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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Valve launches SteamVR: Official VR support for Steam
Valve launches SteamVR: Official VR support for Steam
January 14, 2014 | By Mike Rose

January 14, 2014 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Newsbrief: Following the news that Valve added a special section on Steam for VR-supported games over the holiday period, the company has now launched 'SteamVR', an experimental VR mode for the Steam client.

As spotted by Road to VR, by starting Steam with "-vr" on the command line, you can boot Steam Big Picture mode directly into this new VR mode, compatible with the Oculus Rift dev kit.

You'll need to opt into the Beta Update in the Steam tools options if you want to try it out. Comments on the forum post from Valve developer Joe Ludwig suggest that there are teething problems right now, as development continues.

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Glenn Sturgeon
profile image
Very intresting, its good that valve is pushing to support an option that this gens consoles may be completely without. We will need to see what sony has in mind with its VR tech and if it hits ps4 & with what results.
With that said i still cant help but think valve missed a chance for potentialy better long term optimization for the OR and thier OS. By not limiting the steam box manufactures to only use certain parts to ensure full compatability. If they would have been more agressive about pushing standards, when the OR titles show up they could list proformance expectations of each model of the steam box with a given title.
As it stands, can you imagine how a person would feel if they spent (ball park figures) $800 on a lower end steambox 350.ish for an OR and going with the rumors about $90.ish for a high end OR game, just to end up having it run at 80FPS (40 per eye) because they don't have the strongest SB or the best possible optimization?

Jarod Smiley
profile image
yeah, but really how long is it going to be before we play something like Halo or The Last of Us in VR?

I'm sure PS4/X1 are capable of doing these more simple indy games, or less graphical intensive art styles like Ico or Mario 3D world can be used. if VR takes off early, consoles can still be supported with more simple games, just look at Wii, people bought it for Wii sports! can almost see the triangles!

I think Sony may be fine just releasing a PS4.5 a few years down the line with a high quality VR title bundled in.

Chris Melby
profile image