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May 26, 2018
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  Former Dragon Age director reflects on the ups and downs of development
image In an interview published by Eurogamer earlier today, former BioWare director Mike Laidlaw discusses his personal achievements and failures while working on the Dragon Age series.
12 Don't Miss: The disconnect between game designers and consumers
image This blog post by Josh Bycer presents an interesting question: How much should consumers know about making games?
  Get a job: Join PlayQ as a UI/UX Designer
image PlayQ is looking for a dev to be responsible for working directly with the product, design, and art teams to craft delightfully intuitive user experiences and design beautiful UI.
  Steam's Spring Cleaning event takes aim at overflowing backlogs
image Valve has kicked off a Spring Cleaning event that encourages players to spend some time with the less played or forgotten games in their Steam Library.
  We're talking to the developer of Moonlighter at 3PM EDT on Twitch
image We're streaming Digital Sun's Moonlighter starting at 3PM EST and talking to the game's lead developer.
  Blog: Translating a game from Unity to Bitsy
image Developer Pippin Barr writes about the process of development and specific insights into translating a game between radically different game engines.
2 Blog: Developing procedural dialog in a game about tech support
image Indie game Tech Support: Error Unknown uses procedurally-generated conversations to make dialogue flow naturally over the course of the game. Developer Kevin Giguere explains how it all works.
  Designing highly replayable stealth levels for Payday 2
image Jason Mojica, former level designer Payday 2, explains how his team built highly-replayable stealth levels for the popular online first-person shooter.
10 Valve's Steam Link app blocked by Apple due to 'business conflicts'
image This is significant because it locks down Valve's ability to reach iOS users, and according to Valve it was done retroactively after the Steam Link app had been approved by Apple.
  Video: What game designers really want out of AI
image In this GDC 2018 talk, a panel of game designers go over what problems they wish artificial intelligence could solve for them when making games.
  Honesty contributed to Subsurface Circular's 2 percent refund rate
image Developer on Subsurface Circular Mike Bithell explains why the game has a two percent refund rate on Steam.
  Wolfenstein 2 accounted for speedrunners in its design
image Speaking at a panel during Digital Dragons this past weekend, designers and artists from studios discussed their opinion on speedrunners discovering ways to skip past certain parts of their games.
1 Mixer rolls out MixPlay, a tool for creating interactive stream overlays
image Microsoft has rolled out a series of updates for its streaming service Mixer as part of the platform’s birthday celebrations, one of which allows developers to build interactive stream overlays.
  Get a job: ZeniMax Online Studios is hiring an ESO Monetization Designer
image The team at ZeniMax Online Studios is looking for someone to develop, analyze, and manage economy and monetization components for Elder Scrolls: Online and the company's other games.
  Caffeine rolls out stream monetization program, complete with payouts for devs
image The social streaming platform Caffeine has launched a pre-release version of a monetization program that will ultimately funnel cash to both live streamers and the developers of the games being played.
10 Opinion: So, you want to talk about porn on Steam
image "There is simply no cure that isn’t worse than the disease," writes Katherine Cross of Steam's attempted porn crackdown. "Valve is condemning itself to learn this age-old truism the hard way."
1 Don't Miss: How Maxis avoided sequel-itis on The Sims 2
image The Sims 2 developers share what went right and wrong during development of the 2004 sequel to The Sims, exploring how the team struck a balance between fan expectations and innovation.
2 GDPR changes prompt Torn Banner Studios to shut down Mirage: Arcane Warfare
image Mirage: Arcane Warfare, an online game released by Torn Banner Studios last year, has been removed from sale as its developer readies to shut the game’s servers down for good.
  YoYo Games opens publishing division to elevate GameMaker Studio 2 projects
image GameMaker Studio 2 creator YoYo Games has opened up a new publishing branch completely devoted to supporting indie games created using its development tool.
  Josh Sawyer shares a boatload of design insight from Pillars of Eternity II
image Watch Obsidian Entertainment's design director discuss the decisions that drove development on Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  H1Z1 gains early F2P traction on PlayStation 4
image Daybreak Games, the studio behind free-to-play battle royale game H1Z1, said the game hit 1.5 million players and 200,000 concurrent players just after its open beta launch on PlayStation 4.
3 Blog: Group pathfinding and movement in RTS games
image A practical approach to problems making group movement feel good and co-ordinated in an RTS style game.
  How the BattleTech devs built an engrossing tactics game on a budget
image BattleTech game director Mike McCain and Harebrained manager Mitch Gitelman discuss the trade-offs and dev techniques that helped them ship a game that matched promises made on Kickstarter.
  Video: A practical guide to porting your indie game to consoles
image At GDC 2018 PlayEveryWare's Thomas O'Connor shines a light on the technical and administrative work that goes into getting a console game out the door.
2 The future of PlayStation may be portable, says Sony exec
image According to PlayStation boss John Kodera, the possibility of PlayStation embracing portable games may again be a part of the company's future.

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  Designing Highly Replayable Stealth Levels for Payday 2
by Jason Mojica
This post is about how we built highly replayable stealth levels for Payday 2 and the ways we...
  b r 1: Notes on Translating from Unity to Bitsy
by Pippin Barr
In this essay I write about the creation of b r 1 (Bitsy Reality 1), a Bitsy remake of v r 1, a...
2 Developing a procedural dialogue system for Tech Support: Error Unknown
by Kevin Giguere
Tech Support uses procedurally generated conversations to make dialogue flow naturally between the...
  Game Design Beyond Screens & Joysticks - Game Interaction Loop (2/5)
by Tatiana Vilela dos Santos
Tatiana Vilela dos Santos is an indie game designer and digital artist. She makes games with unique...
10 Five Productivity Tips for Solo Devs
by Shane Neville
Working solo is hard. Procrastination, distraction and lack of motivation can destroy a project. ...

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arrowPress Releases
Ascension: From Game Jam To Xbox One In 12 Months
image Kenny Creanor reflects on the 365 days he spent developing oOo: Ascension, explaining how a simple game jam project transformed into a fully fledged Xbox One release.
Results From Game Design Challenge: Combat-Free Zone
image Game Career Guide's readers envision the combat-free future of massively multiplayer online games in these winning entries for May's Game Design Challenge.
Breaking Down The Costs Of A Convention Showcase
image Is your game ready for a public appearance? 1manstudio's An Lieu details the hidden costs of renting and operating a booth at a fan convention.
GameVision Studios
GameVision Studios Disney, Kabam, King, Glu Mobile, DeNA, PoketGems, and many more. The world's leading mobile game companies have trusted GameVision to deliver art assets for their top grossing games. Why not join them? Contact GameVision today!
Art Bully Productions LLC
Art Bully Productions LLC Art Bully Productions was founded in 2008 by 3d art professionals who have years of experience in the video game industry. We pride ourselves on delivering AAA quality work at very competitive rates to developers of all sizes.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
Mad Marker Studios
Mad Marker Studios

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