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May 22, 2018
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Sponsored: Why Montreal data centers are the best choice for video games  
by ROOT Data Center [05.07.18]
Fast speeds, low costs, and lots of flexibility: These are the reasons to consider Montreal data centers for your next-generation video games.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing, Sponsored Article

Making every procedurally-generated playthrough feel unique in Swords of Ditto  
by Jack Yarwood [05.07.18]
"We were just making a procedurally-generated game, says Swords of Ditto dev Sam Robinson. "There was no consequence to failure and we felt that if we added that...players feel a lot more attached."
Indie, Design, Video

Video Game Deep Cuts: Flash The Artifact, Get The Saga  
by Gamasutra Staff [05.06.18]
This week's highlights include an attempt to archive key Flash games, a deeper look at Valve's upcoming Artifact, and a super-deep oral history of Panzer Dragoon Saga, among others.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Programming, Art, Audio, Design, Production, Business/Marketing

Twitch tries 'Bounty Board' approach to setting streamers up for sponsored streams  
by Alex Wawro [05.04.18]
This week Twitch rolled out a beta of its Bounty Board program, which aims to cut out third-party marketing agencies by directly connecting Twitch streamers with companies who will pay them to stream.
Social/Online, Business/Marketing

Vulcan debuts new Holodome shared immersive reality platform  
by Alex Wawro [05.04.18]
Today Vulcan Inc. debuted the Holodome, which appears to be a dome-like installation groups of people can enter to be ensconced in a 360-degree audiovisual experience -- that has controller support.

Video: Building the Just Cause 3 animation and rigging pipeline  
by Staff [05.04.18]
At GDC 2018 Avalanche Studios Brian Venisky showcasesthe decisions and solutions made to solve key issues and serve the needs for creating animation content for the high-flying game.
Console/PC, Art, Production, Video, Vault

Get a job: Join Zwift as a 3D Game Artist  
by Staff [05.04.18]
Long Beach-based Zwift is looking for generalist 3D Game Artist to work on a variety of art tasks including 3D world sculpting, road placement, and prop and setpiece building, texturing, and placement.
Art, Recruitment

Analyst: Mobile to make up over half of worldwide game revenue in 2018 1
by Alissa McAloon [05.04.18]
This isnt the first time mobile has brought in more revenue than consoles or PC by a longshot, but this is the first time the platform makes up over half of game revenue on a worldwide scale.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

How the Surviving Mars devs built a city-builder on a barren planet 2
by Joel Couture [05.04.18]
Lead designer Boian Spasov chats about how Haemimont Games' Surviving Mars breaks with the city-builder genre in key ways to make players feel scared and uncertain while colonizing a barren world.
Indie, Design

Don't Miss: How a band of modders restored Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II 9
by Staff [05.04.18]
How a ragtag band of rebel modders fleshed out crucial missing sequences in Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic II, and how that material came to be incorporated into the official Steam version of the game.
Console/PC, Programming, Design

Lenovo opens orders for its standalone Daydream VR headset, Mirage Solo  
by Alissa McAloon [05.04.18]
Priced at $399, the Daydream-powered VR headset runs without the aid of a PC or smartphone and features inside-out positional tracking.

Blog: First impressions of the scripting in RPG Maker MV 1
by Gamasutra Community [05.04.18]
An addendum to "RPG Maker VX Ace Scripting Crash Course," covering what's changed about scripting in RPG Maker MV.
Programming, Design

Future Minecraft updates won't come to last-gen consoles 1
by Alissa McAloon [05.04.18]
After years of continued updates and support, the Minecraft team has announced that the coming Update Aquatic content drop will be the last significant update for PS3, 360, Wii U, and Vita versions.

Blog: A marketing perspective on trademarking 1
by Gamasutra Community [05.04.18]
"Kartridge" was our first name idea for Kartridge, but the process of finalizing the name and registering the trademark took eight months. We learned a lot about trademarks along the way.
Production, Business/Marketing

Battlegrounds item trading shut down due to marketplace abuse 2
by Chris Kerr [05.04.18]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. has turned off personal item trading for Steam players after some were found to be abusing the system.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Activision is feeling the heat from battle royale titles 2
by Chris Kerr [05.04.18]
During a recent investor Q&A, the Call of Duty publisher was asked how Fortnite specifically has impacted the performance of key titles, and admitted it's felt some"near-term impact."
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Business/Marketing

Blog: From game jam to Xbox One in 12 Months 1
by Gamasutra Community [05.04.18]
Developer Kenny Creanor talks about how he turned oOo: Ascension from a weekend prototype into an Xbox One release in under 12 months
Production, Business/Marketing

Using Steam reviews to estimate sales: A game dev guide 5
by Gamasutra Community [05.04.18]
With SteamSpy in limbo, game dev Jake Birkett offers a refresher course on his method for estimating a game's sales based on the number of user reviews it has on Steam.
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing

Attentat 1942 wins a top honor at A MAZE Berlin, remains banned in Germany  
by Alex Wawro [05.03.18]
A MAZE 2018's "Most Amazing Game" award went to historical narrative gameAttentat 1942, which is currently banned from sale in Berlin and the rest of Germany due to its depiction of Nazi imagery.
Indie, Business/Marketing

Slime Rancher director shares tips for surviving indie game dev  
by Alex Wawro [05.03.18]
Game director Nick Popovich's advice revolves around the notion that indie devs should think in 3s: 3 days or less on trying to solve a problem, for example, and 3 months or less on big milestones.
Indie, Design, Business/Marketing