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July 25, 2021
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Press Releases
  2021 PlayX4 Online B2B Emerging as a New Alternative for Global Business - Part2
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[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource Games Press.]

2021 PlayX4 Online B2B Emerging as a New Alternative for Global Business - Part2

The 2021 PlayX4 Online B2B Export Conference concluded its five-day schedule, which ran from May 10th to May 14th. The event drew 142 Korean game development companies and 187 global game publishers from 29 countries. Event was a great turn out even during the global COVID pandemic as it facilitated a high-level B2B export consultation by providing 24-hour non-face-to-face video service and interpretation.   

The changes in the global game industry can be confirmed through this business meeting event.  

1. The Launching of various platforms  

The proportion of crossover game launches that are compatible with smartphone hardware specifications and the 5G communication environment has grown. As games such as first-person shooters (FPS) and virtual reality (VR), which were previously only playable on high-end PCs, are released on mobile platforms, the boundaries between platforms based on game genres are gradually disappearing.  

2. Diverse global collaborations  

Previously, a single game publisher handled a developer's game and released it in a single country, but in recent years, there have been many cases of global collaboration in which multiple companies, including game publishers, collaborate to release a game in multiple countries at the same time, and this method is more comprehensive. It has the capability of producing high-quality games.  

The 2021 PlayX4 online B2B presented a new direction for global business in the Corona situation. It left an imprint on the global game industry by demonstrating stable operation and active participation of game companies. Finally, we would like to highlight some games that have attracted the interest of North American corporations at this event. (

2021 PlayX4 participant interview link

Meet the new genre, “Fated Alive”  (Developer: LOADSTARS )   

We launched a new game named "Tap To Galaxy", a Mobile Role-Fated Alive that will be launched in the third quarter of 2021 and unveiled for the first time at 2021 PlayX4. The gameplay has a unique style in completing missions from selecting 1 of 3 cards to fight. The excitement of this game will be supported with gloomy graphics which perfectly matches the Zombie Post-apocalypse World. The rhythmic note-touch battle, the character’s own skills to change the condition of stages, and strategies from players are 3 main sources that will make this game unique and exciting to play. The game will be ready for the second half of this year and looking forward to being one of the top games. (Contact: [email protected])       


Crossover masterpiece game, “legendino” (Developer : thejaemi Co., Ltd )   

“Legendino” is a ‘dinosaur battle’ mobile game based on table board game. Players will take opportunities to explore the world and collect dinosaurs to battle with other gamers in real time. Not like usual mobile games, it is also playable in the AR table board game mode to summon dinosaurs. It will be launched globally in the first half of 2021. (Contact: [email protected])   

Download: Android   


Open the future of VR games! “Throw Anything” (Developer: VisualLight Co., Ltd.)   

“VisualLight” is a game developer which is specialized in VR. They have developed and serviced a casual action VR game called “Throw Anything” on Steam, Vibe, Oculus, and Playstation. Game play includes various types of enemies and stages. Player throws things down from buildings to beat zombies. VisualLight is currently preparing a mobile version along with the Nintendo Switch version. (Contact: [email protected])   

(Download Steam :   

Vive :   

Oculus Rift :   


Global Real- Time Strategy RPG, “GENESIS!” (Developer : UBIS)  

‘GENESIS’ is the first mobile Global Real-Time Strategy RPG game developing by UBIS. The formal service is available on Google Play and Apple App Store since December 2020. The special feature about this game is that players from all around the world can join the PvP battle in real-time at one global server. The main point is a strategic play with new players who match in real time on every grounds.   

(Google Play)  

(App Store)  

[Official] GENESIS Global PV Full Version :  


“My LONY”, Story Puzzle RPG! (Developer : ORIGIN STUDIO INC)  

My Lony is a puzzle RPG mobile game developing by ‘ORIGIN STUDIO’ which has been started soft launching in July 2020.  

The unique puzzle (in this game) is impressive by reinterpreting germ warfare which was popular in the past. The construction of this game is that players can grow up their pets into humans by working on puzzles. As making to the next level by working on the puzzles, pet’s thinking methods are getting closer to humans.   

80% of users for ‘My Lony’ are female.  It seems like their lovely graphics and deep worldview has attracted many female users. (inquiry: [email protected])  




Game Cinematic which you are looking for (Developer: Locus Corporation)   

‘Locus’ is the biggest production studio in Asia for game trailers (cinematic). It has been producing promotional videos of the well-known domestic and foreign games. Tianyu from Netease, Eternal from BLESS are the companies that have been acknowledged the capability of abundant Game Cinematic. Especially, from planning to production, all these works are progressing by the biggest Korean VFX studio. It provides a creative total solution to authentic render and unreal render. As the importance of Game Cinematic is rising, we recommend the competent company: ‘LOCUS’. (inquiry : [email protected])  


“We CHANGE the Ways of Influencer Marketing!” (Developer: Neicon Inc.)   

 Neicon provides a global influencer marketing platform to clients.  They have serviced over 500 projects since 2018.  They have over 10,000 influencers and are one of the best game marketing companies. A game called ‘Royale Crown’ from Line games for the North American market, and a game called ‘Ultraman be Ultra’ from Diamonds games for the Japanese market are a few of their success stories. Neicon can do everything from campaign planning to the analytical reports. Furthermore, they provide optimized solutions on each campaign to improve KPI.  Contact Neicon to handle influencer marketing and manage contents optimization and performance marketing. (Contact: [email protected])   


Give attention to the Oddity Dance fighter! (Developer : toOrock)  

Oddity Dance Fighter is an action RPG in development and will be released in the first half of 2022 by console and mobile game developer, toOrock. You can choose your favorite characters and skills to enjoy exciting action. The developer is making a console version with online multi co-op mode and local for 4 players mode and the mobile version with the same IP.. (Contact : [email protected])  


Stick to the basic rhythm game, BeaTracks (Developer: TeamMium )  

BeaTracks is a traditional rhythm game, but active game play screen with moving tracks and the play screen right and left and changing music with the tracks make unique game play. Users can loot other users' points and compete their ranks. TeamMium is also developing other games and will release a casual puzzle game in June and an RPG in August. 

(Android link: 

App Store :  

Manage the village with the Mailfrog! Frog Village (Developer: 4th May Soft)  

‘4th May Soft’ will release their town simulation game, Frog Village, in June 2021 on Play Store and App Store and on Steam and Nintendo online after release. The game provides real life like stories that give motives to managing the village, various interactions with village characters, and enjoyable night events will keep you motivated. (Contact : [email protected] )  

If you want to survive, get on the Tank! Tank Z (Developer : Storygames)  

TANK Z is a zombie apocalypse shooting game to kill zombies with various tanks and mercenaries’ combinations. It looks like a simple shooting game due to the casual graphics, but it needs various strategies and unit combinations as the stage progresses. The game is gaining popularity with constant updates. 

(Android : 

Appstore :  



Open in June 21st on Steam : Savior (Developer : Allaugh Games)  

Savior is a horror adventure RPG Maker style game by Allaugh Games. It will be released on the 21st of June on steam. The game graphic quality is higher than other horror adventure games and the cosmic horror scenario is on point. (Contact: [email protected])  

It’s totally new, but a very easy dice game! : BattleDice (Developer : WASD GAMESPACE)  

Thrilling battle! Battle Dice! Take turns and roll 3 dice to attack the opponent. Equipped heroes and item skills are actively depending on the rolling of dices’ result.  Various heroes to play with and you can also equip items for them! Collect and upgrade various heroes with their unique skills and become a god of dice. Do you want to cause big damages at once or continuously? Play with your style and seize the battlefield. (Contact : [email protected])  

Classic Shooting Game return: GunslingAR (Developer : VrainiacLab)  

Gunsling AR is a mobile AR shooting game inspired by classic arcade shooting games like Virtual Cop. You can use a mobile device as a controller to feel classic shooting motion in cyberspace. Maximize immersion and spatiality by placing objects in multi-layered layers. The game is also considered for AR Glass devices. Weapon upgrade System Increases retention by Providing Different Era/Location Background. (Developer : [email protected])  

Lucid Steam (Developer : Team LucidDream)  

Lucid Steam is a steampunk themed turn-based rogue-like game developed and serviced since 2020 December as early access by Team LucidDream. Players become an engineer from the industrial era and escape to wake up from lucid dreams. Players place and spin hexagon tiles to make the way. There are 40 monsters, 300 equipment items, and 200 artifact items and they never make this repetitive game tired. (Contact: [email protected])  

Substantial game story, Super Knight (Developer: YPD PROJECT)  

Super Knight is a casual action shooting game by YPD PROJECT and will be launched at the end of 2022. They dramatized their game from the famous novel, Don Quixote, and created characters. They aim to make user experience as Shoot’em up style battle, action, rogue like contents and dungeon exploration. (Contents: [email protected])  

Word Journey (Developer : Corncheesegames)  

Word Journey is based on the world tour concept of brain development Crossword puzzle game. Users travel around the world, collect stamps, and send postcards. Game has 5000 levels of word puzzles, and it also has a daily challenge.  Users will also enjoy rewards from daily missions. (Contact: [email protected])