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May 26, 2017
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  Bandai Namco helps form new HTML5 game company: BXD
image What's interesting about BXD is that it's ostensibly dedicated to producing free-to-play HTML5 browser games based on Bandai Namco properties, including R.B.I. Baseball and Dragonball Z.
  Video: A postmortem of Ska Studios' Salt & Sanctuary
image Ska Studios' Michelle and James Silva speak at GDC 2017 about their journey to releasing Salt & Sanctuary, a 2.5D Souls-alike that was self-published across multiple platforms.
1 GameStop is very excited about Switch outselling Wii in its first 60 days
image In a presentation to investors today GameStop execs sounded very excited about Nintendo's Switch, which they report has outsold the Wii in its first two months on sale in U.S. GameStop stores.
  Watch Gamasutra take a stroll through Oblivion (and learn to fear cheese)
image The Gamasutra crew takes a look back at Oblivion to discuss the impact it left on the state of open-world games.
1 GameStop's sales rise on the back of Nintendo's Switch, even as profits slip
image In the first quarter of GameStop's fiscal 2017 game software sales (both new and pre-owned) fell, but hardware sales rose nearly 25% -- thanks largely to Nintendo's new Switch console.
  Penny Arcade aims to up its global presence with 'Powered by PAX' events
image Penny Arcade and its partner ReedPop are kicking off a new 'Powered by PAX' program aimed at creating more worldwide PAX-like events through partnerships with local organizers.
  Game developers recount their long loading screen struggles and solutions
image Kotaku spoke with a number of developers about the technical and sometimes strange reasons longer-than-ideal loading screens show up in modern game releases.
8 Don't Miss: Dissecting the core mechanics of Vanquish
image Designed by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil 4) and developed by Platinum Games (Bayonetta) Vanquish "is one of those games that truly is greater than the sum of its parts."
  Twitch and Bandai Namco partner up to create Tekken 7 eSports league
image Bandai Namco and Twitch are teaming up in hopes of elevating the eSports scene for fighting games and the pair have created a Tekken-driven eSports league to accomplish that feat.
  Join us on Twitch as we return to Oblivion today at 12 PM PT
image Our classic game streaming series continues today on the Gamasutra Twitch channel at 12 PM PT (3 PM ET) when we take a look back at Bethesda Game Studios' 2006 game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
1 Blog: The SSM framework of game design
image This article goes over a framework for understanding how video games work. It divides games into systems, story, and a mental model, and then shows how they interact.
Blog: Let's take a look at how Horizon Zero Dawn handles the apocalypse
image Horizon Zero Dawn's apocalypse, and the way it's told to the player, isn't just another video game setting. Here's a look at how its staggered nature creates dynamic storytelling moments worth emulating.
1 Creativity vs. control: How Cuba's indie devs are finding their voice
image "Government policies about games are complicated. The government thinks that all games have to teach all of the time. So the games in Cuba aren't as interesting as the ones you can find elsewhere."
  Report: Japanese internet giant Softbank picks up $4B stake in Nvidia
image Japanese internet giant Softbank has purchased a $4 billion stake in computer tech manufacturer, Nvidia.
  Cabin in the woods: Who's heading to this year's Stugan games accelerator?
image 15 teams will be heading to the cabin in the woods this time around for a seven week, expenses-paid program that'll help them get to grips with key skills like game design, publishing, and marketing. 
3 Blog: 5 trailer takeaways from Flinthook
image Flinthook got a lot right, especially its gameplay trailer. Here's five Flinthook trailer takeaways that should help devs making their own trailer.
1 Microsoft's Twitch competitor rebrands as Mixer, makes moves for mobile
image The streaming service formerly known as Beam will be getting mobile support and a new co-streaming feature to help Microsoft's streaming service differentiate from the competition.
Blog: The mobile AR platform war
image Mark Zuckerberg's "We're making the camera the first augmented reality platform" kicked off the mobile AR platform war. But which company is going to come out on top?
1 Game Design Deep Dive: Creating tension in Card Thief
image "In order to create what I think is most important in a stealth or heist game, I designed several game systems that all feed into the idea of creating a high tension experience."
  How to approach accessibility in progression-driven games
image We sat down with developers Tara Voelker and James Portnow, as well as Ablegamers COO Steven Spohn to talk about helping players experience a game's story even if its combat is acting as a barrier.
1 What one indie dev learned from a summer project that took 8 years to finish
image A new Waypoint feature sheds light on how Geneshift creator Ben Johnson's game was only supposed to take a summer, but became an eight-year odyssey that spans roughly 9,000 miles & at least two jobs.
  Why Texas may have lost its status as a hotbed of game patent lawsuits
image The Supreme Court has issued a ruling on a patent fight over powdered drink mixes that potentially changes the landscape of patent fights in the game industry -- by moving them out of East Texas.
  Video: Designing Chair Entertainment's Shadow Complex
image At GDC 2010, Chair cofounders Donald and Jeremy Mustard speak openly about the pitfalls they encountered and the solutions they implemented while designing the seminal 'Metroidvania' Shadow Complex.
  Get a job: Wargaming is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer
image Wargaming is on the lookout for talented C/C++ developers who have solid experience in software development.
  Balancing unpredictability and order is key for dynamic AI, says The Occupation dev
image Two developers from White Paper Games share how working with dynamic AI characters altered how they designed the systems powering The Occupation.

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1 The SSM Framework of Game Design
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This article goes over a framework for understanding how videogames work. It divides games into...
1 You should take a look at how Horizon Zero Dawn handles the apocalypse
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Horizon Zero Dawn's apocalypse, and the way it's told to the player, isn't just another video game...
3 Video: 5 trailer takeaways from Flinthook
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Flinthook got a lot right, especially its gameplay trailer. Here's 5 Flinthook trailer takeaways —...
1 The mobile AR platform war
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Mark Zuckerberg’s “We’re making the camera the first augmented reality platform” kicked off the...

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arrowPress Releases
Advice for Game Dev Grads of 2017
image Citing first-hand experience, concept artist Becca Hallstedt greets game dev's class of 2017 with essential tips for post-graduate life.
Results from Game Design Challenge: Party Hard
image Game Career Guide's readers explore the key elements of event organization and party planning in these winning Game Design Challenge entries.
Student Project Postmortem: Wakey Wakey
image The Guildhall at SMU student Conor Dalton details the difficulties involved in creating Wakey Wakey with a team of first-time student developers.
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