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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
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July 14, 2020
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July 14, 2020
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Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?

November 17, 2006 Article Start Previous Page 6 of 8 Next

I'm buying both. My greater want is the PlayStation 3 although I am interested in checking out the Wii. Sadly I haven't secured my purchase of either console yet. I'm hoping to get lucky and find them at any store for it's regular price. I refuse to pay an inflated price on eBay and I just couldn't bring myself to wake up early enough to pre-order at my local ebgames and gamestop. I mainly want the PlayStation 3 for Resistance and the Wii for Zelda.


3 Nintendo Wii's--1 for home, 1 for my fiancee's family and one for my extended family. PS3's not even on the radar for any of us.


The Wii far outweighs the PS3 in my decision. I'm not anticipating a major shortage of the systems during the first few weeks of launch, so I'll likely just walk into my nearest Best Buy to pick one up, along with a slew of accessories. Ultimately, I feel Sony's choices lead to little more than to create a vehicle for their Blu-Ray technology and have pushed the gamer's experience to the side in offering a unique way to game or a value in the product being purchased. Sony's library of games has given them an edge for years, but I believe western gamers are becoming more discerning when it comes to the 'bigger picture' of gaming, and in this case Nintendo (and arguably Microsoft) are simply doing it better.

Christopher Kirkman, Media Geeks

Interactive + Medium. When put together, these two words become very powerful and no other entertainment industry is able to fully utilize the way we do. As much as we need hardcore gamers to help propel the industry forward, we must reach a larger audience to fulfill the industry's potential. Nintendo is taking that brave step and I will support them by purchasing their console. Also . . . Six + Hundred. When in the form of a price tag on a console, these two words cause my hands to clutch my wallet in a relentless death grip and my feet to move briskly in the opposite direction.

Matthew Allmer, Rendered Vision

Personally I'm looking forward to the PS3, I've secured my console via pre-order. If I was representing my gaming company, however, I would try to get into Nintendo's market. The Wii is not only innovative, but it is a solidly built, well thought out platform. Its numbers in mass production far outweigh Playstation or XBox, and the release of a low number of quality games versus a high number of good to average games, makes this an exploitable marketing arena for a new company with a good game.


For launch I am NOT buying a PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii. I plan to buy a Nintendo Wii in the future but not yet, as for Xbox360 and PlayStation3, I don't think I will ever, the games for XBox360 are far too expensive and do not offer anything really new or exciting over current games of a PC for that matter. I think the same will be true for PlayStation3. For those 2 systems although the hardware is impressive, I am not convinced that the games will be (visually they will be good, but beyond that) whereas the Wii has something new to it.

Kevin Rogovin, JAMK

I'm probably going to get a Wii first and then watch and wait to see what the new playstation does. If I get another console it will be the Xbox 360 most lkely. I'm faithful to my PS2 and if the PS3 isn't reverse compatible I don't think I'll get one for a long time. Whatever I do, I'll just wait for the price to go down. No lines, pre-order or ebay for me.

Ruth Hartman, Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Currently I own an Xbox 360 and am very pleased with its capabilities as a next-gen console. This in turn somewhat drives my decision to go for the Wii and not to purchase a PS3. I use the 360 as a center console for my entertainment center and the PS3 would get in the way and clutter everything. The Wii is a must have though, as it is cheaper and has what I see as next-gen input devices. To me the true next level in gaming is always going to be upgraded or more developed with more in depth input capabilities. Also I care more about gameplay than amazing graphics. The PS3 wont win me over with a fancy show. So the Wii is a definite, but I will probably pick it up early next year.

Hasen Ahmad, Kaizoku Studio

Both. I have a pre-order for the Wii at ebGames and will likely be camping out for a PS3 at Wal-Mart or Best Buy. PS3 in my opinion is a must have for gaming enthusiasts, and the Wii will be fun for casual use.

Skylar Scaling, Oklahoma State University

PS3: Not sure how just yet, probably just wait it out like everyone else.


The Wii, got a pre-order already. Mainly since we plan on developing for the Wii, Also Wii has at least one interesting launch title that i want to play - Zelda Twilight Princess. PS3 has none. When Gran Tursimo HD and Final Fantasy XIII come out and you can easily find a PS3 in a store, perhaps even a price cut, then I'll get a PS3.

James Dunham, Image Games

Wii - I'm actually going to wait until it is available in stores before purchasing.

Jarett Metcalfe, Backbone Entertainment - Vancouver

I purchased the Wii from Gamestop in a pre-order, and I've always been a Nintendo fan. They create *games*, with *fun* involved, and that's something that I believe our industry always needs to remember as the fundamental roots of what we're about.

Tamir Nadav, EgoLogo

Nope... I into waiting a while until there are plenty to buy. They will play the same 6 months from now.

Peter O'Connor, Dunavant Ent.

I'll be buying a Wii through pre-order. I think the interaction style is just more interesting, it offers an intuitive way of interacting on screen and is accessible to younger and different users.

Ruth Taylor, Huddersfield University

I will be purchasing a Nintendo Wii on launch day, but not a PS3. I pre-ordered the Wii at Toys R Us. The PS3 is simply too expensive and too rare right now. I will wait till Sony has solved their supply shortage and possibly a price cut before purchasing a PS3.


PS3, preorder. Honestly it wasn't that big of a deal securing a spot. Went to the local mall at 6am when they unlock for employees and camped in relative warmth and comfort with my laptop, so I could get some work done. Originally I planned to keep it but the more I see of the release games, the less excited I am, and I might eBay it after all. Wii already left me cold and I've never been a Nintendo fan. Maybe next holiday season, for my kids.

Eric Ruck, NearChaos

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