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Press Releases
  The Quantum Astrophysics Guild is bringing eight fantastic new games to the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition 2020.
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]


SEATTLE, WA - June 16, 2020 - The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild is collaborating with Steam for the 2020 Game Festival: Summer Edition and bringing 8 brand new games for players to demo before release later this year. In addition to live events with the developers, players will get hands-on time with Breakpoint, The Ambassador, Sail Forth, Deleveled, KUR, Space Otter Charlie, #Funtime, and our internally developed title Freshly Frosted!

Sail Forth - Sail Forth is an award-winning procedurally generated boating adventure, here to blow some fresh wind into your sails! Build your fleet, Customize your ships and stand out in battle against thirsty pirates, or take a breather to explore islands in a sea filled with wildlife to fill your photo album. Coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch Fall 2020.

Unique Features

- Conquer the sea with custom fleets, jumping from ship to ship to stay aggressive

- Deep customization for all your ships; sail a ship that is 100% you!

- Accessible control schemes using realistic physics

- Navigate a rich world with an immersive atmosphere and soundtrack


Steam Store:

Press Kit:

Sail Forth Website:

David Evans Website:

David Evans on Twitter:

#Funtime - Bright lights and space fights! Blast your way through grids of multicolored insanity while changing color to adapt to your environment and overcoming the digital hordes. Persistent ship upgrades will keep you going farther and longer into the great unknown. Can you survive the full spectrum of challenges, claim the high score, and show your dominance on the leaderboard? Find out soon; #Funtime is releasing internationally in July 2020 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for 14.99USD.

Unique Features

- 100% original soundtrack with beat-synced levels

- Color swapping mechanics

- Deep scoring system and persistent upgrades

- 8 distinct battle modes

- Over 50 challenging levels with live leaderboards


Steam Store:

More Info:

OneGuyGames Twitter:

Deleveled -  Be prepared to use both sides of your brain for this one! Deleved is a physics platformer where up is down and transferring momentum is the key to moving forward! Hit switches, slide through one-way walls, and master gravity to complete 100+ levels in 10 progressively different worlds. Deleveled releases on Steam and Nintendo Switch in Fall 2020 for 9.99USD.

Unique Features

- 100 levels for 6 exhilarating hours of gameplay

- Secrets and bonus levels for the most curious players

- Each world has a different chiptune soundtrack and special sound effects


Steam Store:

Press Kit:

Deleveled Website:


The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines - Have you ever needed just a little extra time while slashing and shooting your way through a fantasy world filled with danger intrigue and whimsy? Good, because you can slow it all the way down to nail pixel-perfect hits in a wild mix of magic and swordplay in The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines. The game releases Summer 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Steam.

Unique Features

- Slow down time to nail precise hits and combo multiple enemies

- Rustic pixel art delivered with classic twin-stick gameplay

- Endless combinations of powers and weapons to keep it fresh for any playstyle


Steam Store:

More Info:

tinyDino Website:

tinyDino Twitter:

tinyDino Facebook:

Kur - Dust off your floppy disks, listen to your hard drive spin up, and recoil in horror at flesh-wearing robots bent on destroying everything in KUR. A new take on the 90’s shooter, KUR really lets you put the boot to your enemies - literally - you can slide and kick your way out of most situations, and if that doesn’t work there’s always the arsenal you carry with you. The stylized graphics and dark humor feel right at home in the fight against computerized legions. KUR is releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox in 2020.

Unique Features

- The Boot - kick, punt, and smash your way through every level

- 30 levels filled with 90’s flavored humor and lore

- Metal and electronica  soundtrack, perfect for hunting artificial intelligence

Steam Store:

Press Kit:

Ragdoll Website:

Ragdoll Twitter:

Breakpoint - Welcome to Breakpoint, a twin-stick slasher that provides all the hectic action of bullet hell with all the crunchy satisfaction of melee combat. Move and groove your way through each weapon skill tree building up to powerful AOE attacks to truly level the playing field. Keep an eye on how your weapons are doing because once they break, it’s explosion can be a major tactical advantage. Breakpoint is releasing on Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2020.

Unique Features

- Weapon skill trees, your amory gains XP with every level

- Massive AOE ultimate attacks to stack and clear difficult situations

- Not a twin-stick shooter, a twin-stick slasher filled with awesome melee combat


Steam Store:

Press Kit:

Studio Aesthesia Website:

Studio Aesthesia Twitter:

Space Otter Charlie - In a galaxy left wrecked by humankind, it’s up to some optimistic sea mammals to head out into… otter space. Join Charlie the space otter astronaut and friends on a puzzle platformer adventure to save the Earth! Uniquely adapted to the “float” of zero gravity, otters are the perfect solution to all space-related problems. Releasing in 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

Unique Features

- Use all your abilities to pull off trick shots and damage the enemy

- Zero gravity - “swim” as an otter through each level

- Enjoy local multiplayer modes with a friend

- Learn more about your furry friends with fun facts on every loading screen


Steam Store:

Press Kit:

Wayward Distractions Website:

Wayward Distractions Twitter:

Wayward Distractions Facebook:

Freshly Frosted - There’s nothing quite like the joy of a good donut, and Freshly Frosted puts you in charge of an assembly line to create perfect circles of happiness for everyone! Engage your best brain cells to place all your conveyor belts, then sit back and relax as your cutest donuts roll out of the factory. Things get more complicated as you get further into the game, and nothing beats the satisfaction of a job well done. Freshly Frosted releases in 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

Unique Features

- A baker's dozen - 12 worlds of 12 levels with unique mechanics, contraptions, and confections

- Guaranteed satisfaction, levels are as fun to watch as they are to make

- Upbeat soundtrack keeping things light and relaxing while puzzles get more complicated

Preview Trailer:

Steam Store:

Quantum Website:

Quantum Twitter:

Quantum Facebook:

Press Contact Name: Cassie Hoglund

Email: [email protected]; [email protected]

About The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild:

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild was founded in 2011 and received global critical acclaim for their early titles, 'The Bridge' and 'Tumblestone.' In 2019, the company broadened its focus to collaborating with indie developers publishing on PC and consoles. Given Quantum's experience as an indie dev, they strive never to offer deals they wouldn't accept themselves before becoming a publisher. The studio recently published 'Roundguard,' making it the fifth game in their library. You can look forward to award-winning games 'Sail Forth,' and 'Deleveled' among the many games releasing from Quantum this year.