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October 21, 2014
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October 21, 2014
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Spil Games is gunning for HTML5 in a big way
Spil Games is gunning for HTML5 in a big way
December 4, 2013 | By Mike Rose

Casual game network Spil Games today announced that it will invest $5 million in developers creating HTML5 games during 2014, as the company looks to push the HTML5 platform.

This money will go towards helping developers port existing games to HTML5, as well as creating new titles utilizing HTML5. Funds will also be set aside for monetizing and marketing these games to the platform's 180 million monthly active users.

Dan Prigg, senior director of games at Spil Games, noted that developing native apps can be expensive, especially if multiple versions are required for multiple platforms, and reasoned that HTML5 development can be a great solution.

"With our massive investment next year, we are demonstrating our confidence in the future of HMTL5," he added. "Our goal is to help remove the risks for developers with financial, technical and marketing support."

And Spil isn't stopping there. The company plans to release around 500 new HTML5 games next year, as part of its big HTML5 push.

Those developers interested in grabbing part of this investment should fire an email to the company.

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Bart Stewart
profile image
My Dutch/German is close to nonexistent, but doesn't "Spil Games" translate to "game games?"

Zaphod Plumbo
profile image
Articles on HTML5 and WebGL catching on are always music to the ears. But I wish someone would ask the gung-ho's like Spil how they plan to approach the issue of source code accessibility.

With every "pure HTML5" game that you release, you essentially give its source code away for free. Undeniably and understandably, that can be a buzzkill for some devs and their clients.

I'm really interested in hearing how Spil and others in the HTML5-gaming fray intend to address this issue. If at all?

Casper van Beuzekom
profile image
Bart: You are thinking of 'spel' (Dutch) or 'Spiel' (German).

Dan Prigg
profile image
I think HTML5 needs more developers pushing the envelope. What we are trying to do at Spil is also share source code among our developers so that they are not all repeating the same baby steps. At the end of the day you can have all the source code but it still takes talented teams to make great games. Thats my 2 cents.

Arthur Hulsman
profile image
Hi Dan, i created the mobile site for I am very pleased that Spil games is going towards this direction.

@ Karl. I think everyone agrees on that. Imo it will simply start with simple puzzle games, dress-up games, etc. Hopefully after a couple of years some more elaborate games will be developed. A shitload of people like these games :) I don't, which makes it hard to figure out the next steps. Hopefully Spil will spill some ideas hehe

I know Mozilla is also jumping into this boat, so it will work out.

Karl Schmidt
profile image
I think with minification and obfuscation tools you can get pretty far. Maybe even building to asm.js. But it won't be perfect - anyways people decompile binary executables already so I don't think it's that big of a deal.

What I am more concerned about is where the killer HTML5 game is... I haven't seen: a) a hit and b) something that is performing well (business-wise) and takes advantage of the HTML5 strengths