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From Kojima Productions To The UK
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November 15, 2019
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From Kojima Productions To The UK

November 22, 2010 Article Start Previous Page 3 of 3

What kind of a game was it that you wanted to make before you were making this game?

SN: (Laughs) Just for DS and just for kids—and domestic [Japanese market]. I prefer domestic; that title was just domestic for the kids -- not similar to Pokémon, but the same target, boys and girls, because I love portable games and also kids because I have a daughter. (Laughs)

Yes, but it's the [company's] concern to make a new IP, and the concern was to work with an overseas developer, and to work with an overseas developer goes two ways: Asian area or North America or European area.

North American and European area developers are just for current-gen: 360, PS3, and PC. It leads to this kind of title, a sort of Western market title. I'm not sure if it's suitable for the Western market, actually (laughing). I hope so, but this is my answer. I think I will make the title I previously tried to make later.

I guess later you could do it for 3DS.

SN: Yeah, 3DS is pretty cool. Yes, I saw this as a chance for us to make a new IP, because it's so difficult to make a new IP these days. Also, in America, I don't know, but in Japan it's so difficult to make a new IP. All of them are making franchises and sequels, and I don't like this situation.

As a developer and also as a user, I'm not sure they are so happy with these 3, 4, or 5s but, this is the situation and condition [of the market]. I cannot complain about the situation. Yes, but 3DS sounds a good situation and condition for new IP, I think.

Yeah, it's got good potential, definitely. And this game is certainly an interesting concept. When his head falls off, can you roll him around or something?

SN: Yeah.

It's kind of cute. You know, it seems like a hardcore title, but it's very lighthearted in a way.

SN: One thing I should tell you is many people misunderstand this as a kind of funny and joking game, but I think it's mainly a serious title.

Oh, really?

SN: (Laughs) Yeah. Definitely yes. I must admit, because we have so many funny situations and stupid and silly features, but... For example, he's a disillusioned and sarcastic guy, but there is a definite reason why he is. 500 years ago he was defeated by the demon king, and this is the reason why he is [the way he is] now; he despairs of everything, and it's a kind of tragedy we will show in the game. I think he will be serious at the end of the game.

Also, about the gameplay, I understand we showed so many insane or stupid features, just like throwing hands or throwing the head. It's a definite part of the gameplay, but gameplay will be filled with strategic gameplay. Players need to choose their options by seeing their situation. We will use a different way of thinking, so the player needs to change their way of thinking.

For example, the player can break the ceiling above him. In other titles, the player needs to evade the wreckage falling down, but in this title he is an immortal; this is nothing important for him. He can be involved with some wreckage with enemies, and the player can defeat enemies by chance; but he can be involved in that because it causes only dismemberment. That's only one case.

Players need to choose from many options in a short time in gameplay. For example, which is better: to go and get his dismembered arm back, or continue to attack? Gathering the arm increases attack power, but it might be better to continue to attack if he's close to the enemy's death. The player needs to choose.

We will reveal some new mechanics with swords, but, simply, a sword has twice or three times attack power of guns, but that's short-range. The player needs to choose which weapon is better. The player can switch among these weapons during fights.

It's not so joke-oriented! Rather than a joke, it's an action game. The control will be so familiar for players, but they will need to change their way of thinking.

A lot of games, the melee weapons like swords or things like that are much stronger than guns, but it doesn't actually make sense in reality for striking weapons to be more powerful than guns because, in reality, you get shot once and then you pretty much die. So, in your game, do you have an explanation?

SN: I see, but I think it's different in games! (Laughs) But, you know, a sword has a wider range, and it attacks so many enemies at the same time; but a gunshot attacks only one for each firing. I don't mean which is stronger -- I chose wrong, I guess. Each weapon has its own specification, and the players need to switch the weapons between situations.

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