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April 10, 2020
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  A bevy of COVID-19 issues leads to delay in planned Final Fantasy XIV update
image The Final Fantasy XIV team at Square Enix has altered its update plans for this summer, namely pushing back the planned mid-June patch to a yet-undetermined date.
33 Don't Miss: How Maxis put the 'sim' in SimCity
image In this classic chat, then-SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley reveals how Maxis designed systems that offer satisfying decisions for players & also accurately reflect aspects of the real world.
  Obituary: Halo Infinite and Guild Wars 2 lead technical artist Jens Hauch
image Carrer technical artist Jens Hauch has passed away at the age of 46.
2 Blog: The likelihood of making $10,000 in your first month on Steam
image In this article I discuss a recent post from Valve about game revenues, and point out the difficult task they are undertaking and offer some practical strategies for smaller developers
  Deep Dive: The subtle art of building tension in Yes, Your Grace
image Yes, Your Grace developer Brave At Night discusses what went into designing one of the most important, tense moments of the game with limited resources.
  Get a job: Control dev Remedy Entertainment is hiring a Sr. UX Designer
image As a Senior UX Designer for Vanguard you will work in close collaboration with multiple teams to ensure the best player experience for our players and also help to establish company-wide UX practices and methodologies.
  Blizzard: 'It's too early to know whether BlizzCon 2020 will be feasible'
image Blizzard isn't sure if it'll be able to host its annual BlizzCon event later on in 2020, but tells fans in an update that it's keeping an eye on the situation and will share once it's able to make a decision one way or the other.
  With well over 2.5 million sold, 2019 was The Witcher 3's best-ever year on PC
image The PC version of The Witcher 3 very nearly outsold 2018's total multiplatform sales, and other fun facts from CDPR’s light breakdown of lifetime The Witcher 3 sales.
30 Don't Miss: Designing and structuring great boss battles
image In this timeless feature, designer Mike Stout breaks down the boss battle into 8 different beats, and runs 2 notable ones -- Ocarina of Time's Ganon and Portal's GladOS -- through a thorough analysis.
  Video: A postmortem look at the making of A Short Hike
image In this 2020 GDC virtual talk game maker Adam Robinson-Yu talks about how he decided to put a major project on the back burner in favor of a new prototype, which ultimately became A Short Hike.
  CD Projekt reports yearly gains in sales as it looks toward Cyberpunk 2077 launch
image Both sales and net profit are up year-over-year at CD Projekt, figures that include sizable gains at its previously precarious PC game storefront
  Blog: Animal Crossing in the age of social distancing
image Urustar co-founder and creative director Federico Fasce serves up ann analysis of Animal Crossing as a playful space during the pandemic lockdown.
  Sony invests $400 million in Chinese entertainment platform Bilibili
image The pair will also enter into a " business collaboration agreement" when the deal closes to "pursue collaboration opportunities" in the Chinese market.
  Sega Europe appoints Tim Heaton as chief studio officer
image The veteran exec previously served as Sega Europe's vice president of studios while also working as the studio director at Total War developer Creative Assembly.
  Blog: Transitioning your team to remote work
image Book excerpt from the newly published 'Remote Teamwork Tools' a collection of tools and practices to help distributed teams of remote workers communicate, collaborate, and execute effectively.
  Exploring the world-driven game design of Control
image Remedy's Control was one of the most interesting games of last year because of its mysterious world where the mundane collided with the strange. Mikael Kasurinen and Brooke Maggs tell us the thinking behind the world-building.
  Valorant's closed beta debut lands Riot Games a new Twitch viewership record
image Riot Games' FPS debut Valorant managed to collect 34 million hours watched in a single day, breaking Twitch's record for single-day hours watched in a single game category in the process.
  Get a job: Blue Marble Health is hiring a Programmer
image Blue Marble Health is an app developer focused on creating fun, immersing, engaging, and motivating digital games/apps for physical and cognitive wellness and rehabilitation.
32 Don't Miss: 20 essential real-world games designers should study (and play!)
image In this classic feature we profile games like Chess and Go through pen-and-paper RPGs like Call of Cthulhu, European games like The Settlers of Catan, and more -- each with a unique design lesson.
  Stadia will lower default settings to reduce internet strain during COVID-19
image Google opened its cloud-based game platform Stadia up to a wider audience today, but notes it has plans to amke changes to its default streaming settings to lessen Stadia's bandwidth use.
  N3TWORK aims to help devs tackle UA and growth with $50 million fund
image Game services provider N3TWORK has detailed a pair of new dev funds that aim to help partnered developers scale their games and, in the case of some standout titles, further grow those titles into businesses.
  Video: Lessons learned about matchmaking for engagement in Halo 5
image In this 2020 GDC virtual talk, 343 Industries' Josh Menke shows how to effectively test matchmaking approaches using real examples and data from a popular first-person shooter.
  Blog: A postmortem of my rope-swinging action title Hang Line
image The story of how indie game Hang Line was created, from concept to launch. How I learnt new skills, cut corners, struggled with anxiety and ignored advice to find my own personal journey to success.
  Stadia's wider launch begins with a two-month free Stadia Pro trial
image Google Stadia is finally starting to roll out to folks outside of its premium purchasers, starting with a free two-month trial of its Staida Pro tier.
1 Registration now open for GDC Summer this August
image Registration is open for the special GDC Summer event this August in San Francisco. With talks, meeting areas, and smart safety measures, this is an ideal place to reconnect with peers before 2021.

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arrowPress Releases
Year 3: My Full Time Indie Developer Life
image Kevin Giguere shares his experience working as a full-time indie developer for the third year running, including details regarding his latest game's sales performance.
Level Design: The Linear Labyrinth
image Jack Pritz critically examines Dark Souls, Subnautica, and the Half-Life games to gain an understanding of their unique approaches to level design.
Project Management And Working Remotely
image Ryan Sumo breaks down his remote management process and shares many of the tools his team uses to stay connected and productive.
Art Bully Productions LLC
Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
Motion Logic Studios LLC
Motion Logic Studios LLC Motion Logic Studios is a Los Angeles based company dedicated to providing high-end Art and Animation services to the video game industry.
Streamline Studios
Streamline Studios Streamline specializes in tech art and creative execution for video games through its integrated 2D, 3D and Animation services.

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