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October 22, 2017
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12 Andromeda dev chalks up some of the game's problems to a lack of diversity
image "This is what happens when, I think, you have a homogeneous leadership," veteran dev Manveer Heir (formerly of BioWare) told Waypoint. "The leadership of Mass Effect: Andromeda was all white men."
1 The developer of A Mortician's Tale talks death-positive game design
image See why one game developer decided to stare death in the face when making A Mortician's Tale.
  Oculus SDK gains 8 new, experimental modes of VR locomotion
image Oculus' recent blog highlighting the new movement methods makes for intriguing reading, especially if you're a VR dev grappling with the problem of how to get people moving without making them sick.
  Twitch taps Dustforce dev to make a game played inside Twitch
image It's an interesting example of what a game dev can do with Twitch's new Extensions toolset, which allows streamers to embed interactive elements into their broadcasts.
1 Video: A game dev's romp through interesting 2017 game market data
image At GDC 2017, EEDAR co-founder and Experiment 7 creative director Geoffrey Zatkin presents a "tour de force romp" through a smorgasbord of game industry data from 2017.
  Don't Miss: Deconstructing the Gothic horror music of Bloodborne
image Bloodborne audio experts Peter Scaturro, Penka Kouneva and Jim Fowler take the stage at GDC 2016 to talk about how the game's striking, haunting score was composed and produced across continents.
  Get a job: Wargaming Sydney is hiring a Sr. Software Engineer
image Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced Sr. Software Engineer with knowledge of both low-level systems programming to high-level rendering R&D to join its team in Sydney, Australia.
  666M tuned in to video game streams and videos last year, says SuperData
image SuperData’s report says that video game streams now pull more viewers than streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and ESPN combined.
  Brawlhalla dev Blue Mammoth Games opening studio in the Netherlands
image The Amsterdam-based operation will open its doors in January 2018 and will eventually hire a staff of 25.
  Chat with the developer of A Mortician's Tale at 3PM EDT
image We're talking to the developer of the death-positive funeral home simulator A Mortician's Tale at 3PM EDT.
2 Blog: Can Capcom's Puzzle Fighter deliver a knock out?
image Renowned Japanese developer Capcom has brought back it's 90's classic Puzzle Fighter game to mobile, but how does it stack up?
  MAG Interactive acquires QuizDuel developer FEO Media
image Swedish mobile studio MAG Interactive has picked up QuizDuel developer FEO Media for an undisclosed fee.
  Developer interview: The one-man studio behind Jettomero
image Gamasutra did a livestream chat with the solo developer of the clumsy giant robot game Jettomero: Hero of the Universe. Here are some highlights from the conversation.
2 Devs tell tales of what happens when you give your game to pirates
image "As game developers we can fight piracy with DRM," a Darkwood dev told Kotaku. "Or we can accept the fact that piracy is not going away...and trust that at least some people will do the right thing."
  The New York Yankees are getting into the eSports business
image The New York Yankees have invested an undisclosed sum into Vision eSports, a firm that holds controlling stakes in eSports organizations Echo Fox, Vision Entertainment, and Twin Galaxies.
  Video: Avoiding 3 common pitfalls of AI development
image At GDC 2016, Insomniac's Jan Mueller gives a great talk on the topic that used examples from Sunset Overdrive and other games to challenge 3 common misconceptions about AI in games.
1 Researchers expect close holiday competition between Xbox One X and PS4 Pro
image According to research from IDC the two systems, both mid-generational hardware updates, are expected to see similar sales during the holiday season this winter.
  Get a job: Yacht Club Games is hiring a Sr. 3D Art Generalist
image Shovel Knight dev Yacht Club Games is on the lookout for an experienced artist to join its California-based team and develop in-game art assets.
  Microsoft launches TruePlay, an anti-cheat for UWP games
image Microsoft has launched its own anti-cheat utility to developers looking to add an extra level of cheat-stopping protection to their PC games.
  Sumo Digital bolsters its staff and looks to expand UK-based studios
image Snake Pass dev Sumo Digital has made a handful of notable hires as the company lays plans to expand its studios in both Nottingham and Sheffield.
  Facebook updates Instant Games platform with video ads and 'robust' dev tools
image Facebook is updating its fledgling Instant Games platform by adding new monetization features and scaling tools.
  Harmonix lays off 14 in bid to 'reduce overhead'
image The developer of Rock Band is letting go of 14 employees today less than a month after the release of DropMix.
  Keywords acquires software development specialist d3t for $4M
image It's the latest in a long line of acquisitions and investments for Keywords, which is attempting to become a global one-stop-shop for all manner of game services.
1 Nintendo Switch surpasses 2M sales in the U.S.
image The Nintendo Switch has sold over 2 million units in the U.S. alone, according to the latest NPD figures. 
  Blog: Creating full motion video for Full Throttle Remastered - Part 1
image This is an overview of the full motion video pipeline for Full Throttle Remastered. Starting from the 20-year old LucasArts archives, we'll investigate how we were able to achieve our remastered FMVs.

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  Designer Diary - Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money
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  The Anti-Pattern of Optional Goals in Tasklists
by Nikhil Murthy
How optional goals and tasklists conflict with each other.
2 Can Capcom's Puzzle Fighter Deliver a K.O?
by Anil Das Gupta
Renowned Japanese developer Capcom has brought back it's 90's classic Puzzle Fighter game to mobile,...
  The Full Throttle Remastered FMV Pipeline: Part 1
by Trevor Diem
This blog post is a multi-part overview of the FMV Pipeline for Full Throttle Remastered. Starting...

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Video Game?
image Deck13's Michael Hoss addresses recent discussions regarding game budgets, putting game development costs in perspective for students seeking an industry career.
Stuff I Learned The Hard Way: Practical Advice For Game Devs
image Ubisoft game designer Andrii Goncharuk reflects on the lessons learned over the course of his career to present these 15 pieces of practical advice for game developers.
Living In Seattle As An Indie Game Developer
image Want to work or go to school in a new city? Jakub Kasztalski weighs the pros and cons of living in Seattle as an indie game creator.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, King, Glu Mobile, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world's leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
General Arcade
General Arcade General Arcade is a porting house and game developer. Over the years we've provided programming services to a number of game studios and publishers including Capcom, 3D Realms, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Kongregate, GOG, Vlambeer, etc.
YDY CG PTE. LTD. YDY is a 2D art design service provider for games. We provide concept art design, illustration, UI/ICON design, matte painting and storyboard design services. Our clients includes Zynga, Storm8, SEGA, Ateam, Mobility Ware, High Voltage, Netease, Changy
Sankraman Productions
Sankraman Productions We provide high quality art to developers and publishers of all sizes ranging from 3D games for PC/Console (next gen AAA quality) , mobile games, social games, cinematics, commercials, animation and bringing ideas and dreams to reality.

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