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May 25, 2018
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Category: Design

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Posted by Jason Mojica on 05/25/18 04:00:00 am in Design
This post is about how we built highly replayable stealth levels for Payday 2 and the ways we utilized randomization to keep things fresh each playthrough.

Posted by Gregory Pellechi on 05/25/18 09:48:00 am in Design
Procedural generation is great at short scenes. But it takes a storyteller to create a compelling narrative that runs throughout an entire game. And it's stories we remember - not graphics, mechanics or systems.

Posted by Stephen Schafer on 05/24/18 09:49:00 am in Design
The concept behind the development of a Psychecology game (PEG) prototype is that authentic game-play based on the most current cognitive research and the principles of dream analysis identified by Carl Jung can promote individual and collective psycholog

Posted by Pippin Barr on 05/24/18 09:48:00 am in Design
In this essay I write about the creation of b r 1 (Bitsy Reality 1), a Bitsy remake of v r 1, a Unity game. I write about the process of development and specific insights into translating a game between radically different game engines.

Posted by Kevin Giguere on 05/24/18 09:47:00 am in Design
Tech Support uses procedurally generated conversations to make dialogue flow naturally between the 200+ customers a player encounters over the course of the game, and adding variance to make every chat feel unique.

Posted by Troy Bird on 05/24/18 09:47:00 am in Design
A good ‘god game’ will balance the influence the player has with the characters onscreen, not too separated that the player feels like they have absolutely no control, but enough that it doesn’t become 'The Sims' where the player can control everything.