realization!

Stay tuned in on the progress of the campaign via:







Follow progress and please share our project, if you want to write for us, we would be honored to receive your opinion and comments.

The Team

The project team consists mostly of friends who studied together at the digital game development program at a local college. These friends started to work together in a variety of projects and now, here we are... Working on the creation and game design of Bit'n'Ravh since August 2013

Project management will be performed by Victor Hugo who exerts this function in Extinto Gamer since 2010.

Guilherme Vargas - game developer since 2009 - is our Creative Director and responsible for the art and production team. His DeviantArt portfolio is

Our Chief Developer and software architect is Heitor Herzog, who has a passion for games and coding. His experience ranges from development of business systems to logical game development. Heitor acquired his experience working with engines like Unity 3D and others at other game development companies.

Experienced script writer and story teller Henrique Cappelletti recently joined the team to help design and establish interactive game roadmaps and story. He is responsible for organizing all the ideas of the project, and will need the help of at least one writer who still needs to be hired.

Jansen Cibien, a very talented programmer who has added strenght to Bit'n'Ravh also joined to help Heitor.

This small team is the core and heart of Bit'n'Ravh. We hope to be adding to the development and design teams as we raise resources. Please visit our FACEBOOK or BLOG to stay up to date on progress.

The Goal

Need to be established to get the value of $ 35,000. This would be the lowest cost plan, and would be divided into activities like payment of team, acquisition of software licenses, in addition to also pay the fees of consultants and the Kickstarter.

As the structure of the graph we can notice that the main costs are for payment of fees and the human resource of the project. The company Extinto Gamer need to recruit more people to increase their capacity development, so our campaign is based on salary costs.

To make the well-known project, increasing its probability of being founded, a part of the goal will be invested in consulting and other to help pay the rewards to be sent to investors who do their bidding.

To develop the game will need to purchase the business version of Construct 2 and Adobe license. Licensed the tools to be able to distribute the game commercially within the law are required.

Of course we are aware that the service kickstarter has a cost and that the government imposes a tax on financial transactions, thought about the value of goal costs with taxes and fees was added.

Stretch Goals

To give Bit'n'Ravh visibility and increase our opportunity, we will keep our supporters involved, asking for opinions, testing the game and find ways to reward them.

As we develop our characters, we plan to migrate our characters to comic books; seasonal webseries; video lessons with techniques of game development, TV series and a movie with "the Adventures of Bit'n'Ravh". The game on mobile platforms will always be FREE.

Funding needs and goals:

$ 35,000 - Initial goal - Release the game for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

$40.000 - Stretch Goal 1 - Digital Itens Level 2 (Bonus for all Bakers).

$45.000 - Stretch Goal 2 - 2 more game levels and 15 more npcs.

$ 50,000 - Stretch Goal 3 -Comic Pack - The comics will tell the full story of the game. They will be delivered in digital format for download for free in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The comic book will tell important parts of the relationship and the adventure Bit'n'Ravh.

$55.000 - Stretch Goal 4 -Digital Itens Level 3 (Bonus for all Bakers).

$60.000 - Stretch Goal 5 -Digital Itens Level 4 (Bonus for all Bakers).

$ 65,000 - Stretch Goal 6 -Web Serie Session - The web series will be available in the Extinto Gamer channel on YOUTUBE for free, with day-to-day, behind the scenes of the game development progress. At this point we will include a video production company that helps us execute this piece in the budget.

$70.000 - Stretch Goal 7 -Character customization module.

$ 75,000 - Stretch Goal 8 -Mobile and Console Game - For the development of the mobile and console game we will acquire Android, iOS and Wii-u development software and hire skilled programmers that help us reach that goal.

$80.000 - Stretch Goal 9 -Digital Itens Level 5 (Bonus for all Bakers).

$85.000 - Stretch Goal 10 -5 mini bosses, 20 more npcs and more 2 levels to explore (bonus for all backers).

$ 90,000 - Stretch Goal 11 -Video Tutorial - Video lessons will teach every step of the production of a game since the first draft of conceptual art to the structuring and programming of AI. We will teach all the steps from all spheres of creating a game. The video lessons are available on the Internet with audio in English and Portuguese.

This goal will pay teachers' salaries, voice talent and production.

$110.000 - Stretch Goal 12 -Level customization module.

$130.000 - Stretch Goal 13 -Multiplayer module.

$ 150,000 - Stretch Goal 14 -Cartoon Serie Session - The boldest of the goals is to produce a twelve- episode season of the anime Bit'n'Ravh. The episodes will be available on Youtube and on the Extinto Gamer website, and bring Bit'n'Ravh adventures to life.

Because of the work required to create the cartoon, we plan to create a crowd-sourcing platform where professional animators and others can participate. We are calculating that the investment of this collaborative platform will be $ 150 k, and will cover the purchase of specific hardware and software, cloud servers and professionals with specific skills.


$ 5 - Standard Package -

  • Your name will be immortalized in the credits of the game + Papercraft character (PDF Download)
$ 10 - Standard Package #2 -
  • All the above rewards + Backer exclusive papercraft character (PDF Download)
$ 15 - Great Package -
  • All the above rewards + Digital copy of the Game (Link Download) + Game manual and original art (PDF Download)
$ 25 - Great Package #2 -
  • All the above rewards + Grants early access to development forum + Bit 'n' Ravh Super Key Chain + You will be drawn in animated pixel art!!!
$ 50 - Great Package #3 -
  • All the above rewards + Exclusive in-game item (a in-game gift) + set of game stickers
$ 85 - Golden Package -
  • All the above rewards + Digital soundtrack (Download) + Exclusive Bit'n'Ravh thermal mug
$ 150 - Golden Package #2 -
  • All the above rewards + Wallpaper with your name (Download) + Exclusive T-Shirt of Bit'n'Ravh Game
$ 250 - Golden Package #3 -
  • All the above rewards + The Making-of of the Project (Download)
$ 275 - Diamond Package -
  • All the above rewards + Limited old style printed game manual
$ 295 - Diamond Package #2 -
  • All the above rewards + Exclusive physical copy of the game
$ 320 - Diamond Package #3 -
  • All the above rewards + Exclusive physical copy of the original soundtrack of game
$ 1,000 - Magical Package -
  • All the above rewards + Limited edition of Adventures of Bit'n'Ravh hard cover book + Special poster 42x29,7cm game map + Create a in-game item (The item you want!)
$ 1,500 - Magical Package #2 -
  • All the above rewards + Exclusive action figure + Name a game character (A cool name that you want!)
$ 2,000 - Magical Package #3 -
  • All the above rewards + Special hardcase box including a copy of the game and the making-of DVD + Create a game character (You can choose anything)
$ 3,500 - The Holybox -
  • All the above rewards + The backer can participate in the creation of the game, opining in development, will also have his name included in the credits of the game executives
$ 10,000 - Seraph -
  • Besides being part of the bench of bosses of the project, you will be invited to join the Brazil Game Show 2014 along with your new Extinto Gamer friends. (The Extinto Gamer will pay all expenses for two people that are in the Americas. For Europe it all will be included, but we will bear only 50% of air transport, and to Asia 35% of air transport)