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October 30, 2020
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Press Releases
  ZONE4 OBT, Fighting action game opens the New World.
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]


Seoul, Korea – November 8th, 2016 – Game&Game, a global online game portal site of KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) has announced that Fighting action game 'ZONE 4' conduct the upcoming open beta test in November (OBT).


'ZONE 4' is a fighting action game with RPG elements, plus a distinctive character and a simple OPERATION This feature casual fighting game. It provides a new user interface (UI) and action and enhance the immersive give a variety of content. Also, the help can greatly improve the tutorial novice users to easily add a starter quest commitment to the game in order to lower the barriers to entry. Meet the 'ZONE4' born again as a true fighting game here:


The video is now available on the official  Game&Game YouTube channel:


Various martial arts expert! Class system

Character 'ZONE 4' is largely divided into a strike series (Street) and catch series (Rush).

However, it is not does not use the skills to catch up the character of the impact as series, and vice versa. If the system is to select a character when you create a character first, you can reach level 10 to the secondary former professional specializing in a particular martial art in that system.

There are striking-based martial art of Taekwondo and boxing, Muay Thai. In the case of taekwondo can be a spectacular combos using a variety of techniques and skills rather than kicks and fists, and if Boxing creates a powerful punch combo as fast skills can put pressure on the opponent. 

Muay Thai is a martial art that uses the body as a weapon, there are many varied and brilliant skills.

Catch series there is a pro-wrestling and judo, aikido. Wrestling can knock an opponent down with a powerful blow and catching skills, it can induce an attack coming stabbing the other side of the hole to beat your opponent with fast catching skills like lightning. Aikido is a martial art of applying an effective blow to the mix of skills and catch the striker to attack his opponent underbelly.


What's next attack? Specialized psychological warfare battle system

The basic method of combat 'ZONE4' is apply to conflicting relations system of rock-paper-scissors type. Strike series skills is strong and catching skills, good skills is catching on avoidance, evasion seems a strong appearance on strike series skills. If you only know well clearly contradictory relationship because the relationship between each skills as one, and everyone can enjoy a wide range of actions easily adapt to the fight.

'ZONE 4' powerful special skills are also implemented skills that allows you to flip the game at once in addition to general skills. In order to use the special skills gather the SP that can be acquired during combat, and for a time to use the special skills are invulnerable is not subject to damage from attack. Novice users can also enjoy the fun and easy battle because the level difference by using various special skills well, you can easily win users.


Tension hundred times! Arcade and PvP system

PvP mode 'ZONE 4' is made up of fighter death match mode where you beat your opponent to win more over time. Deathmatch and Team Solo mode is available, in which case the fighter / team the most beat the opponent to win.

Match is largely divided into before and no items mode, items mount mode ago. Item Mode is a mode in which you can use after obtaining a variety of items from the item box out of the Match, luck and skill to act at the same time. Conversely No Item Mode is a mode mainly compete luck than ability, using a plunger, which hammer off the floor can beat the opponent. If the mounting mode, you can proceed to more strategic Match mounted by various attributes items off the ground. In addition, in all Match and it gives you the option to permit or restrict the use of special skills.


'ZONE4' Match, in addition provides two ways to clear Arcade Mode in the instance dungeons. Arcade mode, and to fight with the AI NPC according to various scenarios in ‘ZONE 4’, may obtain the EXP, ZEN, costume items such as a reward.

Arcade are divided by region, the tickets are needed to position.


In Arcade mode, there is a "rank system", the system can receive from the lowest rank F to the highest rank S rank to complete, depending on how quickly the arcade. If you receive the highest rank S rank can play an arcade hidden 'hidden arcade', where raises the challenge of users because it can achieve good items than normal arcade.


Hunting field of endless battle, objectives achievement Quest mode

PvP and arcade mode and other 'ZONE4 There are various game modes are available. Hunting field with AI mode which will haunt the infinite NPC can get game money and items, experience points. There are several types of hunting field mode depending on the level, the more hunting field, a high level is obtained a large compensation.

When overpowered AI NPC from hunting field can acquire the keys of the three colors, when obtaining all of the key it is possible to enter the boss zone. When the boss to beat the boss in the zone Let it be remembered obtain a higher compensation.


Quest mode is a content aimed to enjoying the 'ZONE4' provide any target to the user and give a further interesting by providing a reward.

Quests are divided into beginner quests and quest normal, basic quest is to create a character from the former level, the primary quest is a quest for the medium to high-level users since then. Level rise, when the Quest difficulty level rises, compensation also increases proportionally.


About  GAME & GAME

Gamengame is an online game portal site of KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) which supports Korean game enterprises. Its service started from 2010, Gamengame provides various genre of game services such as SPORTS, FPS, RPG, TPS to global countries (North/South America, Asia, Europe, and more). The main agent of this service is KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency), and EC21 takes part in marketing process.