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Press Releases
  Profiteer - a new Android game released by RokSoft
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

A madcap space trading simulation available now in the Google Play store. Fly all over the galaxy, trading with wacky aliens on weird and wonderful planets, in your quest to become a true Profiteer!

Game description

You've been given an old space truck and enough money to set yourself up in business. From these meagre beginnings do you have what it takes to become a true Profiteer?

Will you excel in interplanetary trade and have what it takes to transport exotic goods between worlds? Will you dabble in the black market, risking the potential penalties for doing so? Can you build up a fleet of space trucks or will you concentrate on improving the one that you've got? Will you make your fortune slowly and carefully or spend all your money trying to get rich quicker?

Don't think you're alone out there, though! Eight other space truckers are all just as eager to make their own names in the galaxy. Each one has their own unique personality. Some are calculating, some are criminal and a few may be completely bonkers! They'll be trying to beat you to planets to take all the potential profits for themselves, moving in on your trade routes and maybe even trying to sabotage your trucks.

You'll need to plan your strategies carefully. Will you avoid planets where the workforce has gone on strike or use it to your advantage? Will you keep away from space pirates or buy defences for your truck and beat them at their own game? Each planet has its own special events but are you going to risk using them, knowing that the outcomes are not always to your favour?

Connect to your Google+ account to find a myriad of achievements to unlock and a host of leaderboards to compare your scores against all the other Profiteer players out there!

Play a few turns when you have a little time to spare or find yourself engrossed for hours as you vie against the other space truckers, each one of you fighting towards your goal of becoming a Profiteer. Even play a multiplayer game against your own friends on a single device!

Good luck and bon voyage...


Works on all Android devices (2.3.3 and up), and is optimised for both mobile phones and tablets.

Enthralling "just-on-more-turn" game play.

Single player mode against up to eight other AI players, each with their own unique quirks and traits.

Multi player mode offering a mixture of up to nine human and AI players on a single device.

Three difficulty levels.

Interactive training tutorial.

Automatic save games allowing player to halt and resume from any point.

Google+ integration featuring many leaderboards and a wide variety of achievements.

Educational values, teaching the basics of supply and demand and encouraging the use of mathematics in a fun, transparent manner.

Open-ended games.  Player can choose whether to continue a game after every ten turns.  Play to beat the other space trucks over a short game or to build up and enhance a fleet of space trucks with upgrades and special abilities over a longer game.

Great graphics designed to complement the game's style.

Custom written musical score comprising ten full sound tracks.

Great fun for children and adults alike.

Profiteer Lite

Profiteer Lite offers a full gaming experience for free and is not supported by ads.  The only restrictions are -

Game length is limited to ten turns.

Player cannot purchase other space trucks.

Standard truck upgrades are limited (cargo bay size, fuel capacity, engine power and defensive capabilities).

Miscellaneous truck adornments cannot be bought (including worm hole avoidance units, secret cargo stashes and many other exotic items).


The game is available for immediate download from the Google Play store

Profiteer Lite -

Profiteer -