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August 22, 2014
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August 22, 2014
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  Video: Building killer game loops in social games
image Wooga exec Henric Suuronen speaks at GDC Europe 2011 about what it takes to design an entertaining social game, and why developers should embrace his "smart depth" design principle.
  Get a job: Blizzard seeks to hire a QA Analyst
image Got some chops for technical game analysis? The folks who made Hearthstone are looking for a quality assurance analyst to join the team at Blizzard's Irvine, CA headquarters.
  Making Formula 1 accessible with Motorsport Manager Exclusive
image There's a mobile game crashing through the App Store paid charts right now -- and you might be surprised to hear that it's a Formula 1 simulation game.
  Sony sets a date to shutter PlayStation Home in Asia
image The PlayStation-branded virtual world will be shut down in Asia next year, even as Sony continues to regularly update and support Home in Europe and North America.
9 Don't Miss: How Girls Make Games aims to shake up the industry Exclusive
image With help from sponsors and the expertise of Tim Schafer, Kellee Santiago and Tracy Fullerton, the Girls Make Games program has launched to resounding success, helping young girls learn game-making.
  Report: Most U.S. smartphone owners rarely download new apps
image Mobile developers, take note: A new report suggests most people in the U.S. aren't downloading a lot of new apps and games for their devices, even as their total app usage time rises.
1 Reinventing the wheel: Why we made our own engine
image "After some months of development and close to finishing the game, the engine is very modular, allows to be easily extended, and revisiting an old method does not mean opening Pandoraís box thanks to the thorough API design."
  Demand for new consoles drives GameStop earnings growth
image The company beat analyst expectations to report significant growth in both sales and profits for its most recent financial quarter, including an upswing in its long-falling sales of new software.
7 PSA: Developers, protect your accounts -- hackers are loose
image Last night notable indie developers Zoe Quinn and Phil Fish and his studio Polytron were hacked. Here are some security tips.
1 Blog: Narrative and the MDA framework
image "Narrative can drive aesthetics by providing a general set of feelings you want to evoke, but itís a mistake to write a full story at the start."
  GDC Next debuts talks from Halfbrick, LA's Glitch City
image GDC organizers debut talks from Halfbrick's Ramine Darabiha (Fruit Ninja) & members of the Glitch City developer collective for the future-focused GDC Next, which will be held in Los Angeles this November.
2 Evolution of MMO maps: Moving bases
image "Astro Lords: Oort Cloud allows players to constantly move their bases. This blog outlines the opportunities and challenges it creates for game design, and the consequences it has on processing power and hardware needs."
6 Blog: Game design is the meta-medium
image "What does philosophy say about art? What does it say about games? How do games fit into the world of art? I want to ask and answer these questions for their own sake."
2 Blog: Indie game dev advice and inspiration
image A collection of advice from indie game luminaries. Now that you're making your own games, what should you do? These quotes and articles help keep things in perspective.
3 #welovegamedevs hashtag brings the love to game developers
image A Twitter hashtag dedicated to showing support for game developers whose games have touched our lives is trending today.
  Blizzard, ustwo win big at Unity Awards 2014
image Blizzard Entertainment and ustwo were the big winners at last night's Unity Awards, while numerous other studios were also honored at the event.
  5 tips for game localization success
image Localization is complicated but worth the effort -- boosting your sales in foreign-language territories can be a real help. How do you prepare for it, though? This post offers helpful suggestions.
2 Tribe hopes to foster a new genre of games with Velvet Sundown Exclusive
image What if an adventure game was multiplayer? Tribe Games has spent four years building a platform that can answer that question, and now its hoping to kickstart a new genre of drama games.
1 Report: Ouya ties up with China's number one smartphone maker
image The microconsole start-up and its games will head to China as part of a deal with Xiaomi, according to a new report.
  Four Western studios and new U.S. boss for Japanese hit-maker Gumi
image The company recently acquired $50 million in additional funding and has now hired former Microsoft Game Studios GM AJ Redmer to spearhead a Western expansion.
1 Monzo attempts to bring model kit construction to your mobile Exclusive
image Following gory titles like Shadowgun and Dead Trigger, Madfinger Games is now building a game about... model kits.
  Get a job: Runic Games is hiring a Concept Artist
image Torchlight series developer Runic Games seeks an experienced concept artist interested in designing production concepts for a "visually cohesive and compelling fantasy game world."
2 Blog: Ludum Dare is this weekend, so here are some game jam tips!
image The three stages of jamming: preparation, execution, and networking -- with tips for all of them, from a prior Ludum Dare jammer.
195 Don't Miss: Why I've said goodbye to mobile in favor of PC
image "I am fed up with the whole mobile/tablet gaming market. Iíve worked hard for three years and released two games to almost every mobile device you can think of. Never again."
  Puzzle & Dragons surpasses 30M downloads in Japan
image GungHo Online continues to dominate the Japanese mobile market with its fantasy-themed free-to-play game, which has seen over 30 million downloads in Japan.

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August 22, 2014
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Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio is an young entertainment design firm specializing in concept art and other art production services. Our artists have worked on many AAA title games from top studios.
08 Studios - Premeire Game Development Services
08 Studios - Premeire Game Development Services Zero 8 Studios is a US based game and art production company founded by veterans from the video game and film industries. Contact us today!
ADIA Entertainment Ltd.
ADIA Entertainment Ltd. Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Technicolor Game Services
Technicolor Game Services
SomaTone Interactive Inc.
SomaTone Interactive Inc. SomaTone Interactive (STi) is the leading provider of premium music, sound design, voice-over, and audio integration services for gaming and interactive entertainment companies. With over 1000 games to our credit over our 10 year history, including top s
AXION STUDIOS Ltd. We are located in Hong Kong and providing the best Digital Art with guaranteed quality services for the game industry around the world.
Principle Audio
Principle Audio Principle Audio - young and ambitious outsourcing company, sound design for games. We are engaged in casual, social games, games for iOS, Android. Some of our projects: Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Tap the Frog, Mirrors of Albion, Starborn Wandereres.

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Graduates: Strike While the Iron is Hot
image Alex Johansson argues why recent game design graduates should establish a routine and avoid falling prey to the unemployment loop.
Look, Ma, No Code
image GameSalad and Scirraís Construct 2 offer amateur developers simple drag-and-drop tools to create entire games without ever learning to program. Letís take them for a spin.
What Game Designers Do (According to the Internet)
image Liz England takes a look at common misconceptions the public has about game designers, contrasting them with reality and her experiences.
Annual Game Career Guide
The annual Game Career Guide 2014 is now available. Whether you are a newbie in the industry or an expert, the GCGís exclusive industry content is a great tool for those who wish to plan their profession in the game industry.