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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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 Zork  To Return As Browser-Based Casual MMO
Zork To Return As Browser-Based Casual MMO Exclusive
January 14, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander

January 14, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander
More: Console/PC, Exclusive

Zork is set for revival as an MMO. Dublin-based Jolt Online Gaming is partnering with IP-holder Activision to create a browser-based "persistent online adventure" called Legends of Zork, rooted in the world of Infocom's 1979 text-based adventure classic.

Legends of Zork casts the player as a newly-unemployed traveling salesman ready for treasure-hunting and adventure in the Great Underground Empire.

Players will be faced with the sacking of the Royal Treasury, layoffs at FrobozzCo International, and marauding kobolds and trolls clashing with explorers over loot.

Jolt says users will be able to access the persistent adventure from any Internet browser via with no need for download, and indicates the game is "designed to provide gamers with a casual MMO game they can play on their laptop, desktop or Apple iPhone (in school, work or on the bus)."

"As a complete Zork geek, Iím very proud to be releasing this title," says Jolt Online CEO Dylan Collins. "Anyone who plays MMOs will definitely like to spend some time with Legends of Zork while theyíre taking a break or browsing around the web. Itís very addictive."

[UPDATE: Gamasutra has added an interview with Collins about the upcoming online title.]

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Tom Newman
profile image
I remember making maps on graph paper of Zork I on the C64 in jr high. I played this recently again on an emulator, and can't say I'm anxious for another text-based adventure, but will have to check out this browser based version for sure!

Roberto Alfonso
profile image
Old fashioned player as I am, I prefer connecting to a MUD and keeping the window minimized at work. However, I played a few games through browser (Legend of the Green Dragon, mainly), and will try it for the sake of curiosity

Caleb Garner
profile image
Yea I'm partial to "The Lurking Horror" myself :) would be interesting if they could create a similar experience except improve on the text identification.. you know how tedious those games could be.. here, in case anyone hasn't played this, i think it's a great commentary on the quirkiness of the genre

Aaron Murray
profile image
I wish them luck. It sounds a lot like our text based browser mmo that we launched in October. It's doing well - there is definitely a market for playing games while at work.

Heather Decker-Davis
profile image
Caleb: Good call! I found Dungeonman to be an extremely amusing experience. In fact, that site has a few different games created to poke fun at different genres and platforms. Good stuff!

profile image
I'm just concerned that making Zork entirely graphical will make it lose its "feel". Unless, of course, they made it still a text adventure! That would be amazing! I suppose it'd be difficult to do with an MMO, but still! (sorry, just thought of that)

But I'm still looking forward to it, even if I doubt it'll be as good as the originals. Oh well.

Dan Taylor
profile image
It almost saddens me to admit, but I'm right there with you @ Tom Newman. Zork was one of my first adventures with my trusty c64. Zork and Oregon Trail were two of my favs. Will be very interested to see it in a 21st century environment.