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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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September 21, 2019
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September 21, 2019
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 3 of 8 Next

The Wii will be my only purchase for at least a year. The other is waaay too pricey for gaming. Why? Price, the controller, Zelda and Mario. 'nuff said.


I would be glad to buy Nintendo Wii, in the case that I could find it on store shelves or order on-line. Price for that innovation seems reasonable for me, plus I'm expecting to have new game experience. I definitely would not buy PS3, because it's too expensive and didn't have enough exclusive games (most of launch titles available on other consoles, such as Xbox 360, which I have and enjoy already).

Personally, I don’t see any huge technical advances in PS3 over Xbox 360 at the moment – a possibility of a little improvement in graphic would not satisfy me to spend $500-$600 for the new Sony console. If Sony will take out BluRay player, drop the price to $300 point, and have a lot of good exclusive games, I could change my mind and buy PS3 as well - but it's unlikely.


Where's the 3rd option? I'm saving my money for Gears of War and an HD-DVD drive for my 360, and staying away from these two consoles for now. I may get a Wii at a later date after I play one and see how it feels to wave my arms around for a few hours of serious gaming, but I don't for see getting a PS3; I'll stick with my 360 thank you very much.


Buying a Wii before Xmas. I'm just going to go to a store and wing it. PS3 is too expensive, and the games/experience seems more of the same with improved graphics.... yawn.


I have already pre-ordered my Wii. I like the innovative approach that Nintendo is taking to their next generation console, with the new controllers, the downloadable older system games, and their unique approach in design. I look forward to playing with it as well as, hopefully, programming for it.


As a lead designer in a UK I have already pre-ordered my Nintendo Wii. I have to admit the the delay of the PS3 has affected me little as I had no immediate intention to purchase a PS3. The bottom line as a designer is that I'm always looking for new gaming experiences which both the Wii and the DS offer in abundance. Better graphics just don't cut it for me anymore.

Zenorf Stewart, Atomic Planet Entertainment

I have preordered Nintendo's Wii through an Eidos-employee-only arrangement to support Nintendo's innovative controller, and discover how it changes the way I express myself in video games.

Nathan Frost, Crystal Dynamics

The Wii is the only console I'll be purchasing this holiday season. As soon as a pre-order avenue was open I jumped on board. Ideally I would have loved to get both systems since I have never missed a console launch but several things made me lean towards the Wii. The main reason would be Zelda, I have been a fan of this series since the NES days. I buy Nintendo systems for Zelda, everything else is a welcomed bonus.

This past E3 was also a contributing factor, my eyes just lit up as soon as I had the opportunity to play with the controller. Every game felt and played differently because the Wii controller removes that layer of abstraction. The other factor was my wife. I've been trying to get her to play video games for such a long time and I think the Wii will be ridiculously persuasive this time around. I predict a near 1 to 1 attach ratio between the Wii and an extra Wii-mote and Nunchuck set. Extra controllers for the Wii will fetch a nice premium on Ebay.

The price was also a deciding factor. At my age "life" requires more and more of your disposable income. The PS3 is still on my wish list. If I could get the hardware by itself and one game I would probably consider buying one this holiday season but due to supply I believe most retailers will resort to ridiculous bundles. I don't want to be forced to buy items I don't want just to get to the ones I do so it looks like i'll be waiting until the supply is stable enough where I won't have to be subjected to a bundle package.


I am buying a Wii because Sony is too arrogant, from their dev tools to the price point.


Wii - pre-ordered. I applaud the attempt to expand and explore game interaction with the Wii. I will not be purchasing a ps3.

Jim Perkins, EA Canada



I am getting a Wii. There are a few reasons for this, but for myself, a huge part of the reason is irrational bias. I happen to like Nintendo platforms in general. But in addition to that, I only buy a platform when I am certain that there is a game for that platform that will warrant it. And for buying a console at launch, I need to know that such a game will come very shortly after the launch, if not launch day. Nintendo will satisfy that with Twilight Princess, and Super Monkey Ball. And on top of that, I am very optimistic about the new controller system. I may get a PS3, but not until there is a game that I want that will justify the purchase price.

Nicki Vankoughnett, Exile Interactive

No, I am not buying either of them. I am a PC gamer and I buy consoles only when they have a solid catalog of games. I bought the PS2 and the Cube in the last year.


I'm buying neither, I already have an Xbox 360 and it is sufficient.

Scott Adams, Avista, Inc.

One of the ironic things about becoming a game developer has been the substantial shift in my game playing habits. Largely I think that this is due to time constraints, but also it has to do with a refinement of taste - the more I work on game titles and the more I research game design, the less I am able to tolerate tedious or time-wasting gameplay. I find games that advertise their long gameplay to actually be undercutting the likelihood that I'll buy them. I've played too many cookie-cutter games where boring encounters and combats with uncompelling gameplay models are shoved in your face for hour after hour, completely burying whatever interesting gameplay or story the game might have had in a torrent of boring repetition. This is supposed to be a selling point?

Even online gaming, much as a fan that I am, is often not worth the time investment necessary to truly enjoy it. I had my day as a hard core Counter-Strike player. I've played several MMOs. I invested the time necessary to really enjoy these games, building the online social networks and rivalries. It was very rewarding, I'll admit - but the time investment was immense. When I realized that I could get much the same sense of social gaming - and more - sitting on my couch with three friends playing Super Smash Brothers or Goldeneye, I started to drift away from the hard core.

Nintendo seems to get this problem. They make games that focus almost entirely on the enjoyment of playing them, and that do not attempt to become more than a game. I can play a thousand hours of Mario Kart because it comes in small, very fun doses - and I share those doses with my friends. From the Wii I expect even more such bite-sized morsels of pure gameplay deliciousness. From the PS3 I expect more 100 hour extravaganzas that would have made better feature films or anime miniseries. Quite frankly, I have a few dozen of those that I still haven't finished for the PS2 - and I don't need to shell out $600 to enjoy those titles, should I feel like plowing through a bit of gameplay tedium.

If I find that I absolutely must play an awesome online game...well, I have the PC already covering those bases. Do I need another portal into that space? Would I even have time to give it a second glance? Not likely. So, I have absolutely no intention of purchasing a PS3. Its redundancy and expense make it difficult for me to imagine ever owning one. I learned some time ago that more gadgets isn't necessarily better. The Wii, on the other hand, offers me something I can appreciate - new gameplay, fun gameplay, and a great way to interact with friends. I will purchase one at launch, and likely be happy with it as the only console I purchase this generation.

Alex Swanson, GarageGames, Inc.

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