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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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February 29, 2020
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February 29, 2020
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 8 Next

I'm in Australia so that may bias my reply, seeing as the Wii is here on Dec 7th while the PS3 is not to be seen till next year on our shores (barring creative import opportunities). I've got my Wii pre-order secured at my local EB Games. But I'm looking to get the Wii as soon as possible. My focus (as part of my role) is interaction and user interface focused and as such the new controller the Wii has fascinates me and I can't wait to get my hands on it and then see how it can be used in new and interesting ways. To my mind the PS3 brings nothing new to the table apart from upgrades to existing ways to play the games.

The improved processing power and inclusion of a blu-ray doesn't rely impact my job, nor does it really engage my interest.

Ryan Percival, Sensis

Just buying the Wii. Got it through my employer. I refuse to believe that consoles should cost as much as personal computers (especially when content is so expensive), and because of that belief I won't be getting the PS3 until the price drops to something more reasonable. (I considered the 360 somewhat overpriced as well, but not as ridiculously as the PS3)


I will be purchasing the Nintendo Wii and not the PS3. I've already secured a pre-order at my local game retailer. Already an X360 owner, I felt that the PS3 really only offered more of the same. And with truly "exclusive" titles falling by the wayside, I opted to buy into the Nintendo way of thinking. So far from my play tests with the Wii, I am really pleased with the new control scheme and its performance. Inspiring!


I am probably going to buy a PS3 eventually, but not at release. Chances are that we won't develop for it, being a small & financially limited indie group. As for the Wii... Nintendo has taken an old gimmicky controller system and built a console around it. I think over time people will warm up to it, but from an old schooler such as myself; I have seen alternative controllers such as the Wiimote before and how quickly it fades away. I will probably not buy a Wii, but I would like to give it a try. Personally, I'm looking forward to a PS3 when I can afford it. I love backwards compatibility. I don't have to keep old hardware to play the older library.

Duane Ackley, [ERROR:41]

As a producer currently working on a X360 title, I am still very much interested in checking out all next-gen consoles. That's why I will get a Wii and a PS3 as close to launch as I can make it. The Wii interests me a lot on a personal level. I think I would have bought it regardless of whether I was working in video games or not; it's cool, and cheap. I was looking at options to pre-order it through a local Montreal shop, but my company (Ubisoft) has instead offered to pre-order 250 consoles. As a result, I will have my Wii on Nov. 20th, a fact that makes me quite happy. For the PS3, I still have every intention of buying it, but it is much more of a professional purchase than a personal one. I think the price point, and the lack of "killer apps" in the launch lineup, makes me feel like it's not absolutely required to get a PS3 before 2007. I don't intend to try and pre-order it, because of the insanely limited number of consoles coming out at launch. I prefer to let the holidays go by, then get one when the process is saner.

Daniel Roy, Ubisoft

I will buy both consoles. I pre-ordered them. I think both consoles have something new to offer gamers and I'd like to experience for myself how one differs from the other.

Daniel Enfiel, Sony Computer Entertainment America

Nintendo Wii, pre-ordered from EB Games. Why? Innovation, software lineup, and fun. PS3 brings nothing new to *how* we play games. Until PS3 lowers both price points and quality IP finds its way onto the console, "pretty" simply won't be enough. Lyrics in the INXS song "Pretty Vegas" sum up my opinion on the graphics-intensive approach to game design. "It ain't pretty...when the pretty leaves you with no place to go."

Brad Venable, Voice For Hire

On Saturday November 18th, I plan on getting in line to buy a Nintendo Wii early Sunday morning. I am a fan of innovative games, and as such, I have mainly been playing the Nintendo DS. The Wii seems ready to contribute more to that realm than the PS3 does. Nintendo realized that it would have had a lot of ground to make up if it went the route of Microsoft and Sony and wisely chose to go a different direction. I don't think I have ever been this excited about a game console's debut. I don't own an XBox 360 and I don't plan on buying a PS3, but I will be waiting in line with my co-workers, happily playing multi-player DS games as we wait for the Wii.

Shawn Patton, Schell Games

As I was unable to obtain a preorder, it is necessary for me to try and find a console on opening day. Between the two systems, I will be reaching for the Nintendo Wii for its unique hardware, virtual console, and attractive single-tier pricing. While the PS3 is very interesting in its own rights, the unusually high price point, as well as the suggestions by Sony executives that game prices themselves may rise greatly makes the console much less appealing. Of course, there is the possibility that because of my work, I may not be able to get out to obtain either console next week. That's fine, since neither console has a launch that greatly interests me. It is much more interesting to see how the console matures. As I remember, the DS had a very poor launch, and I didn't bother to pick one up until the next year. It ended up with some great games and is currently the system I play most. I also strongly believe that both the Wii and PS3 will show significant price drops in the next year, especially if Microsoft drops the price on the 360 by $100 (which is very possible). Nintendo will likely drop the packaged software and charge $200, while Sony will rely on lower manufacturing costs to try and bring the console down to $400 and $500 next year.

Joseph Falcone, Sleek Media

Nintendo Wii for the Wii. Pre-ordered it on EBGames as soon as it was an option. Nintendo's system at its price point is too good to pass. The PS3 on the other hand is so expensive that only the 10 richest kings in Europe will be able to afford it this holiday season.

John Knight, Full Sail doubt, no question. Preorder..already paid for. I'll be getting that along with Zelda (already paid for), Tony Hawk's DHJ, ExciteTruck and a couple of VC games. I'm very curious about the Wiimote. The price is decent although I still believe that Nintendo blew it with a $250 price tag. I like Nintendo's vision with the Wii. Sure we would like to see more RAM in it, as well as a bit more horsepower under the hood overall, but for what it's fine for now. Truth be told, my final decision was made because of the DS and the first party support. DS has proven to be a great investment in the face of good competition. (well, good competition on paper) But I'm playing one PSP game (Monster Hunter Freedom) vs 5 DS games.The first party support is self evident. Nintendo is still better than Sony or MS as a developer. Anyway.... If Nintendo can recreate that DS magic for the Wii it's going to get very interesting.

Victor Bunn, Solo Mission Studios

I'm going to buy neither. The game lineup doesn't appeal to me, besides consoles have little relevance to the Serious Games market space.

Nils Hinrichsen, eSim Games, LLC

I will be purchasing a Nintendo Wii. I have a pre-order on it. I won't be obtaining it in North America but in Australia. I chose the Wii because of it's revolutionary new controller and the quality of games that Nintendo publishes.

Matthew Stevens, University of Sydney

I personally am picking up a PS3. I think all the systems will be very nice, and usually the people that complain about a particular system doesn't seem to have the system they are complaining about. Ever since I saw the videos for the PS3 at E3, that is when I decided I wanted that system, even over the Wii. Even if the system is kind of pricey, I think it'll still be worth having in the long run, but for the value of what you're getting with the system it is worth it, especially for what the technology is worth right now. I will eventually want to get a Wii as well, but I figured I might as well go for the PS3 first since the Wii sounds like it'll be a little easier to find around x-mas, which is why I preordered the PS3 first.


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