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September 2, 2014
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September 2, 2014
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Your game industry in your words: Week of July 13
Your game industry in your words: Week of July 13
July 13, 2012 | By Staff

July 13, 2012 | By Staff
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[Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from game industry figures from the past week, including Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro wada, THQ's Brian Farrell, Unity's David Helgason and many others.]

In our original and exclusive interviews, analysis, and feature pieces over the past week, a wide variety of developers, publishers, and indies shared their thoughts on open world design, games in planes, indie first-person shooters, and more.

This Week's Noteworthy Game Industry Quotes

"You really have to go for it. You really have to spend a lot. You have to not only out brute-force the market leader, but out-clever them. The game has to be better, the marketing and production better have to be... Everything has to be bigger and better."

- Gearbox president Randy Pitchford on games looking to compete with Call of Duty

"There's a lot of reasons to work on small freeware games. First of all, if you enjoy being creative, it's really rewarding to be able to manifest all the random ideas you have going on in your head. Working on larger projects means sacrificing a lot of ideas you simply don't have time to explore."

- Independent developer Jonatan "Cactus" Soderstrom

"Other companies are talking about cross-platform; we're talking about instant accessibility."

- Wooga co-founder Henric Suuronen on the virtues of HTML5

"That being said, we want to create a system where developers can rally support of their community toward success on Greenlight so we’ll need to find a balance that doesn’t create hurdles for people legitimately trying to participate in the system."

- Valve's Anna Sweet on the Steam Greenlight service

"When you're making an adventure game, you walk 80 percent of the time, and if you want to put big pressure on the player, you should just scare him based on what he does all the time... That's why in the first corridor the floorboards crack under your feet and you die. Usually in a game you'd never do an unavoidable trap like this, but we did it to put on the pressure, and it worked so well."

- Alone in the Dark creator Frederick Raynal on making the 1992 classic

"I got more emails saying 'your game changed my life' than anything I've ever worked on," he says. "The emotional level was so much greater than Deus Ex or System Shock. I'm so proud that we touched people the way Disney touched me years ago. I know that 30 years from now, people will look back and say 'That's what inspired me' or 'That's when I became a Disney fan.'"

- Warren Spector on Epic Mickey

"I'm not alone in thinking the console industry has experienced a brain-drain in recent years."

- Ouya creator Julie Uhrman

"[The gamers who were playing] Mario 20 years ago or Donkey Kong 30 years ago, they don't have the same amount of time anymore... They have kids. They have jobs. They come home in the evening, they're tired, and they have to manage their lives in a totally different way than a 15 to 20-year-old kid."

- Ovosonico founder Massimo Guarini on the case for movie-length games

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