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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Square Enix's  Final Fantasy VII  Hits Japanese PSN
Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Hits Japanese PSN
April 10, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander

April 10, 2009 | By Leigh Alexander
More: Console/PC

Square Enix's watershed PlayStation title Final Fantasy VII is now available for PS3 and PSP via the PlayStation Network in Japan -- with no news yet on a U.S. debut.

The version made available is the Japanese-language international edition, which features several tweaks made to the original game when it was released in the West -- mostly usability streamlining of the menu display and materia system, plus an additional cutscene clarifying Cloud's opaque past.

According to consumer weblog Kotaku, the International Version of FFVII is priced at 1,500 ($14.93) on the Japanese PlayStation Network. The game is currently not available on other PlayStation stores, and plans to release it elsewhere have not been announced.

Final Fantasy VII came out on PlayStation in 1997, and a PC version launched a year later. It follows an amnesiac mercenary and a team of resistance fighters in their quest to save their dystopian world from a power-hungry energy company, and stop the personal revenge mission of a rogue super-soldier.

It's arguably the entry in Square Enix's long-running series with the largest and most loyal fanbase, and has spawned a PSP game prequel, Crisis Core.

FFVII has also seen an animated prequel, a mobile title and a CGI film, Advent Children, which is just about to receive a director's cut re-release on Blu-ray in Japan and the U.S., among legions of other merchandise and spinoffs.

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Tom Newman
profile image
Is it just me or isn't it a no-brainer to release this here in the US as well? (along with Einhander, Vagrant Story, FF Tactics, and a slew of other non-Square games)

This seems like a missed opportunity on Sony's part by not making the true PS1 classics availible here, not to mention a chance to give us ports of Japanese PS1 games that were never released here. With the latter, localization may be an issue, but there were a slew of Japanese 2D shooters and other niche games that have very little text anyway.

Roberto Alfonso
profile image
It is not Sony's decision to do that, Square Enix holds the rights and likely wanted a good piece of the cake before releasing it (let's consider the game at $15 doesn't have the Square tax).

Mark Harris
profile image
I'm still waiting for my Vagrant Story sequel.....

Victor Bunn
profile image
Indeed, it's always funny when news similar to this appears and a number of people will point the finger at Sony. I'm sure if Sony had their way, the entire 32bit era Square catalog would be in the PSN store worldwide right now or at least a good portion of it. But this is a SquareEnix decision. Personally I still believe that FFVI is better than FFVII but after finishing Crisis Core, I'd love to be able to play FFVII again on my PSP.

James Park
profile image
They did just enough work to make Final Fantasy VII International downloadable and runnable, so a western localization probably isn't in the works. From playing the download, it doesn't look like anything has changed; it even loads the saves that I had from playing the CD version a while back.

Matt Ponton
profile image
James, I would expect so since the PS1 Playstation downloads are the PS1 ISOs with some DRM. Nowhere is it said that these are remakes/updates. So when you boot it, it's just acting like you have the game in the disc drive.

Ed Alexander
profile image
Square Enix said a couple months back that they were going to curt risks and not explore brand new IP. Which makes sense, but as it has been echoed, there is a LOT of user demand for Final Fantasy 7, be it a PS1 Classic release on the PS3 or a full blown graphics overhaul for a PS3 remake.

Why Square has chose not to pursue this (they couldn't possibly have not picked up on it by now) really boggles my mind.

I own a lot of Square games in physical form, practically every Final Fantasy, Einhander, etc, and would buy it all again if it was like $10 on the PS3 for the convenience of never having to disc swap.

Xun Wang
profile image
Well basicly, I have to confess I'm not a PSP core fan but core fan of DS though I have both of them.

I doubt whether SE can pick up their glory in the past----like FF7 that once shocked classical FF fans and created a new wonder just like what FF1 did, and saved PS1, as well as Castle Vania.

It is a fact that the totally global market share of Nintendo is far more dominant than Sony(I mean portable game device), and such plan to capture those core fans is somewhat less significant than exploring a new group of gamers. Obviously Nintendo does much preeminent than Sony.