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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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Report: New York State Considering Game-Based Emergency Alerts
Report: New York State Considering Game-Based Emergency Alerts
November 25, 2009 | By Chris Remo

November 25, 2009 | By Chris Remo
More: Console/PC

In an effort to ensure that crucial emergency alerts are disseminated through as many channels as possible, the state of New York is exploring a warning system that operates through "online gaming networks".

Warnings of natural or human-instigated disasters are traditionally issued through television and radio, but New York state deputy chief information officer Rico Singleton said said that many of the state's younger residents spend more time playing video games than they do watching television or listening to radio.

The concept, currently in a testing phase, is part of a larger effort on the part of the state to modernize its operations across its agencies and bring them in line with current internet-driven capabilities.

Other game technology-related initiatives currently being planned by New York state include training first-response medical staff using the virtual world Second Life.

The modern social web "is the world we're beginning to live in," said Singleton at New York's Interop conference, according to InformationWeek. "We should be part of the movement."

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo were all mentioned in the reporting on the emergency alert plan, but no specific planned consoles were identified, and "alerts over online gaming networks" were specifically identified as the potential target.

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Christopher Enderle
profile image
Sounds like what they do with the radio and some TV stations, testing their emergency broadcast systems. Does this mean if you're up playing online games at a certain hour they'll superimpose their warning system over your screen for a couple of minutes?

Nathan Lowe
profile image
This has the stench of New World Order trash all over it. This is propaganda and fear mongering gone too far! As if people aren't already sick enough of seeing Tv, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Spam(email),Junkmail(paper mail), billboards, (and the list goes on) bombarding our lives with this crap. Next thing you know, private security operaters will intervene our phone conversations to let us know the terrorist threat levels have been raised from 'elevated' to 'high'. Afterall, the lies have convinced the sheeple to accept terms of the Patriot Act. So head to your local FEMA camp, next stop is Martial Law.

Andre Gagne
profile image
Yeah I can see this now...

You're playing fallout 3 and the warning system just goes from yellow to orange... That's not fear mongering at all...

Maybe they're concerned that not enough teenagers are properly scared into following the state blindly, too many people voting democrat ;)

Moni Duettmann
profile image
Are you underestimating the danger of griefer attacks against the peace-loving residents of Second Life? OMG, a slimy green monster is self-replicating on our sim! Set alarm level to red! Let paranoia rule the most remote spots of our lives!

Jay Simmons
profile image
Well not to turn this into a political debate (not really the sight for it) but the Democrats are profiting from the "fear culture" as much as the Republicans were. Its really just a one party system with the illusion of choice. Notice how nothing of substance actually changes from administration to administration. Perpetual un-winnable wars ('war on terror', 'war on drugs', now 'war on climate') move onward without interruption regardless of who's in charge. Democrats don't seem to mind the fact that the Obama administration pardoned all the war criminals of the previous administration, escalated the war in Afghanistan, fostered what is now civil war in Pakistan, provocating war with Iran, expanded the Patriot act and is eroding civil liberties on a daily basis. It wasn't the fact that a Neo-Con government were wielding a 'stick of tyranny' what bothered the left, was the fact that they(the Neo-Liberals) didn't get to have the stick.

Its a false paradigm of Left vs Right that keeps the system in place. The President has no real power. He's just a figure head that reads a teleprompter and takes orders from the CFR the IMF, the Trilateral Commission and the Wall Street Banking Elite that run the country. By keeping Democrats fighting with Republicans the system is secure and the agenda of those fore mentioned organizations remains in place. This way, no matter what, half the population, supports the government while the other half fights to take its place. Nothing ever changes nor can it as long as the people remain fixated on the fake two party system. This is what Fascism looks like in the 21st century, subtle slow and creeping, not goosestepping with red and black banners. DAMN I THINK I JUST SET OFF AN AMBER ALERT!