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March 4, 2021
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March 4, 2021
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Korea Rising: Five Crucial Interviews

January 4, 2008 Article Start Previous Page 12 of 21 Next

When companies are coming to you to release a game on the 360, do they expect that it will do really well in Korea, or are they usually hoping that it's going to go over to other markets?

DL: They want success in both sides. In Phantagram's case, they suggested they may be more successful than that.

How many people are working in Microsoft Korea on the Xbox division?

DL: Xbox division? Ten.

So it's still very small. Do you think the company needs to grow in order to make the market grow, or the other way around?

DL: We keep hiring people.

Ah, okay. That's good. Why do you think a lot of people have been reluctant to move into the console space so far in Korea?

DL: Console game development is what Korean developers desire. Why they couldn't move into console game development is because there aren't that many companies doing that. And it's really hard to get a job overseas to do that, because of English.

So what are you doing to make them feel better about developing on console?

DL: I can't make my own company, but... (laughs) Instead, I'll make the Xbox a big success, to show that console games can be successful here.

It's easy to say, but hard to do!

DL: Sony should try too!

What's more successful in Korea right now? 360 or PS3?

DL: Xbox is doing much better. There is a huge gap in market sales.

When I talked to Blueside, they said that in the past, Kingdom Under Fire sold more than Halo. Do you think Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom will sell more than Halo 3?

DL: Any game can get over Halo 3 if it's well-made. But Halo 3 is a really well-made game, so to sell more than that, they should try to make better games.

They're not sure if they can beat it this time, but they're trying! There are other companies out there that have made games for PlayStation platforms in the past, but have not done much more console development. Are you trying to get them to come to Microsoft's side, like T3 or Sonori, or other smaller companies like this?

DL: There is a company like that. The company who made Magna Carta.


DL: Yeah, Softmax. Officially, there is nothing else. But we're planning on talking.

So Softmax is discussing with you, or talking to people in general? Or they keep saying it?

DL: Softmax already did a 360 game, and other than that, there's nothing officially there. The next Magna Carta being made is for the 360. We're still discussing with other companies.

Gamasutra: Do you think that Korean 360 sales will be able to surpass Japanese 360 sales?

DL: The number of people will surpass it, I guess. It's already a success. The physical number of the sales is not impossible.

When do you think that might happen?

DL: You should talk to the PR manager first! (laughs)

Marketing and PR are very close!

DL: Talk to them first, then talk to me. I kind of mentioned it, about the other markets.

You know, if you say that Korea will beat Japan and Korean people hear it, they'll probably make that happen!

DL: Maybe! (laughs)

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