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April 25, 2017
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Blog: A guide to mobile marketing art testing 1
by Gamasutra Community [04.19.17]
A basic guide to setting up mobile marketing art testing: from deciding if you should run a test to figuring out what to do with the results.
Smartphone/Tablet, Art, Business/Marketing

Crafting the multiple victory states of the RTS Northgard 2
by Alan Bradley [04.19.17]
“Vikings are always portrayed as strong warriors, but they were also explorers and merchants, with a strong oral culture. This is translated into the game through the Lore, Trade and Fame victories.”
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video

Last Of Us lighting artist offers devs a tip: set the mood with a single light  
by Alex Wawro [04.18.17]
While it sounds oversimplified, if you can get a strong base for that end result as much as possible, it goes a long way," Naughty Dog lighting artist Gabe Betancourt tells 80 Level. "Less is more."
Console/PC, Indie, Art

Blizzard gives StarCraft a new patch and a new price: free  
by Alex Wawro [04.18.17]
Nearly twenty years after Blizzard released its space-y RTS StarCraft, the studio has issued a patch for it (and its expansion pack Brood War) and made it freely available as one of its classic games.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: How culling works 2
by Vaughan Young [04.18.17]
In this timeless feature, veteran coder Vaughan Young breaks down how different kinds of culling (frustum, occlusion and back face) work -- and how they can be applied to help devs make better games.
Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design

Video: Lessons learned retrofitting Evolve for accessibility  
by Staff [04.18.17]
At GDC 2017, Gaikai's Tara Voelker breaks down what Turtle Rock learned when it took steps to make the asymmetrical multiplayer shooter more accessible to more players post-launch.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Design, Video, Vault

Facebook teases phone-powered AR game platform for later this year  
by Alissa McAloon [04.18.17]
Speaking at the F8 developer conference earlier today, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg lightly detailed plans to roll out a phone-powered AR game platform before the close of 2017.
VR, Smartphone/Tablet

New Facebook game initiatives aim to win back devs and reshape strategy 2
by Kris Graft [04.18.17]
With web-based social games years past their prime, Facebook has been looking for realistic ways to reshape its games business and rebuild interest -- and trust -- with game developers.
Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Business/Marketing

Get a job: Vicarious Visions is hiring a Lighting Artist  
by Staff [04.18.17]
Vicarious Visions is looking for a Lighting Artist to join its Albany, New York-based team and light levels, characters, and in-game cinematics for the Destiny series.
Console/PC, Art

How Spelunky's designer set out to create complexity with simplicity  
by Alissa McAloon [04.18.17]
The documentary series Noclip interviewed the creators of the procedurally generated platformer Spelunky to find out how the game came to be and what makes it tick.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video

Don't Miss: What game devs love about classic LucasArts adventure games 30
by Frank Cifaldi [04.18.17]
Full Throttle is the latest LucasArts classic to see a remaster, so be sure to take a look back at this 2013 feature to find out why many game devs think these adventure games have become timeless.
Console/PC, Design

Netmarble setting aside $4.4 billion for post-IPO shopping spree
by Chris Kerr [04.18.17]
South Korean mobile game giant Netmarble plans to set aside $4.4 billion to fund more acquisitions following next month's IPO. 

Twitch introducing two new subscription tiers
by Chris Kerr [04.18.17]
UPDATE: Twitch has confirmed an upcoming, opt-in beta will introduce $9.99 and $24.99 per month subscription options in an effort to help streamers earn a steady income through the platform.

The NES Classic Edition has been discontinued worldwide
by Chris Kerr [04.18.17]
The NES Classic Edition has been discontinued worldwide, with Nintendo telling Eurogamer that manufacturing has stopped altogether.

Blog: Making it up as you go along in The Franz Kafka Videogame
by Gamasutra Community [04.18.17]
The developer behind The Franz Kafka Videogame explains how he defied his previous game studio experience and totally improvised through the course of a game's development.
Console/PC, Indie, Design

The Signal from Tolva: Small team makes a big open world shooter 3
by Chris Priestman [04.18.17]
A series of smart, pragmatic design decisions allowed the tiny team at Big Robot Games to craft the big open world shooter The Signal from Tölva.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video

New doc sheds light on how Guerrilla built the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn  
by Alex Wawro [04.17.17]
Over the weekend, Dutch broadcaster VPRO published a 45-minute documentary to YouTube about Dutch studio Guerrilla Games and its work on the remarkably successful open-world game Horizon: Zero Dawn.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Watch devs analyze what works about Breath of the Wild's design  
by Alex Wawro [04.17.17]
Game Informer hosts Campo Santo's Jake Rodkin, 17-Bit's Jake Kazdal, ArenaNet's Aaron Linde & Ghost Story Games' Ken Levine to discuss (in depth!) the design of Nintendo's new Zelda.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Have a peek inside the AI code of Street Fighter II  
by Alex Wawro [04.17.17]
Earlier this year a developer who is reverse-engineering Street Fighter II: The World Warrior published something fellow devs may get a kick out of: a detailed breakdown of how the game's AI works.
Console/PC, Programming

How Blizzard rebuilds Overwatch characters for Heroes of the Storm  
by Bryant Francis [04.17.17]
As Genji leaps into the fray in Heroes of the Storm, we chat with game director Alan Dabiri about the challenges behind importing new characters from other Blizzard games.
Console/PC, Design