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February 25, 2021
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February 25, 2021
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Korea Rising: Five Crucial Interviews

January 4, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 11 of 21 Next

Some companies I've spoken with have said that Korean game developers now don't have enough experience making full, complete products. Is that something you can help with?

DL: Because we support development companies, developing for the Xbox in that environment is very similar to the PC game environment. We provide support, and I think they're already equipped with the skills to develop the games.

Pretty much everyone I've talked to so far does not feel that way. They feel like they need a lot more project management and quality control, and experience with making finished projects. Pretty much everyone said that they needed a lot more help to finish these projects.

DL: They say they don't have experience, but I think they have the ability to develop these games. It was a good investment in console games, where there hasn't been any big success. That's the problem. It's not a problem with them. By giving them good prospects of success by making the Xbox successful here, they can get that good environment they need for their success.

I can tell you my opinion of what could change some things. If Microsoft in Korea set up a division to assist these companies with creating end products... if you could assist them, and give them the idea that they could release that in the west, they would be much more likely to create a finished 360 project. Then if that game gets released here, more people would want to buy it. I think that's how it...

DL: We're planning that, but I think the market base is not really established yet. We're in the process of doing that first, with that kind of assistance.

So what are you doing to make the install base larger?

DL: I can't think of a basic answer, because the console games market is not really successful here. We want to establish the base first for the Xbox 360 by releasing games more fit for Korean gamers. The company itself will make an investment for that. We're trying to establish the fact that games can be played by anyone, not just by adults.

So more casual-oriented games?

DL: There a casual game coming developed by a Korean company, and an RPG game that Koreans really like, all developed by Koreans. There is an edutainment game as well.

Oh really? There's been no edutainment-type game in the U.S. so far for the 360. Is that going to be first in Korea?

DL: It's an English game.

Like teaching English?

DL: [In English] Yeah. My English is very small, so it's for me, in this case. (laughs)

How many games are in development right now for the Xbox 360 in Korea, that you know of?

DL: Six are in development. There will be more eventually.

Can you say which companies? I know some of them.

DL: Studio Nine is developing a game. Also Phantagram, from Kingdom Under Fire. Nexon's Mabinogi. I can't say more than that.

Do you think that Mabinogi is going to make a big difference in the market?

DL: Mabinogi was a really successful game in Korea, and I'm expecting getting users from online games, and it will give them new experience in video games.

Do you know if there is a plan to release it in the west?

DL: It's up to Nexon.

Are there some Live Arcade games being developed here as well?

DL: Some companies are thinking about it, but we're not exactly planning on it. Many people have interest in it, and have requested that.

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