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Postmortem: Defense of the Ancients
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October 23, 2014
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October 23, 2014
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Postmortem: Defense of the Ancients

March 19, 2009 Article Start Previous Page 5 of 5

Appendix: The Team

Over the five years that DotA Allstars has been in development, thousands of people have worked on the game in one way or another. Due to the anonymous nature of this community project, many of the contributors are only known by their pseudonyms.

The following list includes contributions made only by Guinsoo’s team, which carried the map development from version 2.0 to 6.01, as information about the current and previous development teams is often unavailable to the public or inaccurate.

Steve "Guinsoo" Feak -- Primary map developer, versions 2.0 to 6.01

  • Created item combination system
  • Added Rune system
  • Added Roshan
  • Created alternate game modes
  • Created Creep Scaling System
  • Created 50+ items
  • Created Heroes
  • Darchrow, Enigma
  • Ezalor, Keeper of the Light
  • Ulfsaar, Ursa Warrior
  • Aggron Stonebreaker, Ogre Magi
  • Boush, Tinker
  • Furion, Prophet
  • Azwraith, Phantom Lancer
  • Tiny, Stone Giant
  • Squee and Spleen, Goblin Techies
  • Chen, Holy Knight
  • Luna Moonfang, Moon Rider
  • Kardel Sharpeye, Dwarven Sniper
  • Jah’rakal, Troll Warlord
  • Rhasta, Shadow Shaman
  • Mangix, Pandaren Brewmaster
  • Bradwarden, Centaur Warchief
  • Gondar, Bounty Hunter
  • Knight Davion, Dragon Knight
  • Magina, Anti-Mage
  • Traxex, Drow Ranger
  • Purist Thunderwrath, Omniknight
  • Terrorblade, Soul Keeper
  • Leshrac, Tormented Soul
  • Kel’Thuzad, Lich
  • Krobelus, Death Prophet
  • Lion, Demon Witch
  • Lesale Deathbringer, Venomancer
  • Magnus, Magnataur
  • Visage, Necro’lic
  • Nessaj, Chaos Knight
  • Banehallow, Lycanthrope
  • Black Arachnia, Broodmother
  • Mortred, Phantom Assassin
  • Medusa, Gordon
  • Balanar, Night Stalker
  • Leoric, Skeleton King
  • Lucifer, Doom Bringer
  • Anub’arak, Nerubian Assassin
  • Slardar, Slithereen Guard
  • Akaska, Queen of Pain
  • Bone Clinkz, Bone Fletcher
  • Darkterror, Faceless Void
  • Viper, Netherdrake
  • Razor, Lightning Revenant
  • Naix, Lifestealer
  • Pugna, Oblivion
  • Leviathan, Tidehunter
  • Atropos, Bane Elemental
  • Rotund’jere, Necrolyte
  • Pudge, Butcher
  • Anub’seran, Nerubian Weaver
  • Nevermore, Shadow Fiend
  • Crixalis, Sand King
  • Mogul Kahn, Axe
  • Strygwyr, Bloodseeker - Added Unreal Tournament sounds

Syl-la-ble: Worked with Guinsoo from v3.0 until v6.01

  • Helped with balance
  • Helped create Syllabear hero
  • Helped create map modes
  • Zetta: Helped with balance and bug fixing
  • Neichus: Worked on DotA after v5.0 -- mostly with conceptual design and complex code implementation
  • Mortred & About 11: Real-life friends of Guinsoo's. Helped with balance and bug fixing


  • Launched as the official DotA Allstars community near the end of 2004

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Khin Boon Chang
profile image
Great article. I have been playing DotA since Eul version and I am playing it right now. I can relate to everything you said. No doubt Guinsoo and his team brought DotA to a whole new level and through this article, I can finally fully understand how he did it.

I always look at DotA for success elements, like always. Its a source of motivation for me too, having see it grow from the small fish to its today size.

Great job guys! Thanks for sharing this priceless knowledge. :D

profile image

Matthew Dart
profile image
Great game, and I still play it over all these years. I'm very glad it's getting recognition and that the original map editors are noticed. I can't wait to see what Warcraft 4 will bring.

Bob McIntyre
profile image
DotA's a great game. It's really a shame about people kicking new players and not allowing map downloads, though. It must be frustrating for the development team to do something generous and then watch community members act like such jerks with it. On the other hand, having millions of players probably eases the frustration!

Steven Ngu
profile image
I found this article quite inspiring and makes me want to try work on a SC2 mod whenever that comes out. I used to tweak around in WCIII's world editor to try to do the same thing. But was put off like BN because scheduling around the team along with work/life and the limitations of by WCIII, which by that time, WCIII is already 4 years old.

Anon Ymous
profile image
Guinsoo, Pendragon, I'm disappointed in you. This article was written on March of 2009, yet it seems like the only map version you reference is version 5.84, which was made by Guinsoo years ago. Lack of beta testing? You both should know that IceFrog has a beta team that is constantly playing games with each VERSION of Beta, and there are at least a few dozen beta versions before a map is finally released. World Editor? I would expect both of you to know that IceFrog doesn't use the World Editor to make DotA. Is Blizzard paying you to advertise their World Editor or something? Also, Guinsoo no longer has any control, power, or even presence in the DotA creation process. This article would have been great if it were written like...four years ago, but now? Years later after DotA has evolved so that it barely resembles DotA at the time Guinsoo was in control of creating it? This article is ridiculously inaccurate and outdated, and Gamasutra should be ashamed.

Steve Mescon
profile image
Dear Mr. Anon Ymous,

As stated in the article…

"Utilizing these newly released tools, many spinoffs of the original DotA were created with vastly superior sets of features, including the first versions of Steve "Guinsoo" Feak's Defense of the Ancients: Allstars which is the focus of this postmortem.”

This means that this postmortem was written specifically about Guinsoo's versions of DotA, as stated multiple times. Since neither I nor Guinsoo are Icefrog, and since Icefrog's DotA is still in development, it would have been rather inappropriate for us to write a postmortem on versions of DotA after Guinsoo’s.

Also - credit where credit’s due? Since the vast majority of all DotA content was created in the map editor, (Icefrog’s early versions, and all of Guinsoo’s versions), we thought it quite worthy of mention.

To summarize: Thanks for anonymously replying to an article to tell everyone something we already said in the article itself.

With love,