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September 24, 2021
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Product Review: Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior 9 for Palm OS  
by Justin Lloyd [03.15.03]
I’ve used Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior off and on since the earliest Apple Mac days and on numerous projects for Game Boy Advance, Gamecube, PSX, and Playstation 2. For Playstation development it was always the tool of last resort, when you couldn’t get your regular tools to talk to the DTL-2000. Version 9 changes a lot of the underlying architecture from earlier versions, while leaving in place everything that is familiar to people who use it on a day-to-day basis.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: NXN's Alienbrain 6  
by Jeremy Gordon [02.15.03]
Alienbrain is an artist- and designer- friendly digital asset management system. The recently released version 6.0, however, touts beefier software configuration management (SCM) features, which when combined with a new pricing model ($690 for the Developer Client, $990 for the Designer Client, and $1,990 for the Manager Client (all for Windows), though custom packages are available) allow you to get the whole team using the same software package for revision control.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Native Instruments' Kontakt 1
by Aaron Marks [02.15.03]
Anyone considering a versatile software-based sampler should take a close look at Native Instruments' Kontakt. This full featured, easy-to-use program mirrors the capabilities of expensive hardware samplers while adding its own unique sound creation tools, giving the $399 (MSRP) price tag greater value.
Audio, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Xoreax Software's Incredibuild  
by Justin Lloyd [02.15.03]
Xoreax's Incredibuild provides the answer for the programmer looking for the equivalent of distributed makefiles spread over a compilation "render" farm. Incredibuild performs a distributed compilation of your C and C++ source files across multiple computers connected via a TCP/IP network - whether a 56Kbps modem or a 802.11b WiFi - running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, or XP.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Massively Multiplayer Online Game Middleware  
by Michael Ballbach, Mitch Ferguson [01.15.03]
Creating a massively multiplayer online game is game development’s equivalent of a moon shot. It’s expensive, technically difficult, and can take many years to complete. The rewards for success are so attractive, however, that is seems everyone is willing to give it a try. Several companies are currently developing software libraries and products explicitly created to ease these hurdles. Though this type of middleware is often expensive and complex in its own right, the timesavings and risk reduction it promises to provide could be well worth it.Two products that provide nearly complete MMOG solutions are and Zona’s Terazona.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: 3Dlabs' Wildcat VP  
by ron fosner [12.15.02]
The Wildcat VP is built around 3Dlabs' new P10 chip, a real-time multithreaded processor that allows you to run single or multiple accelerated graphics applications with increased performance. The Wildcat VP cards can address up to 16GB of virtual memory, with the cards having 64MB or 128MB of on-board memory. Therefore, these cards are not designed to improve performance on older machines, they are designed for machines with Pentium 4 or Xenon processors with lots and lots of RAM running Windows 2000 or XP.
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Product Review: Adobe's Photoshop 7  
by spencer lindsay [12.15.02]
Out of the box, the interface for Photoshop 7 looks very similar to the 6.0 update. However, upon further inspection, some really cool new features emerge that are especially useful in games production. Since Photoshop 7 comes with so many features in all, Spencer Lindsay focuses entirely on the new ones.
Art, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Metrowerk's Codewarrior Wireless Studio 7 1
by Ralph Barbagallo [11.25.02]
Metrowerks seems to have their hand in just about every platform's development tool suite these days. Metrowerks' Codewarrior is now available for just about every platform and operating system imaginable. Version 7 of Codewarrior Wireless Studio aims to provide an inexpensive and robust development environment for wireless application programmers using Java. This includes not only mobile phones, but PDAs, set top boxes, and other Java-enabled devices using J2ME, J2SE, and even PersonalJava.
Programming, Product Reviews

BREW: 2.0 and Beyond  
by Ralph Barbagallo [11.25.02]
BREW as a technology has evolved over the past year with the release of BREW 1.1 and 2.0. The API is usually a version or two ahead of the handsets with 1.1 devices just now coming to market. However, Qualcomm has taken developer suggestions to heart, and it shows in the many encouraging additions and changes with each new release. Here's what's coming down the road in BREW.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: Kaydara's Motionbuilder 4.0 2
by Tom Carroll [11.15.02]
The first version of Kaydara's Motionbuilder (4.0, that is) could be considered heir apparent to the popular Filmbox 3.5 package - but should it? Only FBI recruits, atomic scientists, and Navy SEALs require more training than Filmbox users.
Art, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine