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Living On The Edge: DICE's Owen O'Brien Speaks 5
by Christian Nutt [06.06.08]
EA DICE's Mirror's Edge is a notable departure for the Battlefield developer - a non-combat heavy, first-person dystopian title inspired by parkour. But how did the team prototype and iterate it? Senior producer Owen O'Brien explains.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, North America, Europe & Russia, Asia & India

Content Kings: Square Enix's Shiraishi And Tsuchida On WiiWare And Risk  
by jeremy parish [05.12.08]
WiiWare's flagship Western launch title may be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, and Gamasutra talks in-depth to co-creators Fumiaki Shiraishi and Toshihiro Tsuchida on building the city-building sim for Nintendo's download service.
Design, Art, Interview, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

Yoshiki Okamoto: Japan's Game Maverick Speaks 4
by Christian Nutt, Yukiko Miyajima Grov [05.02.08]
Game Republic (Folklore) founder Yoshiki Okamoto is a game development legend, having created titles such as Time Pilot, 1942, and Street Fighter II - and Gamasutra has a rare interview with the Capcom veteran on the biz in 2008.
Design, Interview, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

Developing An Epic: Nakazato On Lost Odyssey And The Future 2
by Array [04.21.08]
The surprisingly honest Ray Nakazato heads up Lost Odyssey developer feelplus, and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview he talks in-depth about both the Sakaguchi-overseen Xbox 360 epic and the upcoming Blue Dragon Plus for DS.
Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console, North America, Asia & India

Fewer Mechanics, Better Game 45
by John Nelson Rose [04.15.08]
Do BioShock's complex mechanics actually weaken the game? In the latest Gamasutra feature, gameplay programmer John Rose examines how limiting mechanics can result in stronger play experiences -- tossing aside fashionable notions in favor of an argument for discipline in design.
Design, PC, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

A Western Initiative: Svensson On Capcom's Digital Future  
by Array [04.14.08]
Capcom may be best-known for its Japanese-created franchises, from Street Fighter to Devil May Cry, but it's working hard to make Western-focused games and digital download a priority - VP Christian Svensson explains more.
Business/Marketing, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon's Min Kim Speaks Out  
by Array [04.11.08]
Nexon's free-to-play online game MapleStory has 72+ million users and makes $16 million per month worldwide via microtransactions - but why does it work? Nexon's U.S. director Min Kim talks to Gamasutra.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console, North America, Asia & India, Social/Online

Working In Japanese Game Development: The Other Side Of The Rainbow  
by JC Barnett [08.20.07]
So you're interested in getting a development job in Japan after reading our first article? JC Barnett, a Western developer in an Eastern world, continues his candid look at the particulars of working in Japan for all development roles -- with insights into salary, cultural differences and more.
Business/Marketing, Design, Asia & India

The State Of Korea: Console Games  
by Staff [08.14.07]
Following his earlier look at the bustling South Korean PC gaming market, journalist Nick Rumas turns his attention to the country's console prospects, revealing exclusive data on the burgeoning nation's Sony past and... Nintendo future?
Asia & India

The State Of Korea: PC Games  
by Staff [07.31.07]
The emerging South Korean game market is one of the most exciting regional markets - but it's not all StarCraft binges, and Korea-based journalist Nick Rumas takes a two-part look at the market for Gamasutra, starting with the fascinating PC games scene in the territory.
PC, Asia & India