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October 19, 2017
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2 Two charities unite to help hospitalized disabled kids play games
image This week thecharitable organizations AbleGamers and Gamers Outreach announced a partnership that will see themworking together to provide more accessible video games to hospitalized children.
  NIS America chief: Microsoft isn't very supportive of Japanese devs
image "Honestly speaking, Microsoft's approach to Japanese games hasn't been very supportive,"NIS America chief Takuro Yamashita tells MCV. "Their whole structure isn't really geared towards niche games."
  IGDA grants the National Videogame Museum $4k to help pay for student visits
image The National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas has received a $4k grantfrom the International Game Developers Association that will be used to help cover the costs of visits by low-income students.
  Video: How Bungie localized Destiny for the world
image At GDC 2015, Bungie's Tom Slattery explains the studio's move to build an internal localization team for Destiny and details how it worked, as well as some of the challenges faced along the way.
  How Raw Data was born: College dreams and a jury-rigged VR headset
image "I remember when I went off to college...thinking, 'I love virtual reality. It doesnt exist right now, but my goal in life is to figure out how to have a job in this nonexistent industry.'"
  Get a job: PikPok is hiring a Sr. Programmer
image PikPok is looking for a talented Sr. Programmer to join it at its New Zealand-based development studio.
  Report: WB winding down Lego Dimensions ahead of schedule
image The toys-to-life series was originally planned for a three-year arc, but sources say that development of the game is ending after just two.
  Blog: How EVE Online changed the design of citizen science games
image I asked developers and scientists how they go about designing citizen science games. The conversation revealed some issues that the game industry could help solve.
  Registration is now open for GDC 2018!
image This will be the 32stedition of GDC, the world's largest and longest-runningevent for game developers, and you can register right nowby visiting theofficial GDC 2018website!
  Blog: VR music tips for the game composer
image Strategies for implementing music in VR projects were offered during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference this year, so let's look at some of the best tips.
  Google Play devs giving away IAP revenue to combat hunger crisis
image It's hoped the gesture will make Google Play users more aware of the hunger crisis affecting around 815 million people right now.
  Blog: Working with generic room-based matchmaking
image Most major platforms offer similar generic room-based matchmaking. In this post I explore how they work, and discuss the pros and cons of using those systems.
  Mixed-reality startup Magic Leap secures $502M in funding
image Magic Leap has spent most of its time working behind closed doors, but that hasn't stopped investors from splashing the cash.
  Blog: How do video game tutorials teach us?
image The following is a condensed form of my master's project, which investigates early video game levels and tutorials to try and identify how to teach effectively.
  Building a need for sleep into survival game Distrust
image In the survival game Distrust, which was inspired by the 1982 film The Thing, players must stay warm and well-rested. Staying awake too long causes madness, but sleep makes a monster draw ever closer.
  New website aims to provide game trailer specs for all major platforms
image The current version covers platformslike Steam, the Sony and Xbox storefronts, and Apple's App Store, as well as some useful pointers on getting the display of thoseESRB and PEGI ratings right.
  Heads up, Unreal devs: Improbable pushes its UE4 SDK into open beta
image Improbable announcedtoday that its flagship product, the virtual world-building platform SpatialOS, has been updated -- and with that comes an open beta for the platform's Unreal Engine integration.
35 Don't Miss: Pay-To-Flay: Examining microtransactions in a $60 game
image In this 2015 feature, we examine how F2P monetization mechanics are seeping into premium game design by looking at Mortal Kombat X and asking: how do you monetize without compromising game design?
8 Activision patents matchmaking tech that can push players to buy upgrades
image Update Activision patented tech for "driving microtransactions in multiplayer video games" that can match people up w/ more experienced foes to get junior players to buy in-game items like loot boxes.
  Video: A game designer's overview of the neuroscience of VR
image At GDC 2017, game dev vetNoah Falstein offers an overview for VR game designers of the basic neuroscience of immersion, motion, and emotion -- along with practical tips on making better VR/AR games.
  Get a job: Deck Nine Games is hiring a Mobile Programmer
image Deck Nine Games is looking for an experienced programmer to join its team and help it grow and innovate modern story-based adventure games across a number of platforms in Westminster, Colorado.
4 UK government comments on rising loot box-related gambling concerns
image Though it notes that it recognizes the risks of flirtations between gambling and gaming, the government itself will rely on The Gambling Commission's ongoing observation.
3 EA closing Visceral Games and overhauling its Star Wars game
image Update Electronic Arts is closing down the studio and handing its Star Wars project to EA Vancouver to shift it from a linear adventure to a 'broad experience.'
  Indiegogo opens digital marketplace for successfully crowdfunded projects
image Indiegogo has opened up an online storefront with the sole purpose of peddling the wares created through successful campaigns on its crowdfunding platform.
1 Report: UK dev Sumo Digital is preparing to go public
image LittleBigPlanet 3, Snake Pass, and Crackdown 3 developer Sumo Digital is preparing to go public in an IPO worth nearly $200 million.

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  Design approach in citizen science games, until EVE Online
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  Working with generic room-based matchmaking
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Most major platforms offer similar generic room-based matchmaking. In this post I explore how they...

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Stuff I Learned The Hard Way: Practical Advice For Game Devs
image Ubisoft game designer Andrii Goncharuk reflects on the lessons learned over the course of his career to present these 15 pieces of practical advice for game developers.
Living In Seattle As An Indie Game Developer
image Want to work or go to school in a new city? Jakub Kasztalski weighs the pros and cons of living in Seattle as an indie game creator.
Lessons From World 1-1: How To Design An Introductory Level
image Louis-Nicolas Dozois breaks down the essential elements of a great first level, explaining in detail how you can prepare your players for the challenges ahead.
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General Arcade
General Arcade General Arcade is a porting house and game developer. Over the years we've provided programming services to a number of game studios and publishers including Capcom, 3D Realms, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Kongregate, GOG, Vlambeer, etc.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, King, Glu Mobile, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world's leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
Sankraman Productions
Sankraman Productions We provide high quality art to developers and publishers of all sizes ranging from 3D games for PC/Console (next gen AAA quality) , mobile games, social games, cinematics, commercials, animation and bringing ideas and dreams to reality.

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