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April 23, 2014
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April 23, 2014
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3 How arcade games have come, gone, and could come again GDMag Exclusive
image In this classic Game Developer magazine column, Nolan Bushnell explains why arcade machines failed and how location-based video games could still thrive in the age of online technology.
  Massive Atari archive heads to ICHEG for preservation
image The National Museum of Play's International Center for the History of Electronic Games has acquired a thousands-strong collection of Atari coin-op materials, stretching from 1972-1999.
5 No more excuses: Apple now labels apps with IAP on App Store charts
image Today's iOS update adds a new labeling system to the App Store charts and lists to highlight games and other apps that offer in-app purchases.
  The best part about King's expansion into Japan are the TV ads
image Candy Crush Saga developer King has opened an office in Tokyo, Japan in order to localize King games for the lucrative Japanese mobile market.
  New documentary delves into the game industry's LGBTQ presence
image You can now pay what you want for Gaming In Color, a feature-length documentary film that seeks to elucidate and explore what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ community within the game industry.
  3 tips for organizing internal hackathons
image "Before organizing a hackathon, think about the goals you hope to accomplish, as well as the strategies and logistics that will resonate well within your company culture."
5 10 insightful playtest questions
image "Playtests are always a valuable way to evaluate the state of your game, but it's important to observe the right signs and ask the right questions in order to get objective and worthwhile feedback."
5 Electronic music for fun, games, and profit: A complete beginner's guide
image Paul Taylor of Mode 7 Games (Frozen Synapse) shares "the absolute basics with an emphasis on the practical rather than the theoretical" when it comes to getting started with game music.
4 Rebel Jam aims to turn a game jam disaster into something positive
image The games industry read on in collective despair last month, as it came to light that a production company had attempted (rather hideously) to film a game jam in the format of a reality television show.
1 Rehearsals and Returns: A game about conversations that'll never take place Exclusive
image Rehearsals and Returns, from Independent Games Festival 2011 nominee Peter Brinson, plays with the ideas of effort vs. rewards, life, and death.
1 Namco Bandai goes big on free-to-play with Rise of Incarnates
image After dabbling in the free-to-play model over the last couple of years, Namco Bandai is looking to hit the sweet spot with the newly announced Rise of Incarnates.
  NetEase is bringing Heroes of the Storm to China
image Heroes of the Storm, the upcoming MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment, will see a release in China via NetEase, the internet company that already operates Blizzard's World of Warcraft in the East.
2 Think you don't have the resources for user testing? Think again
image "User testing is critical, especially when you donít have resources to spare. The long-term benefits far outweigh the short-term costs, and if you do it right, you'll make a better game."
1 Codemasters reveals plan to re-focus the GRID series
image "On release of GRID 2, I think it's fair to say that... we hadn't quite achieved everything we set out to do." - Ben Walke, Codemasters, explains how the company molded the next GRID game.
1 An evolutionary algorithm in action: Darwin's Nightmare
image "In this game, all enemy craft designs are obtained by varying a unique genotype: whenever a new ship appears on the screen, digital DNA is recombined to create a new type."
2 Q&A: How self-publishing brought Age of Wonders 3 back to life Exclusive
image In the wake of this fantasy 4X strategy game's remarkable launch, Gamasutra sits down with Age of Wonders 3 lead designer Lennart Sas to find out why the studio waited 11 years to return to its roots.
2 Game consoles are go in China, as government sets regulations
image The country's government finally, fully opens up its market to video game consoles -- as long as the companies selling them follow the guidelines.
  AbleGamers raises over $30k to help players with disabilities
image Charity which focuses on outreach, consultation, and grants around video game players with disabilities gets its biggest boost ever -- with help from the industry.
4 This Week in Video Game Criticism: Everybody Loves Garrus
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics including the political agenda of Halo and why Garrus Vakarian is Mass Effect's most enduring character.
  Get a job: Crystal Dynamics is hiring an Environment Artist
image The developer of the Tomb Raider reboot is looking to hire environment artists to work alongside the cinematics team in its Redwood City, CA office.
2 Blog: 25 years of Game Boy
image Brian Davis (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) shares memories of the joy of getting a Game Boy in his youth, as Nintendo's first portable system turns 25.
7 How I beat burnout and started having fun making games again
image An independent game developer writes about the dangers of crunch, the wonder of flow and his path from recovery to burnout.
1 Blog: Ethical game design - My precepts
image "A simple set of precepts that I can easily remember and refer to for guidance. They aren't perfect, but they're enough to remind me of what I've decided is important."
  It's been 25 years since Nintendo first released the Game Boy
image Nintendo released the original Game Boy in Japan on April 21, 1989, which means that a ton of 25-year retrospectives and tributes to the little brick have been published. Here's one worth reading.
12 Blog: Diversity, Halo, and the 'sexual/political agenda' of Fragments of Him
image "It is possible to see an agenda in Halo, if we wish to look for it, just as it is possible to see one in Fragments of Him, but I know which game is more likely to be discussed in terms its agenda."

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2 Forcing the Hard Currency in F2P Games
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Forge Studios
Forge Studios Forge Studios is an outsourcing production services studio founded by an experienced team of professionals. Our team has worked on a variety of projects providing high quality in-game content as well as engine integration, workflow setup, art direction.
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Technicolor Game Services
Technicolor Game Services
ADIA Entertainment Ltd.
ADIA Entertainment Ltd. Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Game Design Studio, The
Game Design Studio, The Need help in game or level design? The Game Design Studio is home of Pascal Luban, freelance game designer with 17+ years of experience, Lead Level designer on the multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio is an young entertainment design firm specializing in concept art and other art production services. Our artists have worked on many AAA title games from top studios.
AXION STUDIOS Ltd. We are located in Hong Kong and providing the best Digital Art with guaranteed quality services for the game industry around the world.
Principle Audio
Principle Audio Principle Audio - young and ambitious outsourcing company, sound design for games. We are engaged in casual, social games, games for iOS, Android. Some of our projects: Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Tap the Frog, Mirrors of Albion, Starborn Wandereres.

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Sponsored: Evolution Games offers coaching from top game schools
image GotChosen introduces Evolution Games, a ground-breaking new platform allowing indie game developers to compete for cash prizes up to $10,000.
How to Start Making Games
image James Cox retraces the steps he took in becoming a fully fledged game developer, explaining how beginners with no coding knowledge can start making games immediately.
Interview: Full Sail's Wendy Despain on Teaching Interactive Storytellers
image Connor Cleary has a chat with Narrative Designer and Consultant Wendy Despain, discussing her experiences in teaching game writing at Full Sail University.