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July 23, 2017
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  How Destiny 2's clan system is shaped by Super Bowl rings
image Game designer and Destiny 2 social lead M.E. Chung explains to the Financial Post how Bungie studies sports and team culture for inspiration in designing Destiny's new community & clan systems.
1 Kingsway's developer explains how to make the most out of your user interface
image We talked to the designer of the role-playing 'operating system' Kingsway about indie life and developing a UI-focused game.
  Video: Avoiding the scourge of 'evil data' in playtesting
image At GDC 2017, indie dev Adriaan de Jongh shares all the "evil data" he gathered in 6 years of playtesting 8 games and offers practical advice for playtesting your game effectively.
  Analyst: Dedicated mobile game players in Japan, South Korea now play 3+ hours/day
image The most dedicated mobile users are spending more time than ever playing games on their smartphones according to a recent report from the analyst firm App Annie.
  Get a job: Sony PlayStation is hiring a Sr. Animation Programmer
image Sony PlayStation is looking for an animation programmer to help develop next-generation animation systems for an in-progress title at its Bend, Oregon Studio.
5 Don't Miss: A look back at the development of Ori and the Blind Forest
image The CEO of Moon Studios pours his heart out in a lengthy postmortem of what went right -- and wrong -- during the 4-year development of Super Metroid-inspired Ori & The Blind Forest.
  Gigantic devs share tips for surviving game development's ups and downs
image “It's hard enough to make a new IP from scratch, but throw in the fact that we were a new company, an independent company, without a huge financial backing ever just makes everything challenging.”
  Chat with the developer of RPG 'operating system' Kingsway at 3PM EDT
image We're streaming the RPG "operating system" Kingsway today at 3PM EDT and talking with developer Andrew Morrish.
1 The absurdity and optimism of Everything Is Going To Be OK
image Nathalie Lawhead's indie title Everything is going to be OK explores dark, horrible life events through a lens of relentless optimism and humor, facing down soul-crushing horror with absurd cheer.
  Blog: Creating my very own virtual reality short, Witness
image This post describes key aspects of the design process that went into making Witness, a virtual reality short I made in partnership with Warsaw Rising museum.
2 AR game restrictions ruled unconstitutional by district judge
image A Wisconsin ordinance decreeing that augmented reality developers must get special permits if their apps encourage play in county parks has been ruled unconstitutional by a district judge.
2 Blog: The importance of mechanical foreshadowing
image We're used to the concept of foreshadowing in narrative media, but as a number of existing games already show, the same principles can be applied to game mechanics.
  Blizzard's senior audio director Russell Brower departs studio
image After joining the World of Warcraft creator over a decade ago, Brower has worked on almost every single Blizzard release since The Burning Crusade expansion, including recent hits like Hearthstone and Diablo III.
9 Understanding the battle between stores, devs, customers, and publishers
image All of the major game stores (Steam, GOG, Origin, Uplay, itch, etc) serve different groups at the same time, many of which have competing interests. Here's how that balances out.
1 Gigantic dev makes a case for why games should look like candy
image "Candy is completely engineered to entice you to pick it up," says Gigantic lead concept artist Vinod Rams in a recent livestreamed chat about the game's design, development, and alluring art style.
  Churning out Tomb Raider games in the '90s 'just about killed us', says former dev
image "We worked long, long hours," Core Studios cofounder and former game dev Jeremy Heath-Smith tells Polygon in a new interview. "But we also earned an awful lot of money."
1 Microsoft's earnings continue to rise, despite lagging Xbox hardware sales
image Microsoft's latest earnings report suggests its Xbox software and services businesses appear to be on an upswing even as revenue from sales of Xbox consoles slips ahead of the Xbox One X debut.
  Video: Shigeru Miyamoto's classic 1999 GDC keynote
image In this classic video, restored from the GDC archives, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto speaks to his fellow game makers as part of his keynote address at the 1999 Game Developers Conference.
  Gamasutra plays the Destiny 2 beta
image We checked out the Destiny 2 closed beta...and wiped. To the same boss. Over, and over, and over, again.
  Get a job: Tilting Point is hiring a Sr. Game Designer
image Tilting Point is looking for an experienced Game Designer with a deep understanding of free-to-play design to join its team in New York.
4 Don't Miss: Making a multi-character RPG narrative in Supergiant's Pyre
image "We got excited by the idea of the player getting close to an interesting cast of characters over the course of a grand journey, and having some impact over what happened to them," says Supergiant's Greg Kasavin.
  Antihero, Wandersong among 2017 PAX 10 indie showcase picks
image The organizers behind the Penny Arcade Expo’s Seattle chapter have named the colorful cast of indie games set to be featured in this year’s PAX 10 showcase.
  U.S. lifts laptop and game console ban for international flights
image After a four month ban, game developers and other professionals traveling to the US from a number of Middle-Eastern countries will once again have access to their electronics during international flights.
16 Blog: Protect your Steam Keys (and your brand)
image This is the story of how shortly after releasing a tiny, five dollar indie game, I was inundated by every scam imaginable to steal my delicious Steam keys.
  VRDC Speaker Q&A: Jennifer Hazel on utilizing VR during exposure therapy
image Jennifer Hazel founded the CheckPoint Organization and will be at VRDC 2017. Here, Hazel discusses what makes VR effective for phobia treatment.

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arrowPress Releases
Indie Design Process: 13 Steps to Go from Idea to Coding
image Looking for inspiration? This step-by-step guide from Archmages Rises creator Thomas Henshell will kickstart your creative process.
Failing Like A Champ
image Learning from your mistakes isn't always easy. Nathan Ranney explains how failure can be an important step toward creating better games.
Tips for Path Animation in Unity
image University of Ontario Institute of Technology student Samantha Stahlke shares her team's techniques for Unity path animation, which proved crucial during a recent project.
YDY CG PTE. LTD. YDY is a 2D art design service provider for games. We provide concept art design, illustration, UI/ICON design, matte painting and storyboard design services. Our clients includes Zynga, Storm8, SEGA, Ateam, Mobility Ware, High Voltage, Netease, Changy
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
Uxmagicians Inc.
Uxmagicians Inc. 2k, Gree, Nexon, Pipeworks and many more have trusted their UI/UX to the Uxmagicians. We have designed 10+ top grossing hits, let us design your next top grossing game. Check out our work at
General Arcade
General Arcade General Arcade is a porting house and game developer. Over the years we've provided programming services to a number of game studios and publishers including Capcom, 3D Realms, Devolver Digital, Gambitious, Kongregate, GOG, Vlambeer, etc.
RYZIN ART RYZIN Art is a focused art team dedicated to creating the worlds best art content for bleeding edge games.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, MachineZone, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world’s leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Sankraman Productions
Sankraman Productions We provide high quality art to developers and publishers of all sizes ranging from 3D games for PC/Console (next gen AAA quality) , mobile games, social games, cinematics, commercials, animation and bringing ideas and dreams to reality.

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