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Advanced Audio Streaming in Unity
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April 2, 2020
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April 2, 2020
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Advanced Audio Streaming in Unity

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Usually, walking away from it for several days will reveal some element that feels too dense and detracts from the game. Each one is stripped away until the piece can easily fall into the periphery of the player. At least, that's how I would like it work!

The background pieces are a work in progress and I'm slowly but surely getting them online. There are also UI clicks, and event sounds for the snake appearance, eating and when leveling up. A death sound is triggered when you crash into the wall, or your very own snake-self. All of these sounds were small enough to be WAV files.

We decided to stream all the audio assets, to make them changeable on the fly, improving the overall soundscape. This allowed me to make ongoing updates to the audio via FTP uploads. It also freed up Fredrik from getting bombarded with constant audio revisions! The background music/ambient track is an OGG file, which is a format vastly superior to MP3 in sound quality, size, and looping capabilities. The background track was roughly 3.5 minutes in length and weighed in at a hefty 37.8 MB. An audio file this size would not be streamed efficiently, so it was converted to OGG, which reduced the size to 2.6 MB. I used, which is a free web-based audio conversion tool that inputs any standard audio file and coverts it to a wide range of formats.

Being able to change audio by simply uploading new files to FTP and audition them live was amazing. In the past, I have had to beg and plead for a way to hear my work in-game. With this setup, I can make creative changes while testing levels and EQ on a wide variety of computers. The built-in MacBook Pro speakers became the measuring stick, since they seem to faithfully represent the current state of consumer listening environments. This allows me to tweak and refine the sonic environment, forever! The streaming tech really blew my mind, and the possibilities for collaborations, are excellent. It's possibly the ultimate setup for game audio folks looking to hone their sound and get a feel for web playback.

The web streaming did introduce a few issues, as excepted. I noticed that sometimes, depending on the internet connection, the background sound track would play immediately when visiting the site, but often skip a bit. When I told Fredrik about this, he informed me that the streaming buffer was set to 5 percent, and we could increase that a bit for more a more stable playback. All in all, calculating a buffer of around 20 seconds usually does the job.

Fredrik explains the streaming code and buffering example:

"In order to make sure that our build size was as small as possible, we also decided to stream all the sound effects. While the initial build was 5.4 Mb, streaming the background music made the game 1 mb. After streaming all the sound effects at runtime, the initial download size of the Wall Snake landed at 528 kb (!). Success."

Working with audio in Unity can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with some of the lower level audio functions, or callbacks. However, we organized the audio mainly into two scripts. First, have a look at the stream_audio.js:

Click for larger version.

We realized while deploying a build to the server that the audio didn't loop at all, even though the audio.loop is set to true. This was only the case when streaming the audio, so I did some simple debugging, and found a workaround. Since the Chinese Wall track is mostly ambient at the looping point, and does not require sample accurate looping, the solution was more than ideal:

Click for larger version.

To change which game is currently deployed, we simply change the AllAppInfo.reskin_type, and the correct audio track will be streamed. Certainly, setting the audio.loop = true, could be called after the www request is finished streaming, and loaded into memory. This might solve the looping problem, and look like this:

yield (www);

audio.loop = true; 

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