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Producing Silent Hill: A Chat With Konami's William Oertel
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November 14, 2018
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Producing Silent Hill: A Chat With Konami's William Oertel

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GS: For this project in particular, or maybe even PSP games in general, do you feel like you have to sell as many copies of this product as you would a console Silent Hill game?

WO: I think it's all relative to the installed base. This is an ambitious PSP game. It's a large game, and Konami has put a lot of resources behind it to try and make it succeed the best way possible. In terms of actual breaking even with units; financially it's like, 'okay, here's your budget, here's what you can play with,' good. And now I just have to play with that amount and do my best. I actually was just reading an article, I can't remember where it was, but it was about the top selling PSP games, and they had mentioned Hot Shots Golf, GTA, and I can't remember the third that had sold over a million units. So I think if we can achieve somewhere close to that level, then we hit one out of the park, and that would hopefully indicate that we succeeded in bringing it over to PSP, and hopefully we can do a sequel.

GS: So you do have to bring it to that level to do a sequel.

WO: That's my personal goal. I aim for the top on this one. If it's less than that, actual numbers…I don't know. My bosses tell me whether it succeeds or not. The best way to achieve sales is a high quality, Silent Hill experience. If I can do that, no one can fault me for not doing my job.

Concept art from Silent Hill Origins

GS: Is anyone from the original Silent Hill team working on this remake?

WO: There are a few people, mainly Akira [Yamaoko], the series composer. I talked to him about the story, and he just recently finished the entire soundtrack that we're making for this game. There's another example of the resources that we're putting on this. We're not creating the amount of music we need for this game, we actually created a whole soundtrack for it. And that's consistent with past Silent Hill games. So he's been the primary contributor to the product.

The original Silent Hill, on Sony's PlayStation

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