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October 30, 2014
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October 30, 2014
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Bethesda, Obsidian Announce  Fallout: New Vegas
Bethesda, Obsidian Announce Fallout: New Vegas Exclusive
April 20, 2009 | By Chris Remo, Leigh Alexander

April 20, 2009 | By Chris Remo, Leigh Alexander
More: Console/PC, Exclusive

Bethesda Softworks announced that Obsidian Entertainment is developing a brand-new Fallout game titled Fallout: New Vegas, to release next year on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Gamasutra was at Bethesda's event in London to hear the game announced by marketing and PR VP Pete Hines, who provided few specifics on the game's engine, gameplay or perspective -- but did note the game is neither a Fallout 3 sequel nor a spin-off.

"It's not Fallout Tactics -- it's not Brotherhood Of Steel. It's another Fallout game," said Hines. "It has no impact on what [Bethesda Game Studios game director] Todd Howard and his guys are planning."

A number of Obsidian staff are veterans of Black Isle's original Fallout games. The company's CEO, Feargus Urquhart, was instrumental in founding Black Isle, and served as its director.

Hines said Bethesda approached Obsidian to work on the title. "We've really been enjoying working with [Obsidian] on it," he said, adding, "That is all we're going to say about it right now."

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Ted Brown
profile image
Nice. How often does industry news make you feel warm and sunny inside? =D

Jeff Beaudoin
profile image
It is awesome that the guys from Black Isle are getting another chance with the Fallout license.

I am excited to see what they can do with it.

Jon Boon
profile image
Now will this be another game where I have to wait before deciding which system to purchase it on, since Bethesda doesn't want to support PS3 users? Or should I just buy it on the PC and leave it at that?

David Tarris
profile image
Jon, can you stop being ignorant of all things business for half a second, and direct your ire towards the real culprits, Sony, for not stopping Microsoft from swinging an exclusivity deal with Bethesda? If Microsoft's offering to fund part of the development of the game, and Sony doesn't think their users matter enough to stop them, then why are Bethesda the bad guys?

Christopher Enderle
profile image
It seems they're trying hard to avoid a Treyarch/Infinity Ward type comparisons with the Fallout IP. I guess whether they need to or not will depend on how similar their games are.

Bob McIntyre
profile image
David, how is Sony "the bad guy" when MS makes a good business move? Isn't that like calling MS the bad guy for not getting a port of Metal Gear Solid 4? It doesn't make sense.

[User Banned]
profile image
This user violated Gamasutra’s Comment Guidelines and has been banned.

Jon Boon
profile image
David, just because it's a good business deal in the short run, doesn't mean that it will be good for the future. Exclusive DLC does nothing but hurt the consumer in the long run, which will end up hurting the businesses as well. If you are going to make a game multi-platform, then you support it multi-platform, it's as simple as that.

When you have to "bribe" your fans, something is wrong with your game and your system.

Anton Maslennikov
profile image
A lot of people have been waiting to see if this would ever happen. This is really exciting news and I know that I am excited.