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March 23, 2017
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Video: Designing Zelda: Breath of the Wild's unconventional mechanics  
by Staff [03.10.17]
At GDC 2017, some of the lead developers on Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild talk earnestly about how (and why) they designed the game's convention-breaking systems and mechanics.
Console/PC, Design, Video, Vault

Get a job: Wargaming is hiring a Software Engineer  
by Staff [03.10.17]
Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced Software Engineer with good knowledge of low level systems programming to work on its PC game engine.
Console/PC, Programming

Don't Miss: Top 7 ways to ignore player feedback 17
by Gamasutra Community [03.10.17]
"Here's some handy tips on how to ignore those pesky playtesters that aren't worth your time... especially when their feedback isn't the kind you want to hear!"
Social/Online, Design

How intentionally frustrating players can lead to better game design 1
by Alissa McAloon [03.10.17]
Some decisions made by Duelyst's designer aim to intentionally frustrate players because that frustration can lead to powerful feedback and, in turn, fuel more meaningful design.

Blog: What I learned trying to make an Isometric game in Unity 10
by Gamasutra Community [03.10.17]
Making an isometric game isn't easy, especially if you're trying to keep your code organized in case you need to support new features. Here's a couple of helpful tricks to help improve your workflow.
Programming, Design, Production

Avoiding long work hours is easier said than done, says Anew dev  
by Alissa McAloon [03.10.17]
There are several things developers both big and small can do to try and cut back on overwork and crunch, but, as Steve Copeland notes, "it's not easy getting these stars to align."
Indie, Production

From DOS to Kickstarter: Maniac Mansion director Ron Gilbert retraces his steps  
by Chris Kerr [03.10.17]
In a new lunchtime video interview with Google, veteran designer Ron Gilbert sat down to retrace his path from the days of DOS software to the post-Kickstarter world of crowdfunding.
Console/PC, Programming, Design, Production, Video

Blog: Let's talk about life after video games 8
by Gamasutra Community [03.10.17]
In this blog, I talk about life beyond the gaming studio for a long time game designer. I talk about what the experience has been like for me, and what others can expect if they make the switch.

No Man's Sky creator launches Hello Labs funding initiative 7
by Chris Kerr [03.10.17]
The new program was unveiled at GDC by studio founder Sean Murray, and will see the company set aside some cash to fund multiple projects of its own choosing.
Programming, Design, Business/Marketing

Blog: Analyzing how Gacha mechanics entertain and monetize  
by Gamasutra Community [03.10.17]
In this article we'll be taking a look at the origin of Gacha game mechanics, and how they differ in Japanese and western free-to-play games.
Design, Business/Marketing

Valve tweaks Steam User Review system to make scores more accurate 15
by Chris Kerr [03.10.17]
As of this week, review scores will no longer take into account reviews submitted by users who received the game for free, such as via a gift or during a free weekend.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Blog: The pros and cons of a decentralized games industry 2
by Gamasutra Community [03.10.17]
The games industry is unique from other industries thanks to being completely decentralized. While it has done a lot of good, it does raise some longstanding issues about making games for a living.

What's it like developing for the Switch? 9 indie studios weigh in 3
by Chris Priestman [03.10.17]
What's it like creating or porting a game for Nintendo's new console? Gamasutra spoke to representatives from nine different indie studios about their experiences developing for the device.
Console/PC, Programming, Design, Production

Oculus CTO John Carmack is suing Zenimax for $22.5M 4
by Alissa McAloon [03.09.17]
UPDATE John Carmack has filed a lawsuit against Zenimax, seeking damages that equal the amount he is still owed from the 2009 sale of id Software.
Serious, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: How indie devs can harness the power of social sharing 3
by Gamasutra Community [03.09.17]
"The best social shares are those that players genuinely WANT to share." Tara Brannigan breaks down exactly what makes a moment shareable by looking to games that nailed the formula.
Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie

Get a job: Visual Concepts is hiring a Sr. Environment Artist  
by Staff [03.09.17]
Visual Concepts is on the hunt for a self-motivated and experienced artist to help with the creation of art assets for the NBA 2K series in Novato, California.
Console/PC, Art, Recruitment

How Blizzard embraced fantasy to create Overwatch's reality 1
by Alissa McAloon [03.09.17]
"I would rather have the Hollywood as it appears in the mind of the guy from Belgium or Sweeden than the Hollywood that exists in the real world," said Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan.
Console/PC, Art, Design, Video

Command & Conquer co-creator Louis Castle to head Amazon Game Studios Seattle  
by Alissa McAloon [03.09.17]
Amazon Game Studios has picked up Louis Castle to head up operations in its Seattle-based development house.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Business/Marketing

Two Ubisoft games could soon be FDA approved to treat amblyopia 4
by Alissa McAloon [03.09.17]
Ubisoft, in partnership with Amblyotech, is one step closer to releasing a pair of games that can help treat adults and children afflicted with amblyopia, commonly known as 'lazy eye'.

YoYo Games officially launches GameMaker Studio 2 6
by Chris Kerr [03.09.17]
The versatile 2D game development tool can now be purchased for a starting price of $99.99, and features a completely redesigned user interface, new editors, and enhanced monetization tools. 
Console/PC, Programming, Design, Business/Marketing