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Developer interview: The one-man studio behind Jettomero  
by John Harris [10.20.17]
Gamasutra did a livestream chat with the solo developer of the clumsy giant robot game Jettomero: Hero of the Universe. Here are some highlights from the conversation.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Console/PC, Indie, Video

Building a need for sleep into survival game Distrust  
by Joel Couture [10.18.17]
In the survival game Distrust, which was inspired by the 1982 film The Thing, players must stay warm and well-rested. Staying awake too long causes madness, but sleep makes a monster draw ever closer.
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Video

Registration is now open for GDC 2018!  
by Staff [10.18.17]
This will be the 32st edition of GDC, the world's largest and longest-running event for game developers, and you can register right now by visiting the official GDC 2018 website!
Audio, GDC, Smartphone/Tablet, Social/Online, Indie, Serious, Console/PC, Art, Production, Programming, Design, Business/Marketing

Design Interview: Crafting Gonner's modular abilities  
by Alex Wiltshire [10.17.17]
"I thought, what if your character's head is an item that you can pick up and use for stuff? And that naturally became having different kinds of heads, and obviously, they would give you different abilities."
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Video

Andromeda dev chalks up some of the game's problems to a lack of diversity 4
by Alex Wawro [10.20.17]
"This is what happens when, I think, you have a homogeneous leadership," veteran dev Manveer Heir (formerly of BioWare) told Waypoint. "The leadership of Mass Effect: Andromeda was all white men."
Console/PC, Serious, Indie

Video: A game dev's romp through interesting 2017 game market data 1
by Staff [10.20.17]
At GDC 2017, EEDAR co-founder and Experiment 7 creative director Geoffrey Zatkin presents a "tour de force romp" through a smorgasbord of game industry data from 2017.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet, Video, Vault

Devs tell tales of what happens when you give your game to pirates 2
by Alex Wawro [10.19.17]
"As game developers we can fight piracy with DRM," a Darkwood dev told Kotaku. "Or we can accept the fact that piracy is not going away...and trust that at least some people will do the right thing."
Business/Marketing, Indie

New website aims to provide game trailer specs for all major platforms  
by Alex Wawro [10.17.17]
The current version covers platforms like Steam, the Sony and Xbox storefronts, and Apple's App Store, as well as some useful pointers on getting the display of those ESRB and PEGI ratings right.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie

Why you Need to Understand the Business of Game Development  
by Josh Bycer [10.20.17]
Today's post looks at the common trap that many first time designers fall into when beginning a company: Ignoring the business side when it comes to building a video game.
Business/Marketing Design Production Console/PC Indie

5 Tips for Finding Success as an Indie Game Developer  
by Dylan Moran [10.20.17]
Add online play feature it will cover the loopholes in your game and will give them quality for their money and time.
Console/PC Indie

The Anti-Pattern of Optional Goals in Tasklists  
by Nikhil Murthy [10.20.17]
How optional goals and tasklists conflict with each other.
Design Indie

A Pixel Perfect Adventure - Making A Lemmings 'Clone' In Unity  
by Athos Kele [10.20.17]
In this blog post I'm going to talk about the process of developing a Lemmings clone in Unity. Covering topics for Pixel Perfect "Collisions", "Liquids" and dynamic level modifications.
Programming Production Console/PC Indie Social/Online

Four Reasons You Need a Game Design Document  
by Jasmine Greene [10.19.17]
Whether you're a team or solo developer, a game design document is a perfect tool for game creation to marketing.
Design Indie

Naughty Dog — Santa Monica, California, United States
Graphics Programmer (Game Team)
Join our talented rendering team to develop and implement new and existing rendering techniques for our upcoming game, The Last of Us Part II.

Yacht Club Games — Marina del Rey, California, United States
Senior 3d Art Generalist

Aurora44 — Wellington, New Zealand
Senior Programmer

Naughty Dog — Santa Monica, California, United States
Graphics Programmer (ICE Team)
As a Graphics Programmer on the ICE Team, you will be working on core graphics technologies for the PS4 that will be used in every shipped title.

Naughty Dog — Santa Monica, California, United States
Tools Programmer (ICE Team)
As a Tools Programmer on the ICE Team, you will be working on our next generation graphics analysis, profiling and debugging tool in conjunction with our sister technology groups. This tool enables Playstation®4 developers to get better performance from the platform and help them debug graphical issues.

Naughty Dog — Santa Monica, California, United States
Gameplay Programmer (Game Team)
The Gameplay Programmer role is a creative position that will allow you to work closely across disciplines and collaborate with some of the best developers in the world.

2A Consulting — Seattle, Washington, United States
Animation Tools Engineer

Maryland Institute College of Art — Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Full-time Faculty and Game Designer-in-Residence

Game Circus — Addison, Texas, United States
Backend Web API Engineer