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September 30, 2014
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September 30, 2014
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 Stargate Worlds  Dev Announces Non-MMO Shooter
Stargate Worlds Dev Announces Non-MMO Shooter
December 9, 2009 | By Chris Remo

December 9, 2009 | By Chris Remo
More: Console/PC

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, developer of forthcoming MMO Stargate Worlds, and subsidiary FireSky have announced a new non-MMO third-person shooter project, Stargate Resistance.

The game's existence was revealed by way of an official website containing a statement by FireSky creative consultant Chris Klug, who acknowledged the widely-reported financial difficulties endured by Cheyenne Mountain over the past year and expressed his hope that fans of the Stargate franchise will regain confidence in the company's efforts.

"Paramount to FireSky’s long-term future is restoring your confidence and trust in us," Klug wrote. "While we’ve never lied to you about our circumstances, many times we were silent while our critics had their fun at our expense."

"We chose to remain quiet during those times, because, honestly, we often didn’t know what our future was day-to-day, sometimes even hour-to-hour. As a group we chose to not say anything until we knew something."

Based on the long-running Stargate film and television franchise, Stargate Resistance itself is an online class-based multiplayer-only team-based shooter, in which the Stargate Command and System Lords factions battle in a variety of gameplay modes.

According to information supplied to Gamasutra by development sources, Resistance is in part serving as an intermediate development project ahead of the long-delayed Stargate Worlds, with many assets from the MMO used to expedite production.

Stargate Resistance is planned to ship in the first quarter of 2010 for the PC.

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Kevin Kissell
profile image
A third person shooter is the wrong platform for this concept. Stargate should be all about the first person shooter with team based aspects to it. The series was all about the teamwork, plus shooting a gun is better with first person realism. I like stargate, but not this way. They are going in the wrong direction.

Tyler Peters
profile image
Kevin - you may believe they are going the wrong direction in terms of what is best for the franchise, and you may be right - but the bottom line is that it's a lot faster and cheaper to put out a SP shooter than an MMO.

Look at it this way - they spent a few years (at least) building assets. They ran low on money. They needed to get something out the door to keep the license and make money.

So release a shooter first to cash in on at least some of the work already completed and, if it's successful, then you have more leverage to continue on the MMO path.

David R
profile image
I wouldn't be surprised if this is part of the deal for them getting continued funding. Sell a game that's based in large part on the assets they already have in place, and if it sells well, then they'll get the money to make the game they wanted to in the first place. It's a way to see what kind of an audience they have for what they're trying to release, without risking everything up front. An MMO is a very expensive project to create and sustain.

Jonathan Fallert
profile image
Its also possible that their licensing deal with MGM required them to ship a game by 2010 in order to keep their rights to the Stargate franchise.

Kevin Kissell
profile image
I guess I am just old school and that first person shooters is the best possible platform for that type of game. I remember in 2006, that some company was working on a FPS for stargate sg1, is was 6 months from release and then suddenly the project died. very sad. The IP would make a very good FPS.

Richard Matey
profile image
I am aware of the pedigree of some of the members that created Cheyenne Mtn. but I am not sure what is behind their major decisions. Starting a studio around a MMO is a dangerous model. This "smaller project" should have been their first focus and helped to work out mechanics plus set the pipeline. But is this game even helping with the design of the MMO or finding a audience? Will it steal people away from Team Fortress 2 or the hundreds of Half Life 2 mods? Multilayer only can be just as dangerous as creating a MMO. Look at Unreal Tournament 3 on the consoles. If there are no kids on the play ground what is going to make someone stay?

In contrast you can look at a studio like Runic Games and see their smart business to ramp up to a MMO. Their plan is firm and making sure to hit all their goals in a immediate amount of time. While Stargate Worlds has a very foggy future.