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September 24, 2017
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Rasmus Rasmussen's Blog


Localization QA Test Lead by day, indie game designer by night. Background in media production and photography, but always a game builder at heart...

I run my own little indie studio, called Tagunda, based in Seattle, WA. You can also find me on twitter, as @theprint.

Current project: Torgar's Quest, a roguelike dungeon crawl of retro proportions.


Member Blogs

Posted by Rasmus Rasmussen on Mon, 09 May 2016 08:06:00 EDT in Design, Indie
How a couple of reddit posts ended up setting the tone for Torgar's Quest, and lessons learned from talking to fans of the game's genre.

Posted by Rasmus Rasmussen on Thu, 19 Nov 2015 01:30:00 EST in Design, Indie
One guy's recommendation to get feedback on your projects, right from the prototype stage, and listen to inspiration when it presents itself.

Posted by Rasmus Rasmussen on Wed, 08 Jul 2015 02:09:00 EDT in Design, Production
Even progress can get you stuck. Sometimes, you have to recognize that you are procrastinating, maybe even why, and then do something about it.

Posted by Rasmus Rasmussen on Tue, 26 May 2015 02:35:00 EDT in Design
What is a story, and what makes stories in games different from elsewhere? This overview, with examples from an ongoing project, covers the basics and might help you develop your own story.

Posted by Rasmus Rasmussen on Mon, 04 May 2015 01:51:00 EDT in Production, Indie
Is it really important to do early QA testing? The answer is yes, even on small-scale projects. Using a my own work-in-progess as an example, here is how your game might benefit.

Preparing games for localization involves a lot more than separating content from code. Here's a primer on designing for, and working with translations, and how to avoid come common pitfalls.

Rasmus Rasmussen's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 09/03/2015 - 02:05]

Great read and awesome gifs. ...

Great read and awesome gifs. Thanks

Comment In: [Blog - 08/17/2015 - 02:01]

Crunch is often driven by ...

Crunch is often driven by a combination of tight schedules and overly ambitious marketing poor planning over promising compared to what is realistic . Sometimes it 's not even about the game at all, but about budgets. I have seen producers start crunching teams just before the end of the ...

Comment In: [Blog - 08/04/2015 - 05:37]

I agree, having 2 scores ...

I agree, having 2 scores would be helpful. I too, tend to skip any game with mixed reviews, and as a dev, that 's a problem for sure.

Comment In: [News - 05/14/2015 - 01:24]

This happened to me when ...

This happened to me when I ran my Kickstarter, but I must say: Kickstarter was awesome about it. Shortly after being alerted to the issue, they banned the user in question obviously and worked with Amazon to freeze refunds. In the end, I was able to keep the pledge from ...

Comment In: [Blog - 05/04/2015 - 01:51]

That is a great way ...

That is a great way to put it, and very true. I enjoy listening to the suggestions of testers, but I do tend to implement changes my own way. It 's about taking constructive criticism and turning it into inspiration, rather than crossing off items on a list of requested ...

Comment In: [News - 04/27/2015 - 05:24]

Horrendous and sad on every ...

Horrendous and sad on every level.