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Konami's Wii Wizard: An Interview With Shingo Mukaitoge
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November 21, 2018
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November 21, 2018
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Konami's Wii Wizard: An Interview With Shingo Mukaitoge

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This just came to me, but do you know Ghostbusters?

SM: Yeah, I do. I used to watch it as a kid!

It seems like Elebits is the closest thing to a Ghostbusters game.

SM: It's often said, yeah. My team members were also saying that, using vacuum items and things.

Yeah. Konami should get the Ghostbusters license for a Wii game!

SM: So you want us to make a Wii Ghostbusters game?

Yeah! You should do it. It would be great. It would sell very well, I think. [It's since been announced that U.S. studio Red Fly is working on a version of Ghostbusters for the Wii.] What's next after Dewy? Another original game, or sequel, or what?

SM: Ah, that question arrives. And yeah, I won't tell you! (laughs) I'm working on a new game. I can't tell you what it is. Sometime next year, like spring.

You can't announce the platform or anything?

SM: No, I can't. But I can say that it's the Dewy's and Elebits team that's making my next game.

I really liked the illustrations from Elebits. That's why we used it on the cover of Game Developer magazine. Do you think you could ever make a game in the style of that art? It would probably have to be next-gen hardware. Could you make a game that actually looks like that?

SM: It's would be really difficult for us to make that into a game, but that is a thing I'd like to try once, the new hardware.

I really liked the storybook feeling. It has a nostalgic storybook feeling. What's interesting is that it's all soft colors -- with a lot of pink and flowing stuff -- I loved it, but my female co-worker did not. It was a reverse of my expectation.

SM: Oh? That's surprising. In Japan they like it, and when I went to Germany for the Leipzig show, there were lots of female fans of Elebits.

I guess she's just different! Referring to what you said before about wanting to do a new game, was it just that you wanted to work on original stuff in general, or did you have a specific idea of a certain game that you wanted to make?

SM: I would say Elebits was one of the goals that I've been striving for. But also, the thing I wanted to do from the beginning... how shall I say. I personally love Zelda, and I want to make an RPG that is much better than it.

Like an action-RPG style?

SM: Yes. There are lots of elements in Zelda -- action, story, and puzzle elements. Really well done.

My favorite thing about that type of game -- I don't like Zelda that much, but I like Legend of Oasis and Alundra and games like that -- is being able to discover secret areas. I really want to see another action-RPG that has that kind of element of discovery, or treasure hunting.

SM: Yeah I agree. I'd love to make that kind of game... it'll take some time. Maybe in the near future?

Excellent! What other action-RPG style games do you like, yourself?

SM: I completed The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. For me, Oblivion was a little bit difficult, but it was great to have that freedom.


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