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October 26, 2014
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October 26, 2014
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Nintendo (finally) has a cross-buy game for 3DS, Wii U
Nintendo (finally) has a cross-buy game for 3DS, Wii U
June 30, 2014 | By Kris Graft

Newsbrief: Nintendo of Europe's regular eShop news update, in which the company highlights new game releases, included an interesting bit of information this morning.

The company said players who buy the game Squids Odyssey (developed by The Game Bakers) for 3DS would be able to download the Wii U version of the game free of extra cost, as long as the two consoles share the same Nintendo Network ID. The game costs 12.99/9.99.

This is a notable move for Nintendo, as this is the first single-buy, multi-version digital game it has sold for 3DS and Wii U. We're following up with Nintendo to see if the initiative will expand.

Sony has released PlayStation games under the same idea with its cross-buy offerings starting in 2012, and the practice is common on iOS and Android.

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Lars Doucet
profile image
Wonderful news!

Ardney Carter
profile image
From Polygon's version of the story:

"Squids Odyssey developer The Game Bakers told Siliconera that they approached Nintendo of America about this type of cross-buy sale, which Nintendo apparently calls "conditional sales," but were told that NOA "could not support this operation yet." Polygon has reached out to Nintendo of America for additional comment and will update this post with any made."

NoA needs to get their act together, asap.

Jeremy Alessi
profile image
This is very cool!

Francis Bureros
profile image
And they say Sony copies off Nintendo...ha.

James McWhirter
profile image
Valve allowed PC and Mac games (and now, Linux) to be bundled together on Steam long before Sony did 'cross-buy', but that's besides the point.

Right now, Sony and Nintendo's solutions are far from elegant when compared to, say, what we are used to on iOS and Android. Since Vita/PS3/PS4 and 3DS/Wii U are so fundamentally different from each other, developers still need to dedicate resources to making separate versions of the same game, rather than one game with shared binaries that can run on all systems on the same platform.

Miyamoto and Iwata have both heavily hinted that the next Nintendo platform will be iOS-like in that it'll be a shared operating system and (probably) architecture (my guess is ARM, launching first as a handheld form factor then expanding elsewhere once it gets more powerful) which will bring things far closer to iOS/Android development, demanding less resources from developers in making a version of the same game to fit both platforms (where required) and thus one purchase across all platforms is a lot more viable to implement across the board.

Chris Melby
profile image
I hope they get this worked out. I'd like the option to transfer/access the VC games I have on my Wii and 3DS on my Wii U. Even if there's a small fee. I was a bit bummed that I could not use the Wii-U controller to play my Wii VC games and I think the only reason Nintendo did that, is to try and get us to re-buy the Wii-U versions of the games as they released.