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  Cmoar campaign re-launched
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Cmoar Ltd. starting a cooperation with a new manufacturer resulting in improving the quality of the device, lowering pledges level and decreasing the whole funding goal. Almost 100 of Cmoar Personal Viewers available for only 75 USD already gone!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - July 14th 2014, Warsaw, Poland

Cmoar Ltd. is getting back to gamers and cinema fans with most excellent news! After only a couple of days since the original Kickstarter campaign has been launched, and in result of an interest it created, the company managed to start a cooperation with a new manufacturer willing to work on the device. Thanks to this cooperation first Cmoar Smartphone Viewers will be available in a higher quality, for a lower pledge and in result the whole funding goal was redefined and set at a new level of 60 000 GBP.


First few days of the original Kickstarter campaign brought to us many potential business partners and companies that noticed Cmoar Smartphone Viewer’s potential and were willing to work on the device with us. – said Cmoar Ltd. CEO Damian Boczek. One of those companies came up with a solution allowing us to deliver Cmoar Smartphone Viewer in a better quality and at a lower cost. In result, it turned out that we can lower both the pledge at which one gets Cmoar as well as the whole funding goal. So re-launching the whole campaign with all the goals redefined seemed like the only reasonable solution. The only thing we need is the community support and we strongly believe that with this change Cmoar fan base that’s already there will help us achieve our goal. – Boczek added.

You can check how Cmoar Smartphone Viewer is able to provide 2D/3D cinema experience, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality under the link below:

Cmoar Smartphone Viewer

Cmoar Smartphone Viewer - an all in one device offering 2D/3D cinema experience, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality consists of:

  • The uniquely designed case for accessories and bases with lenses
  • The goggles
  • 2D cinema screen lens
  • 3D cinema screen lenses
  • VR lenses
2D cinema screen lens - allows you to enjoy the fantastic quality of image, with a great contrast and color depth and most importantly - without any visible particular pixels. Thanks to one single magnifying lens, you can get as much as 125” 2D virtual screen in front of you, seen from 2 meters distance, with Full HD for each eye.

3D cinema screen lenses - offer you as much as 80” 3D virtual screen seen from 2 meters distance in front of you. That effect is possible thanks to the appropriate magnifying lenses. In result, you get the picture of an amazing quality, with no visible pixels and thanks to side by side image, each eye sees its part of an image separately. All these result in an incredible depth of the picture, free of any interlacing and flickering, as if you were watching a regular 3D movie in TV.

Virtual Reality lenses - allow you to literally enter the world of the game. Making the proper use of magnifying lenses of considerable power gives at your disposal a field of view of as much as 95 degrees, with head tracking feature included.

Augmented Reality - in this case you may use all three lenses, choosing the image parameters on our own.

Cmoar Smartphone Viewer is not only a device as such but it comes with a set of ready to use apps developed by Prosper Games Studio. 

Virtual Cinema – an app that makes you feel like you’re in a virtual movie theater with this big advantage that there are no advertisements before the movie and you can play, pause or forward it by any time using a virtual remote that you operate using a head tracking feature. Moreover, you can even choose where do you want to sit. Depending on your choice (a seat more left, more right, closer to the screen or more in the back)  the camera view will change.

Virtual Reality games – that make you feel like you were inside the game world. Your every move can determine whether you win or lose the battle. One of our games puts you in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with one goal only – to survive. To achieve that you have a couple of control possibilities, beginning with a dedicated program that uses a mouse and a computer keyboard, bluetooth controller, Playstation and Xbox pad and ending with a smartphone gun!

Augmented Reality – those applications allow you to generate elements that enrich reality. How about watching a virtual TV or playing the most interactive RPG game in the world with your friends? Or maybe you’d rather use this feature for educational purposes? Don't worry, as the team is currently developing ideas for that as well. You can operate those apps using head tracking features or by simply pointing to certain elements with your hand.

Streaming - certainly, mobile applications, as well as watching 2D and 3D movies on your mobile  are not the only things you can use Cmoar for. Thanks to the streaming feature, you can also play your favorite PC  and console games.

Cmoar Ltd. also encourages all developers to develop games and apps that will be using Cmoar Personal Viewer by providing them with SDK and full support on the official forum:

The Kickstarter demo was based on a Full HD smartphone with a 5.7” screen but the device is compatible with over 100 different smartphone types and models. It’s important to remember though that since the smartphone is the heart of Cmoar Smartphone Viewer, the better model one has, the larger the display and the better resolution, the better Cmoar one will get. The list of all compatible models and their features can be found here:

The list of smartphones compatibile with Cmoar Smartphone Viewer

After the campaign re-launch Cmoar Personal Viewer developers are aiming to rise 60,000 GBP. The lowest pledge is 1 GBP though to get the device, backers will need to support the project with at least 45 GBP (around 75 USD). Be quick as almost all devices at this price are gone! The Kickstarter campaign lasts until  the 14th of August, 11:59  CET.

For more information about Cmoar visit

For interviews, hands on opportunities or any other press inquiries please contact or Agnieszka Szostak at or +48881951601.

All assets can be found under this link:  Cmoar Assets.