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July 31, 2014
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July 31, 2014
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 DayZ  hits another sales milestone, with 1M sold in a month
DayZ hits another sales milestone, with 1M sold in a month
January 14, 2014 | By Mike Rose

January 14, 2014 | By Mike Rose

Newsbrief: After witnessing incredible day-one sales, zombie survival game DayZ has now hit another remarkable milestone in a short space of time -- 1 million copies sold in just under a month.

The game previously sold 142,403 copies in the first 24 hours. Now creator Dean Hall has taken to Twitter to reveal the 1 million figure, and muse, "So much for the death of PC Gaming."

He added that the sales figures were "way, way beyond [my expectations]. This gives me mandate now to make all the crazy games I ever wanted!"

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bukan iJam
profile image
Anything by bohemia is a good example of game badly optimized. also, anything by bohemia is plague by chores(they called it realism). apparently, they never heard the concept, abstraction. nothing if focused for fun. arma series also is a good example of a game that is highly inaccesible due to complicated controls.

despite that, they sold millions. imagine the sales numbers if all those issues/features fixed/improved.

Jennis Kartens
profile image
I am very sceptical that they'll ever resolve these issues.

DayZ continues (despite being so long in development as a mod even before it's now released alpha) to transport content that has been originally surfaced in Operation Flashpoint over a decade ago.

Interaction and by extend animations and physics are very clumsy and unreliable. Especially given todays tech and possibilities, this is very frustrating.

Given the visuals and atmosphere as well as the potential, I hope it will get all fixed at some point, but I am more sceptical as optimistic that they will make it essentially better (=entirely different) in the mentioned areas.

Jean Louis
profile image
I agree that optimisation is a huge issue with Bohemia games. But equally their hallmark is that they create mod-friendly SIMULATIONS (not merely games, and thus chores are part of the experience), that deliver a powerful sandbox editor that enables metanarratives ranging from the absurd to the sublime to the sociologically fascinating and beyond. In my experience, they are about creating your own world through the sandbox, preferably while creating your own community of like-minded individuals. Labeling it a game (albeit for simplicity's sake, I'm sure) misses the objective of the franchise(s): simulation. Could they execute first-person 3rd/4th gen warfare or post-apocalyptic survival more effectively? Sure. Is anyone else doing it better at the moment? Not even close.