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September 24, 2017
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September 24, 2017
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Category: Production

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Posted by Max Pears on 09/20/17 11:13:00 am in Production
I have launched my new podcast about video games. Level Design Lobby FInd out more info

Posted by Felipe Pepe on 09/22/17 12:14:00 pm in Production
A look at some of the most interesting mechanics and design choices in Turn-Based RPGs.

Posted by Michael Hicks on 09/22/17 12:13:00 pm in Production
A talk about how I got into games. I started at 13, released my first published game at 18, and at 22 released a game called Pillar for PlayStation 4 with no formal education. Now I'm starting a Youtube channel to share everything I've learned!

Posted by Jakub Kasztalski on 09/22/17 12:09:00 pm in Production
If you want to move to Seattle to pursue indie game development, Iím now you one year into the future. Here are all the pros, cons and what I learned from living in Seattle for a year.

Posted by Ben Chong on 09/20/17 11:15:00 am in Production
A list of 5 common mistakes that we observed on playable ads.

Posted by David Wehle on 09/18/17 10:30:00 am in Production
I took the more difficult route of being a one-man dev/marketer for my fox adventure game, and it went better than I thought. Here's what I learned.