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October 31, 2014
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October 31, 2014
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Capcom shareholders scrap plan that prevents hostile takeovers
Capcom shareholders scrap plan that prevents hostile takeovers
June 16, 2014 | By Christian Nutt

Newsbrief: Today, Capcom announced that at its most recent investor meeting, its shareholders voted to end the company's hostile takeover defense -- which means that Capcom could now be acquired if a company buys up large amounts of its stock.

Many companies have defenses against a stock purchase takeover, and there are various schemes and strategies they can adopt to block a party from gaining control of the company by buying up its stock.

Capcom originally put such countermeasures in place in 2008 following a shareholder vote. This latest development won't stop the company's management from attempting to "react to make necessary measures within the admissible limits of applicable laws and regulations," the company said in its statement.

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Michael Williams
profile image
Nintendo this is a great chance buy capcom a release megaman.

[User Banned]
profile image
This user violated Gamasutra’s Comment Guidelines and has been banned.

Isaiah Taylor
profile image
Given the past two or three years of financial earnings. The [lack of] favor Japanese game dev companies have outside of Japan is pretty depressing. Maybe this will be the start of some super-mega J-pub merger, but I'm probably wrong about that too.

Mike Griffin
profile image
I'm surprised to hear myself say it, but if we're talking Western publishers -- this could be a fine acquisition for Ubisoft.

They have the budget, they have the scope and support for Capcom's blockbusters and teams, and it would add some powerhouse Japanese franchises to their roster.

But this is likely to head down a Namco Bandai/Square Enix route, with Capcom eventually joining another Japanese game publisher or media house.

Aiden Eades
profile image
I was thinking pretty much the same thing, the question is which company would be most likely to try and merge with capcom. A lot of the companies that came to mind for good synergy with Capcom are already in mergers. SquareEnix seemed a good fit for the breath of fire series, (how I'd love to see a new BoF game) while Namco/Bandai area god fit to take over their fighting games franchise.

I actually think Square might go for them, for the simple reason SquareEnix sponsor a lot of visual novel > Anime series, whilst Capcom tend to make fighting games based off a lot of visual novels. Bridge the gap so Square have more control over the VN affiliated market would make sense in a way. And they have been taking over a lot of companies in recent years.

Alan Barton
profile image
Probably the company that would gain the most from buying Capcom would be Microsoft. They have always wanted to break into the Japanese market place with XBox and with Capcom as their brand in Japan, they could do it. It would also mean they could use all of Capcom's IP and make them all XBox exclusives. So it would make a lot of sense for Microsoft to buy them and it really would help them strengthen and grow XBox's market share.

Ben Lippincott
profile image
I've seen what happens when Microsoft tries to buy studios that don't fit with their corporate culture, Rare and Lionhead Studios should show that we as consumers don't want that. I'd prefer Capcom keep to themselves, but if any major company were to buy them, I'd say the most optimistic would be a Nintendo acquisition.

It would help Nintendo bolster their stocks, give them a more firm position in Europe (since they closed the Großostheim location), and getting the Monster Hunter franchise exclusive to the 3DS/Wii U would be a major boon.

The downside is we'd probably see a lot less new IP from Capcom, regardless of which company purchases them. So Dragon's Dogma and the like may become rarer exceptions.

Alan Barton
profile image
@"when Microsoft tries to buy studios that don't fit with their corporate culture"

I know what you mean, but in the case of Capcom culture, the staff may actually be better off. e.g.

The more I hear about Capcom the more I'm getting the impression they are not how I had imagined them to be. But then I don't think they are the same company we all remember from over 20 years ago.

Still I would be sorry to see them go and sorry to see their games become exclusives, but emotion to one side, it does make a lot of business sense from Microsoft's perspective, if they were to buy Capcom.

George Menhal III
profile image
Capcom has been trusted by Nintendo in the past to fully develop LEGEND OF ZELDA games (Minish Cap).

Clearly, if anyone needs to buy up Capcom and take genuine care of their IP, it would be Nintendo. They have worked so closely together in the past that I cannot imagine anything other than the deepest of bonds being formed between the two parties. Capcom has some of the most beloved IPs in all of gaming, and the only first party that would not rush these products out to market for a cash grab would indeed be Nintendo.

Now just imagine the Zelda team, along with Hideki Kamiya at Platinum Games, working on a Nintendo-developed and published, and exclusive Okami...

I would outright weep.

Jarod Smiley
profile image
Sounds good, except some of Capcom's biggest titles like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Dragon's Dogma, Street Fighter, etc...would be exclusive to whatever (usually weak) home console Nintendo cooks up.

That part, well...that just makes me cringe a little.

William Johnson
profile image
Let's kickstart a Capcom hostile take over!

Then there will be nothing but Mega Man and Street Fighter games made.

At least we'd probably see a new Breath of Fire game too. That second Miles Edgeworth game would see a NA release. Yeah, I'm not seeing a downside, other than how unrealistic it is...or is it...?

Shawn Mitchell
profile image
Hey Sony - here's your chance go buy Monster Hunter and save your Vita from a slow death. Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises are the icing on that cake, in fact.