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September 27, 2020
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10 Tips: Increasing the Effectiveness of Producers 6
by Tristan Donovan [09.27.12]
In his latest in the 10 Tips series, Tristan Donovan interviews producers from Bigpoint, Sega, RedBedlam, and Cartoon Network to find out what the most important things to bear in mind when trying to get a full-featured game done on time are.
Production, Recruitment

Deep Dungeon: Exploring the Design of Dark Souls 49
by Robert Boyd [09.26.12]
Robert Boyd, designer of Cthulhu Saves the World and Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 carefully explores the design of the popular but often misunderstood action RPG hit.

Memorial: Composer Ryu Umemoto 10
by Audun Sorlie [09.25.12]
Though not very well known in the West, Ryu Umemoto (a composer for shmup creator Cave, among others) was a beloved member of the Japanese game industry who tragically died at the young age of 37 just last year -- and in this article, journalist and friend Audun Sorlie explores his life and work.
Audio, Business/Marketing

Game Developer Flashcards: The Gamasutra Community Edition 8
by Gamasutra staff [09.24.12]
Epic's Cliff Bleszinski offered up a set of flashcards representing types of developers and the arguments they make -- and Gamasutra's community responded with a set of its own, and we here present the best and most interesting examples.

How Resident Evil 6 Happens 25
by Christian Nutt [09.21.12]
What goes into making a game like Resident Evil 6? In this interview, executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, and director Eiichiro Sasaki discuss this task at length, describing how the game was developed using an entirely new production methodology for the studio.
Design, Interview

Can Film-Inspired Project Financing Work for Games? 9
by Yann Suquet [09.20.12]
In this extensively-researched piece, former Ubisoft associate producer, who has a masters in corporate finance, takes a long hard look at precisely how films are funded and pulls apart the question of whether the same could work for games.

Making a Prototype of the Future: The Development of Immercenary 10
by John Szczepaniak [09.19.12]
In the heady, early days of the FPS, new developers were trying new things -- and the story of Immercenary, an all but forgotten 3DO exclusive published by Electronic Arts, is one of a new studio, new ideas, and a direction different from the genre's current status quo.
Design, Production

Inafune's Onward March to Independence 3
by Christian Nutt [09.18.12]
The former Capcom R&D head keeps Gamasutra abreast of his latest attitudes and approaches to running independent development from his Comcept studio -- as he works on Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

Sponsored Feature: Digital Chocolate Success Story  
by Joyent [09.17.12]
Cloud architecture design and server provider Joyent here shares the success story of Digital Chocolate, writing how a 60-day test of Joyent Cloud became a complete migration to the platform within 45 days.
Sponsored Feature, Social/Online

Storytelling Without Stories: Writing for Infinite Replayability 6
by Michael Thomsen [09.17.12]
What goes into writing for a game without a linear narrative? A lot, say Valve and Madden veterans, who explain the keys to writing for games which will be played again and again.