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July 19, 2018
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  How jams become levels in the co-op bullet hell musical Just Shapes & Beats
image "My point is basically to share my love of music," explains dev Simon Lachance in this dive into how he came up with and designed the hellishly rhythmic levels of Just Shapes & Beats.
  Amazon claims to be spiking listings for pirated games
image Amazon is now saying it's taking down listings for pirated copies of Frostpunk and Surviving Mars.
  Video: How to thrive and grow as an indie studio
image In this 2018 GDC session, Weather Factory's Alexis Kennedy discusses the lessons learned while building Failbetter Games, and how those lessons were taken into account when founding a second studio.
1 Credit card thieves reportedly using Clash of Clans to launder money
image Credit card thieves are allegedly using the mobile games Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Marvel Contest of Champions to launder hundreds and thousands of dollars via account selling.
  Encouraging collaboration among players in Sea of Thieves
image In a recent interview with The Guardian, lead designer on Sea of Thieves Mike Chapman discusses the evolution of how players went from competing against each other to collaborating.   
  Get a job: Slime Rancher dev Monomi Park is hiring a 3D Environment Artist
image San Mateo-based Monomi Park is looking for a 3D Environment Artist well-versed in 3D modeling, texturing, shader creation to contribute to the development of Slime Rancher and its future titles.
  HTML5 game publisher FRVR secures $3 million in funding
image FRVR, a game publisher that deals heavily in HTML5 titles, has secured a $3 million investment at the close of its seed funding round.
  Fortnite has collected $1 billion from in-game purchases
image Epic Games’ Fortnite has earned over $1 billion so far from in-game purchases alone according to a report published by market research firm Superdata.
  Promethean AI aims to take the grunt work out of worldbuilding through AI
image Headed by former Naughty Dog technical director Andrew Maximov, Promethean AI tackles the mundane, non-creative side of worldbuilding to help artists and devs.
  Don't Miss: Applying lessons from Warcraft's world to Overwatch arenas
image We spoke to Blizzard's Aaron Keller about the design of Overwatch's first-person shooter arenas, and how lessons he learned from designing maps for World of Warcraft still matter today.
  Tencent awarded $2.9M in case against dev of alleged League of Legends clone
image A Chinese court ruled that Tencent was owed roughly $2.9 million following a lawsuit filed against Mobile Legends developer Moonton.
1 Xaviant to delist The Culling 2 after rocky launch, opts to support The Culling 1 instead
image Xaviant has announced that it is delisting the recently released game and instead focusing its efforts on reviving and supporting the day-one build of the original The Culling.
  French game designer Muriel Tramis awarded Legion of Honor
image French game designer Muriel Tramis has been awarded the Legion of Honor, the highest order of merit available to civilians and military personnel in France.
  Blog: Crowdfunding and video games in 2018 - A mid-year update
image Market intelligence expert Thomas Bidaux looks into the performance of video games projects on Kickstarter and
  Pokemon Go developer Niantic acquires Seismic Games
image Seismic is comprised of industry veterans from studios like Activision and Pandemic, and has worked on mobile and VR titles like Marvel: Strike Force and Blade Runner Revelations.
1 Blog: Studying the level design of The Last of Us: Part II
image Gameloft level designer Ovidiu Mantoc analyzes some of the design beats showcased in the recent gameplay trailer for The Last of Us: Part II.
  Devs weigh in on the best ways to write and design characters
image Game devs Chris Avellone, Obsidian's Carrie Patel, and Guerrilla's Dan Calvert chat with Gamasutra about how they and their teams write and design characters -- from start to finish.
1 Blizzard does away with World of Warcraft Battle Chest pricing
image An update to the Blizzard store appears to confirm that purchasing the base game of World of Warcraft will no longer be required, only a subscription to the game.
  Video: Populating the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn
image In this GDC 2018 talk, Guerrilla Games' Daniel Calvert explains how the studio approached the challenges of making characters for Horizon Zero Dawn.
1 Pirated copies of Surviving Mars and Frostpunk sold on Amazon
image It was discovered over the weekend that Amazon had temporarily sold pirated copies of PC games like Frostpunk and Surviving Mars.
  Get a job: ZeniMax Online Studios is looking for a Mobile Backend Engineer
image Zenimax Online Studios is looking for someone to work closely with the mobile games team to design and maintain a custom backend infrastructure as a member of its team in Maryland.
3 Don't Miss: How 1979 Revolution: Black Friday drops players into a real crisis
image In this 2016 interview, developer Navid Khonsari details the personal experiences that inspired him to tell the story of the Iranian Revolution in his award-winning game 1979 Revolution: Black Friday.
1 PAX 10 reveals Praey for the Gods, Shift Quantum, and more for 2018 showcase
image The folks behind PAX 10 have revealed the 10 games set to be featured in the annual showcase at PAX West this fall.
  Back catalog games continue to drive growth for Ubisoft as Q1 sales hit $466M
image Even beyond just back catalog titles, most categories reported in Ubisoft’s quarterly release saw a significant increase when compared to the first quarter of the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
1 Blog: Creating scriptable objects with Unity
image As you might've guessed, the main objective of this blog post is to give you an idea about how to handle ScriptableObject in Unity.

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  Crowdfunding and Video Games: 2018 Mid-Year Update
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A look into the performance of video games projects on Kickstarter and

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arrowPress Releases
Making Our First Indie Game After University
image Birdmask's Lorcan Mc Garry Hunt reflects on his post-grad experience with a UCA Farnham incubator program for first-time indie developers.
Everything Is Authored
image Arguing that narrative plays a role in all media, Gregory Pellechi explains how every element in a game is deliberate and contributes to the story being told.
Orchestrating Gameworlds: A Prefab Primer
image Nathan Cheever demonstrates how you can use prefab systems to manage your in-game content, make quick changes, and share progress with your team.
Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
Sunrise Animation Studios
Sunrise Animation Studios We are specialized in providing digital art services to the video game and animation industries.
Art Bully Productions LLC
Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, King, Glu Mobile, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world's leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Mad Marker Studios
Mad Marker Studios

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