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May 5, 2015
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May 5, 2015
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  Former Call of Duty, Lost Planet developer Spark Unlimited ends game dev
image The Los Angeles-based studio which last developed Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for Tecmo Koei has shut down according to evidence from across the web.
  PlayStation Now continues rollout to PS3, with Vita not far behind
image Sony confirms that in less than two weeks, its streaming service will roll out to the PlayStation 3... and is already playable on Vita.
  5 tips for increasing F2P monetization, from Monster Legends' devs
image "We asked him how indie devs can think about monetization for their mobile game more creatively, and boiled down his words of wisdom into these five tips."
  Get a job: Be a Senior Technical Artist at NetherRealm Studios
image The team responsible for Mortal Kombat X seeks an experienced technical artist to join the team at its Chicago, IL studio and improve the studio's workflow for creating assets for games.
  This War Of Mine and the challenges of making games about war
image Speaking to The New Yorker, 11 Bit Studios reflects on why This War Of Mine is so unlike all other modern war games, and what burden designers bear for drawing inspiration from real conflicts.
8 Android vs. iOS and the YouTuber effect: Mobile sales for Prison Life RPG
image This dev spent a year developing the premium-priced Prison Life RPG 2 for iOS and Android. Was it time well spent? This post offers a dive into the sales numbers and what affected them.
4 Don't Miss: The classic postmortem of Shadows of the Empire
image This classic 1997 postmortem by the late Mark Haigh-Hutchinson, originally printed in Game Developer magazine, goes behind the scenes on early Nintendo 64 title Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire.
2 Video: Will Wright tries to design humanity's last game
image In this 12-minute snippet of the final Game Design Challenge at GDC 2013, high-profile designer Will Wright steps up to the task of designing "the last game that humanity will ever play."
  The shape of the global game market, through 2018
image Data from Digi-Capital takes a look at the growing slice of the pie mobile games represent in the overall business -- and the impact of Asia on the games market -- through 2018.
  Using frame data to aid asymmetrical balance in fighting games
image "Balancing any game can be a difficult, time-consuming task. I theorize that Battle High's balance could have been better had I approached it from the standpoint of well-designed frame data as early as possible."
  This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Bloodborne to Dracula
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Lana Polansky on topics ranging from the development scenes of Saudi Arabia and Russian-occupied Crimea to the literary underpinnings of From Software's Bloodborne.
3 Not every game has to be free-to-play
image "What I am saying is, 'Not every game has to be F2P'. Some games, like Monument Valley by ustwo or Year Walk by Simogo, are built as experiences focused on immersion."
  GDC Europe 2015 calls for Innovative Games Showcase submissions
image GDC Europe 2015 organizers have opened call for submissions to the second annual European Innovative Games Showcase at the Cologne, Germany show this August.
1 I hate my popular game: A Star Driller Ultra post-mortem
image "Clearly, a lot of people liked the game, with the comment section on the site being largely positive. But I have a major confession to make about the game: I hate it."
2 How thinking about mobile video ad placement boosted our revenue
image "This relatively straightforward fix in the ad set-up resulted in increased ads per DAU. Specifically, there was a 50 percent increase in ads per DAU on iOS and a 70 percent increase on Android."
4 Tengami: The art of a folding world
image Tengami is a game built "within the constraints of an authentically folding pop-up book" -- and here's how the team did it -- both the learning process and a detailed workflow.
2 'What impact has the game modding community had on your career?' Exclusive
image With mods in the news, we wondered: What effect did the mod scene have on the developers who follow us on Twitter? We asked them.
5 See Square Enix's DirectX 12-powered Final Fantasy graphics in a new video
image It's become a game industry tradition that the Final Fantasy developer shows off its latest and greatest realtime facial animation as tech demos, and this one's a doozy.
  Get a job: Temple Run's Imangi Studios seeks a Senior Game Developer
image Imangi Studios, creators of the massively popular Temple Run franchise, seek a multidisciplinary "Senior Game Developer" who is optimally proficient in Unity, too.
  HoloLens, Minecraft hookup envisioned before Microsoft bought Mojang
image "Let’s have a game that, in fact, will fundamentally help us change new categories. HoloLens was very much in the works then, and we knew it," says Microsoft's CEO.
  Video: Designing procedural stealth for Invisible, Inc.
image Klei designer James Lantz showcases how to tackle new mechanics and breaks down the design of Invisible, Inc.'s procedural stealth, from its conception to its conclusion.
9 Hands-on: Looking at AR game dev through Microsoft's HoloLens
image Microsoft brought a few crates of HoloLens prototypes to its developer conference in San Francisco this week, so Gamasutra spent an afternoon tinkering with the upcoming augmented reality headset.
7 Don't Miss: Making Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon the Nintendo way
image In this classic interview, four developers of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon -- two from Vancouver-based Next Level Games, two from Nintendo -- discuss their collaborative game development process.
2 Blog: Mood swings and character development
image "Virtual characters are far from feeling like real humans, but one thing that we have that machines do not, is ... a mood. Why can't we try to simulate this very essence of human behavior?"
3 Former Candy Crush frontman opens a studio to make 'calmer' VR games
image Former King games guru Tommy Palm has cofounded Stockholm-based Resolution Games with a coterie of other game industry veterans to make "calmer" VR games that are "accessible to the entire family."

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  Video (screencast): The Futility of Striving for a "Great Idea" or "Great Innovation"
by Lewis Pulsipher
Look at the history of games (both video and tabletop) and you'll realize that "great innovations"...
4 C# memory and performance tips for Unity
by Robert Zubek
A collection of C# performance tips for Unity, focusing on identifying and removing unnecessary...
  5 tips on running a successful Kickstarter campaign
by Albert Palka
Running a Kickstarter isn't as easy as one might think. It requires a lot of prep work, dedication...
  The tale of the tale of Sunset
by Michael Samyn
How we wrote the story for our upcoming release Sunset with the aid of a script-writing tool and...
  Leaders dominate $45 billion mobile games revenue forecast by 2018
by Tim Merel
Games leaders to dominate $45 billion mobile games revenue forecast by 2018, with Android games...

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May 5, 2015
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Agni Interactive, Inc
Agni Interactive, Inc Agni Interactive is a creative content development company focusing on bringing our clients’ creative vision to life through concept art/pre-production, production art services, mobile game design and development services. Our clients include DeNA, Storm8
Exis, LLC
Exis, LLC XCOM, CIV, Bioshock Infinite, World of Tanks, the list goes on.Top publishers and defense contractors count on Exis to deliver their assets. Why not join them, and get the best art possible for your projects?
SomaTone Interactive Inc.
SomaTone Interactive Inc. SomaTone Interactive (STi) is the leading provider of premium music, sound design, voice-over, and audio integration services for gaming and interactive entertainment companies. With over 1000 games to our credit over our 10 year history, including top s
Guenther & Associates
Guenther & Associates A CPA Firm that provides Specialized Accounting, Legal and Tax Services to the Video Game Industry.
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio, is a next-gen entertainment design firm based in the "silicon valley of India". We are a "Quality First" studio where we focus our passion, energy and skills to deliver exemplary next-gen art for all platforms.
Roboto Roboto is a young art production studio with AAA game development in its DNA. We are dedicated to creating excellent art quality and providing a reliable service at competitive rates

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Making 2D Art for an Indie Game
image Harri Jokinen offers help for anyone creating a 2D indie game, giving hints regarding how to get the most out of your artwork and assets.
From the Trenches: Random Game Production Tips
image Laura Bularca presents a series of production-oriented tips learned first-hand during difficult development sessions.
Using Behavior Trees to Create Retro Boss AI
image Want to quickly and efficiently create an AI routine for a retro-styled boss enemy? Cody Olivier explains how.