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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?
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March 20, 2019
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March 20, 2019
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Question of the Week: Can Sony Convince Developers and Consumers of the PS3's Dominance?

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It is too late to undo the damage done by the high pricing of the console, and Sony's arrogant "if we build it, they will buy" sense of entitlement. While it seems basic and obvious, Sony needs to begin a traditional marketing campaign based on messages that make sense and appeal to the broad market -- something they have totally failed to do. The current ads for the PSP and Sony's other recent branding attempts are an utter failure, obeying the undeclared rule that all game-related ads must be "edgy" and "k3wl" and resulting in total nonsense about dust bunnies and squirrels.

If their goal is to convince parents, by Christmas, that they need to shell out $700.00+ to ensure the future happiness of their children, they had better start to make ads that talk to parents about the advantages and technology of the PS3 and what it means for their entertainment future. Oh, and muzzle the executives and stop bickering with Microsoft execs -- since when did executives do marketing's job? Public tit-for-tat only shakes Sony's image of market dominance; why should they even acknowledge that Microsoft exists?

Michael Eilers, University of Advancing Technology

I think at this point "Developers! Developers! Developers!" should be Sony's mantra as it has to ensure a steady flow of some high-quality, exclusive games that should come to the PS3. Atleast 5-7 must-have titles should come within the first year of launch. On the PR side, periodic tech demos that show off the capabilities of the system should surface on popular sites like youtube and google video can keep the hype up. 2007 should become the "Year of the PS3" in the minds of the target audience. Another marketing approach would be to get a rebate on buying a Sony HDTV if you've bought a PS3. Sony's buoyant TV division could be used as a stepping stone for the PS3! Of course, towards the end of the first year of release, a robust online system should be in place.

Donny Thomas

"Must-Haves" like Guitar Hero have been known to increase console sales.

The majority of the negative hype has been internet based. Your average consumer likely isn't privvy to the onslaught of comments and forums discussing the price point and shipping delays. That said though, Sony has their work cut out for them, even if the Wii isn't necessarily a direct competetive threat. Here in the states, Microsoft's already gained a monster part of the next-gen market so it would behoove Sony to give more focus to the Eastern markets where previous generations of the product holds more penetration than its next gen competitors. Likely their largest stumbling block is the fact that they're offering nothing unique with their console or the services to accompany the PS3.

For roughly the price of the better PS3 package, a consumer could have 2 systems with (respectively) High definition, wireless controls, online gaming, backwards compatibility, a huge retro-library and to a certain degree, home integration. So how do they overcome it? Tout the incredibly extensive library and focus on exclusivity. That can be hard to swallow for developers, but consumers have been known to find themselves spending more on a console simply because one particular title isn't available on other systems. Guitar Hero and Katamari Damacy are good examples of this type of effect.

Christopher Kirkman, Media Geeks

[Sony needs] unique "only-on PS3" games that create a "gotta have it" response. Help developers to take full advantage of the Cell processor. Prove that PS3 isn't a year later than XBox 360 - it's years ahead!!

J. Michael Birch, Computerade

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