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Posted by Josh Bycer on 05/24/22 11:58:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Elden Ring's appeal has caused a lot of uproar about approachability and accessibility options, and I wanted to talk about where developers need to start when it comes to balancing their game's appeal.

Posted by Keith Burgun on 04/14/22 02:25:00 pm in Design, Indie
Game designer Keith Burgun has been making Roguelike/4X-inspired games with randomly generated maps since 2008. In this article, he explains why he won't be doing that anymore.

Townscaper, the procedural town-building toy, has been a huge indie success story. I explain how the game can generate towns so easier and gain further insights thanks to my interviewing its creator Oskar Stalberg.

Free to Play Design has become a major aspect of game development and mobile games, and in my upcoming book, I started to talk about defining a code of ethics for making a game that's fair for both consumers and developers.

Learn how to make your expensive Unity scripts cost nothing while they are offscreen.

Posted by Josh Bycer on 03/29/22 12:51:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
Elden Ring is the current hot topic and for today's piece, I wanted to talk about how From Software made an excellent open-world game, by ignoring the conventional trends of the genre.

Posted by Josh Bycer on 03/04/22 01:49:00 pm in Design, Console/PC, Indie
FPS design has seen a huge shift in the last few years thanks to Doom Eternal and "push forward" combat, and I wanted to talk about what this methodology does different compared to previous games.

Video game composer Winifred Phillips previews her upcoming GDC 2022 lecture, "Composing for Lineage M: Modular Construction in Game Music." Phillips draws connections to several of her previous GDC talks, including videos of 3 of her GDC lectures.

Learn about the lovely KISS Command Pattern in Unity I can’t live without in my games. This pattern will empower you to easily connect your gameplay systems without all the complexity that comes from asynchronous systems. Best of al

Posted by Josh Bycer on 02/18/22 11:59:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
While working on my next book, I had a chance to check out a subset of the modern mobile game scene, and here are 10 games that show how far things have come since the early 2010's.