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October 1, 2014
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October 1, 2014
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1 Don't Miss: Gamasutra's new podcast, Talking Devs - Desert Golfing
image This is the first in a new podcast series from Gamasutra, called Talking Devs. The pilot episodes sees Bennett Foddy and Douglas Wilson discussing Desert Golfing on mobile.
1 Four hackers indicted for breaking into Valve and Microsoft servers
image Besides allegedly stealing Gears of War 3 game code, they also hacked into U.S. Army networks and stole training software for Apache helicopter pilots -- data worth, in total, over $100 million.
  Find out how to make games for a YouTube audience, at GDC Next 2014
image GDC Next 2014 featuring ADC has two new talks to announce today: One about the keys to making a a game that goes viral; another about cross-platform games for the web and mobile.
  Fire Hose Games' accelerator program aims to offer indies what they need
image Indie Megabooth co-founder Eitan Glinert has launched a program to help out small developers: an incubator, modeled after those in the tech world, and located at his Boston-based studio, Fire Hose Games.
7 Has the new Steam clenched the holy grail of digital distribution?
image "I for one cautiously welcome our NewSteam overlords," writes Defender's Quest developer Lars Doucet, in this look at what the new Steam Discovery landscape has wrought.
1 Is Portal 2 a better brain-training game than brain-training games?
image A recent study from Florida State psychology researchers pit two kinds of games against one another to see which is actually “better” for your brain: "entertainment" games or "brain-training" games.
2 52,000 buildings, 60 frames per second
image Solving the problem: "If you don't set hard coded limits, someone will play until they find another one -- memory, CPU, GPU, you name it."
  On the back of mobile success, InnoGames opens new studio
image The Hamburg-based studio, best known for making browser games, has an iPad hit -- and now expands to Dusseldorf to beef up its mobile offerings.
3 Uncertainty leads to the best horror games, says Resident Evil creator
image "The horror experience is most scary when the player really isn’t sure whether their character is going to live or die." - Shinji Mikami, best known as the creator of the Resident Evil series, discusses what he believes makes horror stories the most tense.
7 There is a Tetris sci-fi movie in the works
image With all the movie adaptations of video games that have popped up over the years, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to turn Tetris into a movie.
  Grand Theft Auto music vets found new audio production company
image Craig Conner and Will Morton, previously senior audio designers at Grand Theft Auto studio Rockstar North, have left the company to found their own audio production company.
1 Blog: What indie developers can learn from The Making of Karateka
image "The parallels in The Making Of Karateka to developing indie games today are uncanny. For me, reading it was an experience of universal truth, validation, and exhilaration at the unfolding story of struggle and success."
1 Blog: Learning games marketing from one of the greats
image "Don’t bore your fans. Don’t bore potential customers. Don’t bore publishers. No one will be bored into buying your game, vision or company."
10 Beautifully economic art: How 80 Days did it
image How the 80 Days devs generated great-looking art on the cheap: "What art style can we use that's economical, practical, beautiful and expressive? From where can we draw inspiration?"
4 Blog: How RPGs got me through my parents' divorce
image "At a time of life when my world was unravelling and shrinking, the game world provided a place of vast exploration."
  Get a job: Wicked Loot is hiring a 3D Artist & Animator
image Wicked Loot is seeking "an experienced lead 3D artist to join the team and help define the artistic vision for our games on PC and mobile."
4 Don't Miss: The very good reasons for Bennett Foddy's mad Speed Chess Exclusive
image "I hate chess," independent game developer Bennett Foddy tells Gamasutra. "It focuses heavily on three things I am bad at: thinking ahead, book learning, and waiting for a really long time."
  This Week in Video Game Criticism: Into the Loot Cave of Destiny
image This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Zach Alexander on topics ranging from the danger of stereotypes to the Loot Cave of Destiny.
1 The designer's production guide
image How to remove "much of the risk of creating a monster concept that would, ultimately, eat your company, money, and team."
  A dev's view of the White House Game Jam
image "By bringing together developers with a variety of roles and from a variety of places, the organizers have enlivened the conversation of what it means to make educational games."
14 So they made you a lead. Now what?
image Double Fine's Oliver Franzke on leading a team: "What to do after you get promoted into a leadership position should be a trivial question to answer, but in my experience the opposite is true."
6 Analysis: Clash of Clans vs. Boom Beach - The habit
image "The lower retention numbers of Boom Beach definitely go in line with that research and it is really hard to believe there is no one at Supercell taking notes."
1 Nintendo's ex-indie head Dan Adelman reveals his next move
image Dan Adelman, formerly the guy behind Nintendo's connections with indie devs, has revealed that he's working on PlayStation-exclusive Axiom Verge.
1 Blog: Emotional parameters
image "I was wondering how feasible it might be to have a whole new group of more abstracted parameters that reflected things like how the player felt."
25 Blog: No fun
image "As a player, I want games to engage my personality, not just my reflexes or wits. As a player, I want games to change me as any form of art does. As a player, I don't want to have fun every single time I play."

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October 1, 2014
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ADIA Entertainment Ltd.
ADIA Entertainment Ltd. Adia Digital Art is one of China's biggest digital art production companies, and one of the main go-to outsource solutions in Asia for game developers world-wide.
Zvky Design Studio
Zvky Design Studio Zvky Design Studio is an young entertainment design firm specializing in concept art and other art production services. Our artists have worked on many AAA title games from top studios.
Game Design Studio, The
Game Design Studio, The Need help in game or level design? The Game Design Studio is home of Pascal Luban, freelance game designer with 17+ years of experience, Lead Level designer on the multiplayer versions of both Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.
Technicolor Game Services
Technicolor Game Services
Forge Studios
Forge Studios Forge Studios is an outsourcing production services studio founded by an experienced team of professionals. Our team has worked on a variety of projects providing high quality in-game content as well as engine integration, workflow setup, art direction.
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design
Clean Cuts Music & Sound Design Clean Cuts is an award winning audio facility with over 25 years of experience in original music composition, custom sound design, audio implementation, and voice over casting. We have 14 audio suites, 16 sound designers, and staff 3 full-time composers.
Principle Audio
Principle Audio Principle Audio - young and ambitious outsourcing company, sound design for games. We are engaged in casual, social games, games for iOS, Android. Some of our projects: Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Tap the Frog, Mirrors of Albion, Starborn Wandereres.
AXION STUDIOS Ltd. We are located in Hong Kong and providing the best Digital Art with guaranteed quality services for the game industry around the world.

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