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The Top 20 Underutilized Licenses 24
by Kyle Orland [04.24.08]
Time for a Gamasutra thought experiment - what books, comics, movies, and dormant game franchises richly deserve to be made into games? The site's editors have banded together, locked horns, and produced this no doubt debatable result.
Design, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console

Sponsored Feature: Interoperability and Autodesk FBX Technology 3
by Michel Kripalani [04.23.08]
In this Autodesk-sponsored article, Games for Autodesk senior industry manager Michel Kripalani explains the fundamentals of the company's FBX technology, which allows developers to transfer 3D data types -- motion, cameras, characters, skeletal hierarchies, as well as 2D, audio, and video media -- across a wide range of 2D and 3D applications.

Dungeons & Dragons: The Pen and Paper Video Game 9
by Alvan Monje [04.23.08]
In a fitting tribute to late Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Volition designer Monje examines Gygax's massive legacy, suggesting that D&D was "the progenitor of most contemporary video games, irrespective of genre."
Design, PC, Console/PC

Postmortem: Kat Games' Dream Chronicles 1
by Miguel Tartaj [04.22.08]
Casual title Dream Chronicles has helped to introduce classic Myst-style adventure gaming to the PC casual market, and in this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, creator Tartaj explains its genesis.
Design, Postmortem, Production, PC

Developing An Epic: Nakazato On Lost Odyssey And The Future 2
by Array [04.21.08]
The surprisingly honest Ray Nakazato heads up Lost Odyssey developer feelplus, and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview he talks in-depth about both the Sakaguchi-overseen Xbox 360 epic and the upcoming Blue Dragon Plus for DS.
Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console, North America, Asia & India

MMO Class Design: Up With Hybrids! An Economic Argument 39
by John Hopson [04.18.08]
Designing fulfilling classes in MMOs is difficult -- creating compelling hybrid classes, particularly so. Here, Microsoft Game Studios' John Hopson proposes a new way of looking at character design: an economic model.
Design, PC, Social/Online

Digital Bruckheimer: Cameron Brown On Mercenaries 2 1
by Christian Nutt [04.17.08]
The long-awaited Mercenaries 2 is a key title for EA-acquired developer Pandemic - and Gamasutra talks in-depth to creative director Cameron Brown on the game's creation and influences, from Will Wright to Jerry Bruckheimer.
Design, Production, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America

Fewer Mechanics, Better Game 45
by John Nelson Rose [04.15.08]
Do BioShock's complex mechanics actually weaken the game? In the latest Gamasutra feature, gameplay programmer John Rose examines how limiting mechanics can result in stronger play experiences -- tossing aside fashionable notions in favor of an argument for discipline in design.
Design, PC, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

A Western Initiative: Svensson On Capcom's Digital Future  
by Array [04.14.08]
Capcom may be best-known for its Japanese-created franchises, from Street Fighter to Devil May Cry, but it's working hard to make Western-focused games and digital download a priority - VP Christian Svensson explains more.
Business/Marketing, Interview, PC, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon's Min Kim Speaks Out  
by Array [04.11.08]
Nexon's free-to-play online game MapleStory has 72+ million users and makes $16 million per month worldwide via microtransactions - but why does it work? Nexon's U.S. director Min Kim talks to Gamasutra.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Console, North America, Asia & India, Social/Online