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January 22, 2019
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My Time at Portia devs compensate voice actors for unpaid wages
image Pathea Games, developer behind the role-playing game My Time at Portia, has come under fire over reportedly withholding payments to its voice actors for several months. 
  Tencent still absent from third round of Chinese game approvals
image 93 more games have been approved by the Online Games Ethics Committee of China, signaling the third wave of media authorized by the country's gaming regulator since December 2018.
  Get a job: Disbelief is hiring a Junior Programmer in Chicago
image Junior programmers at Disbelief are called on to develop and debug in a variety of areas from gameplay to core engine programming.
Resident Evil 2's time-restricted demo has been downloaded over 3 million times
image Capcom says the demo for its upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 was downloaded over 3 million times since it went live on January 11.
9 Don't Miss: The secret history of Donkey Kong
image This 2011 feature takes a look back at Donkey Kong's complex history of secret development contracts and protracted legal battles.
  Hothead Games opens new publishing division
image Canadian developer Hothead Games has opened up a new division to focus on putting its self-publishing resources toward mobile games from other developers.
1 Obsidian is patching an optional turn-based mode into Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
image Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire launched last year a rather traditional real-time strategy RPG, but soon that won't be the only genre it occupies.
  Learn new and exciting ways to use AI in game dev at GDC 2019
image From an in-depth look at Ubisoft's AI-powered chatbot for players to AI-driven benchmarking systems and how AI can improve speech recognition in your game, GDC 2019 is packed with intriguing AI talks!
  Road to the IGF: Nova-box's Seers Isle
image Seers Isle is a visual novel that explores player agency in the genre, casting them as an invisible character who must use choice to change her fate.
  Hey devs, submissions are now open for Day of the Devs at GDC 2019!
image Double Fine and iam8bit's popular indie game showcase Day of the Devs returns to GDC this year, and organizers are now accepting submissions from devs who want their games to be a part of it!
  Follow dozens of indie Q&As in our Road to the IGF series!
image The developers behind this year's IGF nominated games share the tools and inspirations behind each of their creations in the weeks leading up to the 2019 awards.
  See Tetsuya Mizuguchi discuss making Tetris Effect at GDC 2019!
image Alongside fellow producer Mark MacDonald and Tetris Effect director Takashi Ishihara, Mizuguchi will walk you through the game's production journey and share lessons learned along the way!
  Road to the IGF: Julián Cordero's levedad
image levedad is an autobiographical game of long-exposure photography, but one that asks the player to bring their own personal meaning to the places and things they choose to capture in their lens.
3 Blog: Why the Epic Games Store could be huge for influencers
image Ten years ago in 2009, the word 'influencer' didn't bear much weight. Now, it's part of the core approach for the new Epic Games Store -- but why?
  Streamer raises $340,000 for trans charity by playing Donkey Kong 64
image Streamer Harry Brewis (a.k.a. H.Bomberguy) has raised over $340,000 for UK trans charity Mermaids by hosting a star-studded Donkey Kong 64 marathon.
1 Blog: The conflicting design of the 'Zelda-rogue'
image The idea of combining the handcrafted design of a Zelda title with the procedural generation of a rogue-like may sound like a dream come true, but it's often a challenge too big for most.
4 Square Enix has trademarked the name of Octopath Traveler's art style
image The company has used the term to describe the Switch RPG's unique art style, which combines 16-bit character sprites and textures with polygonal 3D environments and high-definition effects.
  Learn how Weta built Dr. Grordbort's Invaders for Magic Leap at GDC 2019!
image Come to GDC in March and hear how the Weta Gameshop team (born of a collaboration between Magic Leap and Weta Workshop) designed the eye-catching mixed-reality blast-'em-up Dr. Grordbort's Invaders!
1 How machine learning is helping fans remaster retro classics
image How can fans make their favorite retro classics look better without petitioning for a HD remaster or full-blown remake? Easy. By getting neural networks to do their dark bidding.
1 Blog: Fascination with the Obra Dinn
image Having played Return of the Obra Dinn recently, I was inspired to write about historical settings, exploring themes, co-linear storytelling, and ships - all within the context of the Obra Dinn.
  CI Games establishes United Label, a new publishing label dedicated to indies
image Sniper Ghost Warrior and The Lords of the Fallen developer-publisher CI Games has announced the creation of United Label, an all new publishing label dedicated to indie developers.
  NCSoft makes layoffs at mobile developer Iron Tiger Studios
image NCSoft established Iron Tiger back in 2015, and tasked the Califonia-based studio with developing original mobile games inspired by its existing franchises. 
  Blog: Why nobody cares about your indie game
image The top five reasons indie game marketing falls on deaf ears, and how to steer things back on track for your game.
  Advanced UX Prototyping: Next Gen Prototyping for Games & Apps
image Om Tandon lays out the various stages of prototyping for games and mobile apps.
  Video Game Deep Cuts: NASA Slime-d Me With A BadCupid
image This week's highlights include a look at NASA's new commissions in the video game space, the crunch-free development of Slime Rancher, and a very offkilter procedurally generated dating game, among other things.

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image Paolo Gambardella outlines the benefits, drawbacks, and unexpected challenges of working remotely as a freelance contractor in the games industry.
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