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Posted by Thomas Grip on 05/24/17 09:57:00 am in Design
This article goes over a framework for understanding how videogames work. It divides games into systems, story, and a mental model, and then shows how these interact.

Posted by Bryant Francis on 05/24/17 09:56:00 am in Design
Horizon Zero Dawn's apocalypse, and the way it's told to the player, isn't just another video game setting. Here's a look at how its staggered nature creates dynamic storytelling moments worth emulating.

Posted by Josh Bycer on 05/26/17 09:55:00 am in Design
Today's post looks at the knowledge gap between consumers and designers, and if there is an easy way to close it.

Posted by Jakub Dockal on 05/25/17 01:45:00 pm in Design
Building system is core mechanic in our upcoming FPS with TD elements called Band of Defenders. And it wasn't easy to make it as simple and fun as possible.

Posted by Matej Lancaric on 05/25/17 10:01:00 am in Design
Long story short, we have tripled DAU and monthly revenues by launching Diggy’s Adventure on iOS and Android. We were spending 1 Million EUR a month on paid user acquisition during Global Launch.

Posted by Barisbi Alborov on 05/25/17 10:00:00 am in Design
In 2012 two prominent narrative driven games were released: Mass Effect 3 and Telltale’s The Walking Dead. Both games are built on one promise: your choices matter. One is considered to be great and the other not so much. Why? Let's try to find out.