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Rasmus Rasmussen's Blog


I've been a test lead at Microsoft and a PM at Valve Software.

I run my own little indie studio, called Tagunda, based in Seattle, WA. You can also find me on twitter, as @theprint.

Current project: Above the Fold a newspaper simulation game, where you're the editor-in-chief!


Member Blogs

Points and scoring in games can and should be more than just adding up numbers. Here is a breakdown of how points are scored in the upcoming newspaper sim, Above the Fold.

Three questions new indies must be able to answer, if they have any hope of making a profit off their game. Includes link to helpful tool, and thoughts on alternate rewards.

In this final article on game translation, the scripts used to work with strongs are shared alongside an example project, made in Gamemaker Studio 2.

Part 2 of 3, on what it takes to translate a video game. This part deals with getting off to a good start, preparing your strings, tools, etc.

Get a high level overview of what it takes to get your game translated in part 1 of 3 with increasing levels of detail. Part 1 is about planning and preparing for the localization process and its phases.

How a couple of reddit posts ended up setting the tone for Torgar's Quest, and lessons learned from talking to fans of the game's genre.

Rasmus Rasmussen's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 09/04/2018 - 10:17]

I have had reasonable success ...

I have had reasonable success reaching out to streamers and youtubers. The trick is to find people who play the kind of game you 're making, and not go for the most popular channels you 're looking for playtesters, not publicity . Added bonus: when the game comes out, there ...

Comment In: [Blog - 10/20/2017 - 10:49]

I am glad you find ...

I am glad you find them useful Of course you may link to them all you like - that 's what they are for. :

Comment In: [Blog - 10/11/2017 - 09:45]

I did have some simple ...

I did have some simple debug tools, which are very useful for regression and skipping ahead. But I would say that 80 of the time, they were not used.

Comment In: [Blog - 09/03/2015 - 02:05]

Great read and awesome gifs. ...

Great read and awesome gifs. Thanks

Comment In: [Blog - 08/17/2015 - 02:01]

Crunch is often driven by ...

Crunch is often driven by a combination of tight schedules and overly ambitious marketing poor planning over promising compared to what is realistic . Sometimes it 's not even about the game at all, but about budgets. I have seen producers start crunching teams just before the end of the ...

Comment In: [Blog - 08/04/2015 - 05:37]

I agree, having 2 scores ...

I agree, having 2 scores would be helpful. I too, tend to skip any game with mixed reviews, and as a dev, that 's a problem for sure.