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September 3, 2015
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This Week in Video Game Criticism: From philosophy in Pillars of Eternity to demystifying MOBAs  
by Kris Ligman [08.31.15]
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Kris Ligman on topics ranging from philosophy in Pillars of Eternity to a new series aimed at demystifying MOBAs and eSports.
Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online

Games as art, and the time-waster: A look at 'Machinalism' 2
by Gamasutra Community [08.27.15]
"Machinalism is a game movement that triggers a very peculiar state of mind, somewhere between meditation and hypnotism, dead trapped in the moment of play."
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

How working on gross, violent games can mess with developers Exclusive 16
by Alex Wawro [08.27.15]
We often hear about how playing violent or otherwise disquieting games affects people, but how does the process of working on these projects affect developers? Gamasutra chats with a few to find out.
Audio, Art, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Exclusive

UK regulator compels F2P devs to ease up on pressuring kids to pay 4
by Alex Wawro [08.26.15]
British studios 55 Pixels and Mind Candy are each amending one of their F2P games after the UK's Advertising Standards Authority ruled they "directly pressured children to make purchases."
Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Reminder: GDC 2016 call for submissions closes tomorrow!  
by Staff [08.26.15]
The call for proposals for Main Conference talks, roundtables and panel sessions for the 2016 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA ends tomorrow (8/27). Don't miss your deadline!
Audio, Smartphone/Tablet, Social/Online, Indie, Serious, Console/PC, Art, Production, Programming, Design, Business/Marketing, GDC

Google squares off against Twitch tomorrow by launching YouTube Gaming 9
by Alex Wawro [08.25.15]
Google is launching its YouTube Gaming venture this week alongside a dedicated mobile app as part of its previously-announced plan to challenge Twitch for the title of premier provider of games-focused video.
Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Developers take to Twitter to share pithy game design tips  
by Alex Wawro [08.25.15]
An interesting smorgasbord of game design advice is accruing on Twitter today under #ShareAGameDesignTip as developers of varying experience levels, backgrounds and projects offer lessons learned.
Design, Console/PC, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

How to prioritize features and user stories 5
by Gamasutra Community [08.25.15]
"A development team's time can be wasted if they select the wrong user stories or features for a sprint or a release. Here are some techniques to take the guesswork out of prioritization."
Production, Console/PC, Serious, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Rebooting the world's first MMORPG: A Habitat story 2
by Chris Barylick [10.06.14]
Recently, the original creators of the world's first massively multiplayer online role-playing game got together with other game developers to bring a history to the present.
Design, Social/Online, History

Understanding the successful relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV 10
by Christian Nutt [04.18.14]
Producer and director Naoki Yoshida sits down with Gamasutra for an in-depth interview about why he took on his successful quest to reboot a failed MMO into an all-new project.
Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Console/PC, Social/Online

Diversity, communication, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf 1
by Christian Nutt [04.02.14]
Aya Kyogoku, co-director, and Katsuya Eguchi, producer, sit down and discuss the development of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and how fostering a diverse, communicative team leads to the best results.
Design, Production, Console/PC, Social/Online

What's next for Puzzle & Dragons and GungHo? 16
by Christian Nutt [03.28.14]
The president and CEO of GungHo, the studio behind the massive success Puzzle & Dragons, explains his philosophy toward game development, his studio's relationship with Supercell, free-to-play, and more.
Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Mobile Games

Ethical Free-to-Play Game Design (And Why it Matters) 110
by Greg Costikyan [01.10.14]
Ex-Playdom senior designer and game industry veteran Greg Costikyan takes a hard look at free-to-play design and business practices and urges the industry to change them -- as ethical design will increase long-term value.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Starting up a game business: Working with Minimum Viable Products  
by Juha Vainio [09.03.15]
Epic Owl's CEO Juha Vainio writes about the meaning of Minimum Viable Products in mobile game production.
Design, Production, Indie, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

How to calculate the lifetime value: the review of methods  
by Vasiliy Sabirov [09.03.15]
Devtodev lead analyst Vasiliy Sabirov describes all major methods of LTV calculation - from easiest and less exact, to the most complex and as accurate as a clock.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

When multiplayer games really aren't  
by Eric Mickols [09.01.15]
A dive into what makes Trading Card Games social, and a discussion of how Blizzard's game Hearthstone stands up to these requirements.
Business/Marketing, Design, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Kanye President Bro Speech for Notch  
by Nick Stavrou [09.01.15]
Indie Bandidos, Kanye West remake speech regarding Notch and his Tweets.
Indie, Social/Online

Game analytics methods and two tools for game designer  
by Fred Tang [08.31.15]
What metric should be monitored depend on what game it is, and what is the goal. But there are also metrics that are unique or important only to a particular type of game. No game is the same. You should also choose metrics that is specific for your game
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

PLAYSTUDIOS — Austin, Texas, United States
Sr. Database Administrator
We’re looking for an experienced Sr. Database Administrator to join the PLAYSTUDIO’s team. Candidates must be self-motivated team players who thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. If you’re a smart, creative, ambitious engineer committed to building stellar products, we want to talk to you.

Trion Redwood City — Redwood City, California, United States
Lead Artist / Art Director

Trion Redwood City — Redwood City, California, United States
Senior Environment Artist

Bigpoint — Berlin, Germany
Senior Live Producer (m/f) - Berlin - 3544

CCP — Newcastle, England, United Kingdom
Brand Director

Goodgame Studios — Hamburg, Germany
Expert Game Monetization Designer - Merchant (m/f)
Our newly founded RPG studio at Goodgame Studios has just begun its quest to develop the first of many fun and exciting games. We are currently assembling a team of heroes from all over the world for this adventure, and we want you to be part of it. So if you like high quality RPGs, step into our realm!

Nordeus — Belgrade, Serbia
Lead Game Designer
Nordeus is looking for talented Lead Game Designers to manage the design effort of the new games.

Bigpoint — Berlin, Germany
Senior Test Automation Developer (m/f) - Berlin - 3841

WB Games — San Francisco, California, United States
Systems and Tools Engineer

Zindagi Games — Camarillo, California, United States
Software Engineer
Zindagi Games is looking for Software Engineers!