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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Satya Nadella is Microsoft's new CEO
Satya Nadella is Microsoft's new CEO
February 4, 2014 | By Mike Rose

February 4, 2014 | By Mike Rose
More: Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Newsbrief: Microsoft today revealed Satya Nadella, a veteran of the company since 1992, as its third CEO effective immediately.

Nadella takes over the role from Steve Ballmer, and has in the past spearheaded strategy and technical shifts at Microsoft, including the company's development of its grand-scale cloud infrastructure, which currently supports the Xbox services.

In a letter to employees, Nadella said that he will aim to prioritize innovation centered around empowering users, and hopes to drive cultural change with the company's future work.

Microsoft also noted multiple other management changes. Bill Gates is stepping down from hs chairman role, and is now a technology advisor to Nadella. John Thompson will now take up Gates' chairman role.

More information can be found on the Microsoft website.

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Troy Walker
profile image
I can only see these changes as being good...

SD Marlow
profile image
I understand that he is more IT than media, but with Gates still standing behind the big chair, I don't know how much of a change in course we can really expect. I'd like to see Windows be just for the desktop, with Windows 10 (or Wind-X, tee hee) being split into a "gaming core" and the UI being an option (so it can run in headless mode). Windows Surface will be a true ARM based OS, and in a few years release a new Xbox One JUST for games and a separate Surface device that is for media (micro-media device). And, for giggles, some form of embedded C# for the browser. Oh, and a unicorn petting zoo.

Matthew Mouras
profile image
Wasn't Ballmer more the driver for the last decade? I'm hopeful that we will see changes to the way developers are treated at MS. I've worked for a fortune 500 that adopted the infamous Microsoft management "ranking" system and review time was a terrible experience.

Rob Wright
profile image
Gates isn't really behind the big chair anymore -- he stepped down as chairman, as the story notes.

Joshua Darlington
profile image
Rank and yank comes from Jack Welch & GE in the 1960s. MIT Sloan has a funny interview/lecture w Welch where the prof explains how rank and yank could be gamed by deliberately hiring and firing underperforming employees to boost the relative rating of the core team.

Alan Barton
profile image
I think the continued survival of Microsoft is very important to all our futures as it helps keep pressure on innovation from all tech companies, but more than that, I'm doubly happy they picked Satya Nadella because first I think he is a very good choice and second because I feared what would happen if Stephen Elop got in!. (With Stephen Elop, I was expecting him to spend a few years running Microsoft into the ground, followed by one of the biggest asset fire-sales in history, with him walking off with a big fat bonus and a trail of destruction in his wake).

So I'm very happy to see they picked Satya Nadella. I think most importantly he has a strong engineering background. I think that is vital for the long term survival of all tech companies to be run by someone who knows technology. That way they can see what is good and what is bad. (All too often non-tech leaders try to live on past glories whilst slowly run the companies into the ground and then sell off the assets (yet still get to walk away with big bonuses whilst they make a lot of staff redundant), and then on top of that the bosses claim there was no other way When anyone with a tech background can see there was other options). So someone with a good tech background is very important.

I just hope Satya Nadella can now look beyond his departments current IBM style business computing focused mindset, to now embrace the importance of winning consumer markets. Obviously that will help us all, but I also think the consumer markets are vital longer term for them, because consumers often stick to what they know and that means continuing to use the same brands at home and at work. Also with all media going digital download, I think they have to keep strongly working to support their console, as its becoming more important than ever to their future.

(The home market is so important, it wouldn't surprise me to see Xbox branded phones in the future because their Xbox brand looks like a very good gateway to consumers).

Oh well, time will tell, but good news all the same. :)

profile image
Well elop is now teh head of the device division, therefore xbox ...