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  Epic, Blizzard alums gather to form all-remote studio Lightforge Games
image A band of Epic Games & Blizzard Entertainment alumni have announced the formation of Lightforge Games, a new all-remote studio dedicated to “changing how RPGs are played.”
  The one game rating problem you really don't want to have
image There's one big gotcha around game ratings when releasing your game via IARC - and in the latest game discovery round-up, we look at what it is, and how to avoid it.
17 Don't Miss: The creative challenges BioWare faced designing Mass Effect 3
image Take a look back at this 2012 interview with Casey Hudson on the creative challenges his team faced while closing out the original Mass Effect trilogy.
  Get a job: Disbelief is hiring an experienced Programmer
image Senior programmers at Disbelief are leaders and developers in their project; you should be comfortable working independently and with a team to develop, test and integrate software into a larger codebase.
  Former Hitman, Halo devs form new AAA studio Twin Suns Corp.
image A trio of longtime game developers have joined forces to create Twin Suns Corp., a new studio taking aim at triple-A game development (with an initial funding boost from Hiro Capital and 1Up Fund.)
  Weapon balance in Call of Duty: Mobile: A data-based, player-centric approach
image Matt Lewis, VP of mobile at Activision, writes about the weapon balancing process on the tremendously popular Call of Duty: Mobile, and reconciling data with qualitative player feedback.
  At GDC 2021, you can learn about the making of Resident Evil Village
image The makers of Resident Evil Village will be breaking down the game’s creation at the all-digital GDC 2021!
  Fledgling studio Hidden Leaf Games nets $3.2 million to create a new MOBA
image Hidden Leaf Games has raised $3.2 million to create a new MOBA and expand its fledgling studio.
1 Embracer Group buys four more game studios for a combined $8.5 million
image The rapidly expanding Embracer Group has acquired four studios for a combined SEK 71 million ($8.5 million).
  Blog: Optimizing Human: Fall Flat for mobile devices
image For over a year Codeglue has been working for 505 Games on the mobile adaptations of Human: Fall Flat. In this blog post we will explain how we optimized the game to run on mobile devices.
  Ubisoft evolving production strategy to include 'high-end' freemium releases
image Ubisoft is rethinking its production strategy to bring more free-to-play titles into the fold.
  Live services push EA to $6.19 billion in full year net bookings
image "With tremendous engagement across our portfolio, we delivered a record year for Electronic Arts," says EA CEO Andrew Wilson.
  Get a job: PerBlue seeks a Director of Product Strategy
image PerBlue is looking for a talented Director of Product Strategy to join its growing independent studio.
1 Microsoft wants feedback on a limited lottery to help sell Xbox Series X|S consoles
image The focus of this new program is deliberately very narrow on Microsoft's part and aims to solicit feedback on an unusual purchasing platform.
2 Don't Miss: How Subnautica plunges deeper into rendering realistic water
image "In the real world, it's actually pretty hard to see underwater,'" says Max McGuire of Unknown Worlds Entertainment. "There's a strong blue cast, and the sunlight doesn't penetrate very deeply."
  Ubisoft closes 2020-21 with $2.7 billion in net bookings as flagship franchises set records
image Ubisoft has wrapped up the 2020-21 fiscal year with record revenue and engagement for many of its best-known properties like Just Dance, Assassin's Creed, and Rainbow Six.
  John Romero is giving a Quake postmortem at GDC 2021
image id Software co-founder John Romero will take you through the rollercoaster of Quake’s creation at the all-digital GDC 2021.
  Roblox developers behind Adopt Me form new studio Uplift Games
image Uplift has been created by the team behind Adopt Me, a popular Roblox title that has amassed over 22 billion visits and 60 million monthly active players.
  Niantic wants more developers to take its new Lightship AR dev kit for a spin
image Pokemon Go maker Niantic is offering developers broader access to its newly rebranded Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit.
  Paradox CEO wants publisher to 'do better' after disappointing quarter
image "Sometimes there are periods with fewer and smaller game and expansion releases - but we can do better than this and our ambitions are higher."
1 Blog: Improving the 'About This Game' section on your Steam page
image Have you ever stumbled across a Steam Store page, scrolled down to the 'About This Game' section, and found a real mess? Here's how to avoid that with your own project.
  Blog: Implementing bounty hunting in Mafia III
image Hangar 13 gameplay programmer Ravi Teja explains the intricacies of the 'Bounty Hunting: Bodies in Trunks' feature in Mafia III.
  Resident Evil Village tops 3 million shipments in under a week
image The latest entry in the horror franchise launched on May 7, 2021, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC.
  Steam tag trends, Epic & Valve lawsuit drama, & more
image We look at Steam tag trends, the latest in the Apple/Epic and Valve antitrust lawsuits, and, well, lots more about game platforms and discovery.
  Get a job: HakJak Studios is hiring a Unity Generalist/Senior Developer
image HakJak Studios, a small team based out of Boise, Idaho, USA, builds ridiculous physics games and is looking for an experienced, well-rounded Unity developer to join its team!

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  The one game rating problem you really don't want to have
by Simon Carless
There's one big gotcha around game ratings when releasing your game via IARC - and in the latest...
  Gaming Loot Boxes - Innovative and Creative Multi-billion Euro Industry but What Are the Legal Risks and Are They Gambling?
by Tuomas Pelkonen
The article aims to provide a brief overview of the regulation and recent court cases regarding loot...
  Steam tag trends, Epic & Valve lawsuit drama, & more
by Simon Carless
We look at Steam tag trends, the latest in the Apple/Epic and Valve antitrust lawsuits, and, well,...
  Optimizing Human: Fall Flat for mobile devices
by Peter de Jong
For over a year Codeglue has been working for 505 Games on the mobile adaptations of Human: Fall...
1 How to Improve the About This Game section on your Steam store page
by Joe Henson
Have you ever stumbled across a Steam Store page, scrolled down to the 'About This Game' section,...

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arrowPress Releases
Postmortem: Spaceslingers
image Drew McIntosh presents his thoughts on developing and marketing Spaceslingers, and examines its initial release and reception.
The Simplest Trailer To Make For Your Steam Page
image Derek Lieu explains how student developers can promote their upcoming projects by creating effective trailers optimized for online storefronts.
Building A Systemic Narrative Game
image Lila Grimaldi recalls how a student-led team developed a letter writing simulator by emphasizing a solid gameplay loop to craft their game's identity.
DIGITAL SHOCK INC. We are a team of dedicated professionals that have 20+ years in the outsource gaming industry. We specialize in 3D artwork, and we have worked on titles such as Age of Empires, Superman, Lord of the Rings, and Lego (among many others).
Renderer Game Studios
Renderer Game Studios We provide high-quality AAA Video Game Art Assets and Animation service at low rate!
Ozone Music & Sound
Ozone Music & Sound Game Developers from Austin, London, Sydney and around the world, some of the most successful Movie Studios in Hollywood, Advertising Agencies in Detroit, Chicago, New York, and L.A., and Recording Artists, trust their Creative Audio to Ozone Music & Soun
ADIA Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd
Twisted Hand Studio.,Ltd We are a 40-people game art production studio based in China, we've been serving the global game dev industry for more than 10 years, providing 2D Concepts, Illustrations, UI graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation (Key-frame & Spine).
Streamline Media Group
Streamline Media Group Streamline Media Group is more than just video games. We're a global technology and entertainment company with a drive to create and collaborate. We build the bridge between Entertainment, Technology and Production.

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