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May 12, 2021
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Press Releases
  Axiom Verge Announces May 14th Release on PC (Steam & Humble Bundle) -- PlayStation Vita to Follow
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]

Your eyes open to a strange world. You are alone. Swollen clumps of viscera pulsate on the walls, and to them you are the alien. You are one who does not belong. Then you hear a voice...

…and the voice says "Coming to PC on May 14 th, 2015."

Your breath spasms in your chest, an involuntary reaction of animal fear. “What is? What’s coming to PC in three weeks?” you call out, the sound echoing too, too loud in the vacuum of silence.

Axiom Verge,” the voice replies. “After achieving top marks on the PlayStation 4, the PC release will be available on Steam and the Humble Store on Thursday, May 14 th.   Axiom Verge is an action-platform-exploration game in the tradition of classics like Metroid, Contra, and Master Blaster. In addition to new PC features like Steam Cloud saves and Trading Cards, it boasts over 900 rooms to explore in a massive alien world, monstrous enemies, bosses, and power-ups.”

“But what are you? Who created you?“ you say.

“Tom Happ is our sole creator. For five years, he has toiled in the cavern of development. The art, sound, design, coding, writing—all you see—is his doing.”

You can feel your heart shudder and your lungs begin to strain as adrenaline and terror flood your veins. “But why should I listen to you?”

“Because Axiom Verge debuted to near-universal acclaim. The game received Giant Bomb’s Jeff Gertsmann’s first 5 out of 5 in two years, and 24 separate reviews from major outlets giving it a 9 out of 10 or higher. ShackNews reports that  Axiom Verge '...doesn't just pay respects to the greats. It deserves its own place alongside them', and Jeremy Parish of US Gamer has hailed it as ‘simply one of the best games I've played in years.’"

A creature crawls into view, vicious claws clicking against wet stone. Suddenly, a massive gun appears in your hands, humming with promise—

“Use the Address Disruptor to create glitches in the game itself—just like in the days of yore! Scramble enemies, alter environments, and pass through walls into hidden areas where no living being was meant to tread.”

The gun roars. A crackling stream of energy erupts forth, tearing the beast open. It gurgles, steaming ichor and oil boiling from its mouth, as you press yourself back against the wall, the gun hot and humming in your—

“Sorry, I am very weak. You must go, now!”

“But wait,” you yell, gripped with the ache of loss as the voice in your head pulls away. “Don’t leave me alone in this world. Where do I go?”

“—to the Steam store page: .

Bring $19.99 / €17.99 with you, and most importantly—

The creature turns to look at you, alien lips pull back from all-too-familiar teeth. Hot pain lances through your side, and as you fade into darkness, the voice whispers—

“—make sure your thumbs are ready.”

Watch the Axiom Verge Trailer


  • Explore an expansive non-linear alien world with more than 900 unique, interlocking rooms.
  • Gobs of unique tools and abilities, loads of weapons, and tons of health/power/attribute upgrades.
  • Battle with unique creatures and gigantic screen-filling bosses. 
  • Utilize retro-styled "glitches" to break past the boundaries of normal gameplay.
  • Dedicated Speedrun Mode – Play a streamlined mode for speedrunners that strips out all story elements and includes a built-in timer with milestone time tracking.
  • Future PlayStation Vita release planned (cross-buy supported with PlayStation 4).
  • Hearing voices in your head while playing the game is optional.

If you would like to request an Axiom Verge review code or developer interview, submit a request here. Requests will ONLY be considered through this form.

Please do not submit duplicate requests.

Press kit link:

Press contact: [email protected]


Tom started making games professionally in 2002 and has worked at EA Tiburon Studios, Red Eye Studios, and Petroglyph Games in capacities ranging from animator to technical artist to programmer. He is responsible for everything in Axiom Verge, including the coding, design, art, animation, music, and writing.


If you would like further information on Axiom Verge, please contact [email protected]