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October 20, 2017
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Press Releases
  Indie MMORTS Avalon Lords Presents its New Trailer!
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

The next exciting project from David Wu, CTO of Halo 4, and the Animus Interactive team is coming soon! Watch it now!

Watch the Avalon Lords Trailer Here!

Welcome to the world of Avalon

Everyone will have a chance to build, fight epic battles and vie for control of an immersive 3D seamless world. Avalon Lords allows you to determine the behaviour of your troops both on and offline with our unique customizable AI. Your troops interact with the terrain to gain tactical advantages, letting you set up ambushes or interrupt supply lines since everything lives on the map. Players can control their troops in battles that play out in real time, changing tactics to respond to new threats and bringing in reinforcements when needed. Players will be able to build great cities in sandbox fashion and personalise them with a range of skins and cosmetic options, then build mighty armies, explore their territory and battle for victory on a RPG style map where anyone with troops in range can join in. You can team up with your friends to create player-made Empires and use a blend of diplomacy and warfare to gain power. Each server will have a range of end-game scenarios, and each new world will have different terrain to explore and conquer. Empires that successfully conquer a server will have their victory documented in Avalonian Lore.

Why we’re different

When we set out to make Avalon Lords, we weren't just trying to make a traditional RTS or MMO strategy game. We wanted to bring back the glory of traditional medieval real time strategy while bringing totally new elements to the genre, and avoid intrusive micro transactions.

Introducing our advanced, customizable AI

Avalon Lords has an advanced AI that allows your troops to respond to changing situations without needing 24/7 player control or micromanagement. You can choose to control your individual squads in battle, or sit back and let the AI drive. Your AI will defend your kingdom while you are offline. If you want to exercise your tactical skills, you can go beyond the default AI and define custom tactics using a visual interface. Behavior sets that you create can be given to other players or even traded on the in-game marketplace.

Sandbox City Designs

Design your cities by placing buildings however you think best. Terrain and proximity will affect each building’s effectiveness, so making an efficient city will require experimentation and cleverness. Build as many cities as your economy can support and your armies can defend. Customize the appearance of your buildings and armies with a wide range of options available both in-game and in the Avalon Lords store. Choose from a selection of buildable cosmetics to enhance your city's appearance and watch your peasants go about their daily lives.

Explore An Expansive 3D Map The Size Of England

Discover friends and enemies as you explore a 3D map that’s as big as England. Uncover ruins and vanquish NPC brigands. Find mountain passes or other interesting points on the map and set up watchtowers and fortresses to guard strategically valuable locations. Battle to keep your army and cargo safe as you pass through hostile territories and claim lands for your Kingdom and Empire.

The Lands of Avalon continue to improve graphically. Comparing our older l andscape trailer, which was featured on IGN, to our newest trailer, you can see just how much the level of detail has improved in a short time.

Combat System

Use local terrain to your advantage as you plan your battle campaigns, hiding in deep forests or using mountain ridges to cut off your enemy's retreat. Run battles yourself or set up custom AI tactics to tell your troops to respond the way you want them to. You can control the battle as it plays out in real time, changing tactics to respond to new threats and bringing in reinforcements when needed. Each battle occurs on the actual world map, so players must be wary of their surroundings and watch for nearby Kingdoms sending their forces into the fray.


Form guild-style Empires with your fellow players and their Kingdoms and hold massive battles to fight for server domination and end-game victories. Declare war or make formal alliances with other Empires as you battle for control of the map. Build roads and create trade networks with other Kingdoms and Empires. Guild leaders will have access to an extensive Empire Management system, which will include in-game calendars, player polls and remote Empire warehouse access.

End Game and Servers

Most servers will be generated with new terrain and several complex, competing end game victory conditions. When server victory has been achieved, successful players will receive exclusive cosmetic in-game rewards to carry with them to flaunt on new servers and their Empire’s victory will be written into the history of Avalon. World domination will be a tough, difficult challenge that takes at least six months and will require you to outmaneuver all other Empires, but that triumph will be truly worth celebrating. We will run at least one social server with no endgame scenario for those who just want to relax and build, in which players’ cities are protected from destruction.

Avalon’s Rich History

Avalon Lords is a game with richly imagined history and lore which influences the way you play. The story is set in a grim, dark world, two hundred years after the fall of a great empire. Players are tasked with the challenge of bringing order to this once-great land, forming Empires of their own and fighting to control the realm. Those who succeed will become part of Avalon’s history. A detailed backstory supports the game's factions, with each of the three Great Orders cultures being distinctly different. This difference is reflected in the Elite Units available to each Great Order and in our gorgeous concept art. We’ll be focusing on the Order of Dawn for initial testing and release, and introducing the Orders of Darkness and Divine with their own territories later in the development timeline.

Pricing model - NOT Pay-to-win

Avalon Lords will not be pay-to-win - we will never sell items that give in-game advantage. The game will be available for purchase, straight up. Traditional PC MMOs like Wildfire, Everquest, World of Warcraft, EVE Online and Final Fantasy XIV charge an upfront box price and monthly subscription. We’ll do the same and avoid annoying microtransactions. We want Avalon Lords to be about skill, not the size of your opponent’s wallet.

The monthly subscription will be available via payment with in-game credits that can be freely traded in the auction house, similar to EVE Online’s PLEX system.  Players will also be encouraged to submit their own content and if approved, they can offer their models on the auction house for trade as well.  

Our community

We have a steadily growing community on our forums, where you can chat with the devs, talk about the game or even get involved in our Avalon Lords Roleplay Tavern. If you’re a music lover you can join us in our DJ room where the community and developers hang out and share their tastes in music. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook!

Dev Diaries

We are also making steady progress in our development phase towards our first Alpha release, and you can read more about this in our weekly Dev Diaries.

Any questions so far? take a look at our FAQ, and if you have more, please don’t hesitate to ask!


Take a brief look into the world of Avalon Lords with our new trailer.  

Watch the Avalon Lords Trailer

The Avalon Lords team

With over 15 AAA titles and over 100 years of game development between us, our group has a proven track record of success. Here are some of the games our team members have worked on before:   

Watch the Animus Interactive portfolio trailer

Chief Technical Officer David Wu was formerly the CTO at 343i, makers of Halo, and prior to that founded and was the lead developer for Pseudo Interactive, known for the Cel Damage and Full Auto series. David left Microsoft to pursue his passion for independent gaming.  

Lead Developer Randy Johns has developed games and cutting edge software for many game consoles and platforms over the last 23 years, and was the senior software engineer at DC Universe.  He founded a national high speed internet service, and loves to implement the impossible.

AI Scientist Tim Hays has experience developing over 80 published products in the areas of games, education, training, science, defence, and as a cognitive scientist. He is an advanced artificial intelligence expert and a published senior member of the IEEE with 2 patents awarded, both relating to AI design and the display of intelligent characters in games.

Animus Interactive has 26 team members dedicated to the Avalon Lords project.

Many of us are experienced game industry professionals, all of us are passionate gamers.